An Interview with Chris Garrett

Many of you are probably familiar with Chris Garrett. His blog currently has almost 5,000 subscribers, and he also provides consulting and a variety of other services through omiq. He writes on blogging and new media, as well as other various topics for other blogs. Hopefully you can learn something from him through this interview.

1 – You have a lot of abilities (writing, consulting, design and technical, etc.). Do you see yourself as being stronger in any of these areas than the others?

I wasn’t sure until Liz ( made me realize probably my main gift if I have any is teaching. While I have had many roles in my career so far I always end up explaining things to others. Consulting seems to be my mission in life :) Even if it might not always be welcome advice, heh.

2 – You write for several different blogs (your own, Copyblogger, The Blog Herald, and others). How would you say that these opportunities and experiences have helped you?

Writing for me is a source of income, great marketing and also a source of a lot of enjoyment. Even if I didn’t get paid I would still write, and do write for nothing a lot of the time. (This isn’t an invitation for people to beg me for guest posts!). Networking, making contacts and friends, getting known, is critical for any blogger hoping to make a go of it, and writing for others is a key way to do that.

3 – When you are considering writing for another blog, what do you look for?

Either potential to get me better known or what the deal is :) There are all sorts of ways a deal might not work for you that might be fantastic for someone else. You have to make sure both you and the client can agree so it works well for everyone.

4 – Do you have any advice for new bloggers that are interested in gaining some exposure by guest posting on other blogs?

Don’t over promise and do not aim too high too soon if you are not 100% confident. Get a few under your belt so you can grow in confidence and then start putting feelers out for the big dogs. Just remember you have to bring your best work if you A) want to be invited back and B) if you want to get good exposure.

5 – One thing that new visitors to your blog will notice is the free ebook, Killer Flagship Content, that is given away for free to subscribers. What impact has this giveaway had on your ability to draw new subscribers, and what one piece of advice would you give to other bloggers who are interested in using a free info product to attract more subscribers?

The best advice is to read the ebook, it is all in there :) Most times when I am mentioned, in an interview like this or elsewhere people mention the book. When they mention the book they talk about me. It is my flagship and my ambassador. Really, read the book and try it for yourself. It’s free so even if you don’t agree with the advice you haven’t lost anything, right?

6 – Your blog is clean and free of ads. What is your goal with the blog? To draw clients for omiq?

Mainly, yes. I earn my money 100% from blogging but all indirectly. This is going to change as I am going to go back into doing some direct monetization but right now all my consulting and writing leads come through my blog, blogging elsewhere or word of mouth generated by my blog-created profile. No, no income really :)

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to do the interview. If you’re not already subscribed to his blog you can do so at

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