20 Beach Color Palettes (Coastal Color Schemes) with Hex Codes

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Beach Color Palettes

Are you looking to add beachy vibes and summertime cheer to your next design project? Soak up some inspiration with this collection of beach color palettes!

Whether it’s the pale pink hues of a glorious Balinese sunset, the fresh turquoise of Caribbean waters, or the neutral sandy colors that transport you right onto an Aussie beach — this list has something for everyone.

We’ve got the perfect palette worthy of showing off tropical summer vibes whether you’re designing a poster, packaging, or party invitations.

Beach and Coastal Color Palettes

Tapping into those seaside vibes is made simple with our roundup of 20 summery and refreshing coastal color schemes. Get creative when choosing colors and explore unique variations that capture the beauty of nature’s own hues, from sandy beige and airy ivory to aqua blue and light coral.

Each color palette is complete with hex codes so you can easily insert them into your own designs. So dive in and let your design inspiration swim on by!

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White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach Color Palette

Colors: #268f8e, #83dfe3, #cec8c1, #f6f0fc, #94a7a8

This beautiful color palette exudes a sense of serenity, perfect for spa logos or wellness product designs. The classic color pairing of soft teal and sandy hues emulates the feeling of beachy waves. The pinkish hue adds a touch of femininity to any project.

Making Memories

Making Memories Color Palette

Colors: #048bbf, #8c9592, #c1d7e1, #efdedf, #644b3c

This color combination of deep blues and grays, coupled with sun-kissed pink and brown, creates a cozy feel reminiscent of long days spent at the beach. It’s perfect for branding projects related to travel, leisure, or the great outdoors.

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Color Palette

Colors: #309f9b, #80b8a2, #f3cfa4, #106c72, #b97f5f

This beachy color palette is inspired by the captivating hues found in tropical ocean waters. It’s perfect for any product design that needs an extra splash of fun and excitement! The combination of shades of teal, tan, and brown creates a natural, yet vibrant color scheme.

Sky & Sea

Sky and Sea Color Palette

Color: #186690, #65b2ca, #cebebc, #1f93b6, #75804c

A perfect balance of blue sky and ocean blues with sandy hues and a hint of green evokes tranquility and brings the feeling of nature right to your design. This classic color palette is ideal for coastal-inspired projects such as travel agents, beach resorts, or outdoor leisure brands.

Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset Color Palette

Colors: #170b0b, #68638a, #8f83a9, #bb927a, #f9b911

Beautifully capture the hues of a beach sunset with this gorgeous color palette. From bright golden yellow to shades of purple from pale to dark, you’ll get all the warmth and energy of an unforgettable summer night at the beach. This color combo is great for posters or packaging designs that need that extra touch of warmth and cheer.

Classic Beach Colors

Classic Beach Colors Color Palette

Colors: #255e65, #d9bea1, #a2a8a9, #a88565, #3591a0

Go classic with this cozy, beachy color palette of teal, sand, and gray. Great for projects related to fashion, beauty products, or simply a peaceful home decor design. It’s perfect for conveying feelings of relaxation and comfort.

Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach Color Palette

Colors: #79a6d3, #6f5825, #807920, #e9b67f, #3e7b88

Reminiscent of picturesque tropical islands, the combination of sky blue, brown, and sand with a hint of green and teal gives this palette an airy feeling. The tropical colors are perfect for projects related to family vacations or outdoor activities.

Island Life

Island Life Color Palette

Colors: #fc6448, #70dbb7, #98e4de, #90c4f1, #faecd7

This bright and cheerful color palette is inspired by the vibrant colors found on tropical islands. A perfect combination of bright coral, pale greens, sandy beige, and light teal will bring an energizing vibe to any design project. It’s perfect for party invitations and summer decor designs.

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Color Palette

Colors: #00b4c3, #595331, #9f9f57, #e7d3b9, #0f404f

Bring the feeling of ocean waves ready to break on a beach shore to your projects with this combination of light and dark teal, sandy hues, and olive green. Ideal for surfing or ocean-related activities, products related to water sports, and high-end travel and vacation branding projects.

