Awesome Backgrounds for Web Design Inspiration

Every website has its own unique style and relevant design properties. Unique backgrounds aren’t often found in minimalist designs, but other styles use some incredible website backgrounds with bold design techniques.

I’ve cataloged a handful of these awesome backgrounds to help designers find ideas for their own background designs. Whether you’re looking for vector backgrounds or repeating patterns, this post is sure to have something that’ll tickle your fancy.

Before we get started with inspirational websites, we’ve gathered a list of 50 awesome wallpapers in 5 categories that you can use for your own designs or desktop wallpaper:






Can’t find any you like? Check out these websites below for inspiration:

dConstruct 2015

dconstruct website

The 2015 dConstruct website is one of my favorite modern layouts. It uses vector shapes and graphics to create a retro-futuristic design.

Their background style changes between each page section which creates a high contrast for this single-page layout. Colors, shapes, and textures are applied make a natural flow between each page section.

Viget Inspire

viget inspire

Viget is a creative firm that runs a number of digital blogs. Their Inspire blog is geared towards design and features a large background of trees in a watercolor style. As you scroll this background blends into a solid color which makes it easy to apply onto lengthy pages.

Boompa Records

boompa records

Another incredibly creative background design can be found on Boompa Records homepage. This features colorful gradients that shift all the way down the page.

What’s most interesting is how these colors repeatedly shift. The top starts with green and moves into blue, which moves into violent and finally solid purple. This effect can be achieved in your own website either with a tileable BG image, or with CSS gradients.


sails js

Vector graphics can make or break a website’s branding, and this is certainly the case with Sails.js. Their mascot is an 8-legged cephalopod holding a few tech devices. This character appears both in the header and footer background.

Repetitive use of a mascot like this helps to build brand awareness. The background itself may not use crazy effects, but the octopus is enough for brand recognition and to create one awesome background design.

Old Loft

old loft

The Old Loft website also uses vector animals to build brand recognition. This background also uses cloud shapes with gradients to apply depth into the layout.

While Old Loft now seems to be defunct agency, the site remains online because of the many backlinks from CSS galleries and design posts referencing the quality background design.


august agency

August is a digital marketing agency with a parallax-style motion background. It features a beautiful landscape which scales lower as you scroll down the page.

The graphics all have a bit of texture and very bright colors. This may not relate directly to the product of digital marketing but it leaves a memorable impression in the back of your mind.

Sara Tušar Suhadolc

sara tusar suhadolc

Sara’s portfolio site is rather simple yet still quite enthralling. She uses very simple vector shapes & characters to differentiate between sections on the page.

The variations of color also affect text style which gives the illusion of separation. The best thing about this type of background is that anyone with vector skills can mimic it to some degree of success.

GitHub Enterprise on AWS

github enterprise

One of my favorite background designs is the GitHub Enterprise webpage. They use vector clouds decorated with network connections to signify cloud computing as it relates to AWS hosting.

GitHub as a whole is known for incredible design work, but this page really takes background design to a new level. I’m also a fan of their GitHub Education page which uses a blackboard texture + animated icons to bring life into the design.



The landing page for Birdboxx uses vector graphics to create a small background scene. Natural green tones offer a sense of outdoors with clouds and a little birdhouse vector icon. This works into the branding but also gives a sense of beautiful design aesthetics.

Coulee Creative

coulee creative

The Coulee Creative site was recently updated and given a fresh new look. They feature a series of different background styles from video, parallax photos, and even brush effects.

I this this design works great with so many unique background styles. They help to break up content into sections and give the content a sense of uniqueness.

Radu Ceuca

radu ceuca

Radu has an interesting background on his portfolio which cycles through fullscreen photos. These relate in various ways like a photo of his desk, or a screenshot of his design work.

This background is also easy to replicate if you know your way around a camera. Visitors like to see photos of you & your work so it’s a great choice if you have the photographic capabilities.

N.Design Studio

ndesign studio

The Ndesign-Studio website has been online for years and draws lots of attention from inspiration galleries. This is the portfolio site of Nick La which showcases his design & illustration work.

Looking closely at the background you’ll notice a deep textured effect like construction paper. This flows throughout the entire site and blends nicely with background illustrations.

F5 Web Design

ffive web design

FFive is a design agency with an exceptionally colorful background. At the top you’ll find an above-ground scene with birds and trees and rainbows. As you scroll down the background shifts into an outer space design with stars and a vector moon at the very bottom.

Very creative and ultimately captivating to any visitor.



The trend of background video has been around for years. On some websites it looks incredible and the homepage for Offradio is one such occasion.

This looping video sticks to the header and plays an audio reel in motion. This background visually displays a message to visitors and conveys a wonderful sense of dynamism when switching between header slides.

The Octonauts


I love a repeating tiled background when done properly. The Octonauts website is one great example using a single hue with repeated icons.

Also the Octonauts header uses a Flash animation to create motion on the site. While many designers would argue that SVG is more suitable for this technique, it still produces a recognizable header across the entire website.

Dean Oakley

dean oakley

The freelance designer/developer Dean Oakley uses a horizontal scrolling effect on his portfolio site. This creates an interesting background design where content moves across the page rather than up-and-down. Not everyone will appreciate this effect, but it’s definitely unique and fits well with the background style.

690 Design

690 design

What I love about the 690 Design website is their use of vector work plus a fixed pattern. The homepage header uses a fabric-like pattern to simulate a stage curtain. The vector character is a conductor which fits perfectly into this design style.

Wireframe Plus

wireframe plus

The entire website for Wireframe Plus is incredibly well-structured, both the background and page elements. It follows a more natural style that uses textured background elements with blended graphics and icons.

Their contact form is particularly interesting where each field uses a pencil-style hand drawn border effect. Everything just feels natural and really works together as a whole.

Yes Insurance

yes insurance

Yes Insurance uses a subtle vector background with animation to draw attention. Clouds are animated in the sky with a fixed footer of people driving along a road. It’s cartoony and fun while still providing a solid background for the website to sit atop.

Colin & Dewi

marriage colin dewi

A website dedicated to a young couple and their history from incipient friendship to long-lasting marriage. The header uses animated ocean waves and a brilliant sun graphic to create depth and breathe life into the design.

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