Author: Jason Amunwa

Jason is a software entrepreneur, product manager, XCOM addict & curious problem-solver. He's lead the teams behind analytics tools like Hello Bar (acquired by Crazy Egg), Flare & Filament, which was acquired by ShareThis. Jason now helps SaaS businesses grow their revenue at GrowthLook. Oh, and his favorite guilty pleasure movie is Stealth (shh, don’t tell anyone). Twitter @GrowthLook.
7 Rules for Designing Better Analytics Dashboards

7 Rules for Designing Better Analytics Dashboards

Let’s try a little experiment: What’s your immediate gut reaction when you read the phrase below?

“Hey, how’s the website doing?”

For many of you, it was probably a groan, accompanied by an internal (or even outwardly visible) eyeroll, right? It may have conjured up images of a near-future spent rooting around in eye-glazingly dense analytics reports, searching for the one golden nugget of clear info that could help you answer such a seemingly-simple question.

Let’s face it, it’s 2016, and while our ability to measure the things around us is unprecedented, we’re still resorting to the equivalent of panning for gold, when we try to make sense of the data with our current generation of analytics tools…