Apple Xcode 7.3 Beta Has Been Released

Apple has recently released a new version of its code editor and IDE: Xcode 7.3 Beta.

The new version comes with several additions and improvements, such as better code completion and support for Swift toolchains. Since Apple recently offered an open source version of its Swift programming language, it was only natural that Xcode’s upcoming versions will offer more room to play with for Swift coders, and Xcode 7.3 Beta does not disappoint. 

While, for the most part, Xcode has been dominated by coders and developers building apps for iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch, the open source Swift programming language has received some favor among other developers too, especially in terms of new APIs and other embedded resources. As such, Xcode 7 too has risen in popularity among non-mobile developers, and version 7.3 Beta is expected to continue the trend.


Apart from code completion and support for Swift toolchains, Xcode 7.3 Beta also comes with many bug fixes and patches. Note that if you are working with alternative Swift toolchains in Xcode 7.3 Beta, former features such as playground and code migration will no longer work.

You can download Xcode 7.3 Beta from this page.

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