22 Incredible Amazon Redesign Concepts

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While Amazon.com started out as a small ecommerce store selling only books, it grew into the world’s largest retailer in a relatively short amount of time. This impressive company has now expanded into a retailer of almost any product you could ever want or need (including fresh groceries), publishing, instant streaming, and much more.

Being in the spotlight makes it, of course, vulnerable to criticism, including the design of its website and apps. But many of these critiques are not over-reaching since it wouldn’t be hard to find many to agree the site is a bit cluttered.

As such, lots of different Amazon redesign concepts have emerged over the past few years. Some create an entire new look for the site. Others only make a few changes to the interface to clean up the design a bit. And while all have differing opinions on how Amazon and its apps should look, all support the similar idea that it may be time for a touch up to the Amazon designs. Let’s take a look!

Amazon.com redesign by Yanis Markin

This awesome redesign concept for a product page on Amazon cleans up the layout very nicely! Slideshow thumbnails of other search results and similar products are located at the top and bottom of the page. Button links replace the current boring text links. Plus, the page is much better organized for easier scanning of information.

Amazon redesign concept by Natalia Torres

Natalia Torres redesigned the logo to still include the arrow, but instead placed it more subtly within the actual font for a much more modern look. The homepage redesign is also very fresh and clean with large images replacing the overwhelming amount of text on the current homepage design.

Amazon Homepage Concept Redesign by Altay Suna

Altay’s redesign is similar to the current layout of Amazon’s homepage, but the header is much more simple and eliminates a lot of the extra links that aren’t quite as necessary. The slider at the top of the page is much more slick as well.

Amazon Streaming Redesign by James Cipriano

This redesign is of Amazon’s Fire TV video streaming page. While still similar to the current design, this one does a great job of keeping with the brand look with a white background, and grey and yellow highlights. This design also includes a header menu, which breaks up the content for screens so it’s is easier to navigate.

Amazon Homepage Redesign Concept by venkatesh sm

This redesign follows a similar design as the current one for Amazon, but cleans it up above the fold. The search bar as well as other navigation links are much easier to see.

Amazon Redesign Concept by Brad Burke

The focus is certainly on the search bar in this redesign, with prompt text in bold letters and the search bar being larger than any other item in the hero section. The navigation menu as well as featured items on the rest of the page are very clean and simple, making the content quite easy to digest.

iOS7 – Amazon by Michael Shanks

Shanks created an incredible redesign of Amazon for iOS7. Screens like the login and registration are much more simplified. He also added more white space to keep the look clean throughout. Extra functionalities such as swiping to add or remove items from lists are also available.

Amazon.com by Louis Mantia

Mantia redesigned Amazon to his own preferences in a design he’d like to use. Very simple and lots of white space make this homepage redesign easy to navigate.

Amazon Rework Attempt by Bluroon

This redesign has a very modern, flat, and sophisticated style of design. For instance, the footer sections are broken into different background colors, which breaks up the content of the page very nicely.

Amazon Product Page Facelift by Fabio Benedetti

A very different product page redesign, this one even makes changes to the color scheme. The layout and content is very clean and easy to browse through with a nicely laid out grid, easy-to-see buttons, and catchy graphics.

Amazon iOS UI by Angel Jiménez Lopez

As a redesign for the Amazon iOS, this concept keeps content neat and organized with an excellent use of white space. The buttons along the bottom keep the navigation accessible but the screen itself uncluttered.

Redesigning Amazon’s Homepage by Eduardo Marin

This redesign is similar to the current design but with a few tweaks. For one, Marin detached the Shop by Department menu from the main navigation bar. He also changed the layout slightly to help with continuity. Another interesting change is that he added controls to the Recommendations section.

Amazon Redesign Concept by Rajdip Mitra

In Mitra’s redesign, the slideshow image includes a prompt button to let viewers know that they click on the image for more details, something that is not clear at all on the current design. Also, he added case studies at the bottom of the page.

Amazon App Redesign by Jessica Lascar

This app redesign for iOS7 keeps everything neat and organized. At the top of the screen are links for Categories and Settings. The navigation bar along the bottom of the screen contain other important links. The wishlist and product lists put emphasis on price. And the product pages look very similar to the app store.

Amazon UK Website Concept by Alex Moran

One of the big changes Moran made in this redesign is to make for a warmer look by changing up the color scheme a bit. Lots more excellent changes to the UI include the ability to hover over items for a quick view, slide out side menus, and preview windows for popular items when hovering over a category in the long list menu.

Amazon.com Homepage Redesign Exploration by Trevor Cleveland

Cleveland came up with three different designs to improve the look and feel as well as the usability of Amazon’s homepage. The first one includes a full width slider with items organized in a boxed grid below it. The second concept still includes the slider for featured items, except that it is within the grid layout rather than full screen. And the third idea uses a full screen slider with a 3-column layout for the rest of the content.

Amazon Fresh iOS Redesign by Muhammed Elagouz

This redesign is for Amazon’s Fresh section and focuses on the iOS app. One excellent feature is the ability to save recipes and find fresh ingredients on Amazon delivered to your door.

Amazon Redesign by Janet Joung

Very clean and organized, this redesign looks quite similar to Etsy, interestingly enough. With items placed in neat boxes, brief descriptions, and way less text than the current design, this redesign really focuses on the actual products with little distractions.

Amazon Concept by Pavol Kyselica

As a redesign for an Amazon product page, this one keeps the most pertinent information contained within boxes. While the rest of the layout is still a bit cluttered, this visual touch keeps the focus on the information a customer most wants to see.

Amazon Redesign by Andre Tacuyan

This Amazon redesign concept emphasizes social media by keeping these buttons large and accessible on the left side of the page. Different sections of the page are organized into separate boxes with an appealing banner as the title for each box.

Redesigning Amazon’s Android App by Viewout.net

Based on the idea of what Amazon would look like if it were a Google company, this redesign of the Amazon Android app aimed to solve the many problems associated with the current app, following Android standards, for one. Another great improvement was to consolidate and reorganize redundant links. Read through the entire article to see more incredible changes this redesign concept makes.

Amazon Video Redesign by Chuck Gibson

This redesign concept is of Amazon’s Instant Video site. Gibson created a clean, more emotionally appealing design that allows for easier browsing and looks much more modern. Plus, it’s responsive, making it work easily on even small devices.

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