Cliffs of Normandy

Cliffs of Normandy Color Palette

Colors: #378ad7, #7fdbdc, #e4ded8, #a0caf6, #34521f

The picturesque cliffs of Normandy inspire the serene collection of color swatches with their shades of blue, pale sky, and light aqua blending with sandy hues and dark green grass. It’s a great choice for projects related to nature or the outdoors, as well as seashore vacation designs.

Secluded Island

Secluded Island Color Palette

Colors: #585e12, #eac7a5, #9b979c, #272411, #5e8894

Dream of a private island getaway with this calming palette inspired by natural, earthy tones. The combination of sand, gray, olive green, and sea blue will bring a sense of warmth to any design project. Perfect for outdoor adventure designs, custom textiles, or home decor projects.

Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave Color Palette

Colors: #5081a4, #2f6f9b, #a5c5de, #d8e2ed, #307eb1

Bring the peacefulness of ocean waves with this monochromatic palette featuring shades of beautiful ocean blues. It’s a great choice for projects related to water activities or nature-inspired designs. Also a perfect choice for bath and body product packaging.

Colorful Beach

Colorful Beach Color Palette

Colors: #7aafd9, #d9d5ce, #444233, #b7ccdb, #788c31

Add a vibrant twist to any project with this cheerful palette of blues, sand, and greens. Add that extra touch of fun and excitement to your designs. It’s perfect for beachwear brands, eco-friendly packaging, or pool party invitations.

Clear Horizon

Clear Horizon Color Palette

Colors: #3cae9fc, #e5edf8, #24a8d5, #0481b1, #025080

This monochromatic palette featuring shades of aqua will bring the feeling of clarity and simplicity to your projects. Great for designs related to sea-life preservation, ocean conservation, or beachy lifestyle projects.

Beach Rocks

Beach Rocks Color Palette

Colors: #69a3a4, #cdbbad, #22214f, #d9cfbc, #abccb7

The rocky beaches of the Mediterranean created this beach-inspired color combination of teal, sand, and navy. Perfect for design projects related to island getaways, luxury cruises, or coastal events. A great choice for nautical-themed branding, travel posters, and home decor.

Turquoise Sea

Turquoise Sea Color Palette

Colors: #447e89, #9bcbbb, #73a7cf, #857d77, #b4aaa8

Make a splash with these coastal palette colors, including turquoise, green, blue accents, and gray. Perfect for beach-related events, cruise lines, or sea-inspired products. Also great for summer fashion campaigns and active lifestyle brands.

Blue Wave

Blue Wave Color Palette

Colors: #bbd0db, #297685, #6ca2b6, #d8e8f5, #59a5e3

The ocean’s rolling waves inspire this calming combination of blue and teal. Great for projects related to water sports, sailing adventures, and beach vacation designs. Try it for wedding invitations or stationery, too — anywhere you want to evoke a tranquil feeling.

Dramatic Sunset

Dramatic Sunset Color Palette

Colors: #4d3f66, #b87298, #9360aa, #d87479, #ea8b75

Bring all the drama of a sunset sky to your designs with this palette of purples and pinks. Perfect for projects related to summer fashion, beach weddings, or romantic getaways. Try it for makeup packaging or custom textiles, or any other project that calls for an extra touch of sophistication.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Color Palette

Colors: #094c58, #74b5d8, #eeeef4, #73780f, #43462d

This unique beach-inspired color palette featuring deep teal, blue, white, and greens was inspired by the lush island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. The natural colors make it a perfect palette for projects related to tropical getaways or outdoor activities like snorkeling and hiking. Great for bringing beach vibes to water bottle labels, spa brochures, and vacation-inspired designs.

Setting Sun

Setting Sun Color Palette

Colors: #57646d, #e2b565, #8e7e70, #8fa8b3, #273443

This muted combination of grays, blues, golden yellow, and black was inspired by the setting sun on the horizon. Perfect for beach-themed designs or projects related to outdoor activities and nature. Try it for custom apparel designs or yoga retreat posters. It’s ideal for any project needing an extra serenity touch.

Final Thoughts on Beach Color Palettes

The key to achieving that beachy vibe in your designs lies in your color palette. Whether your favorite colors are serene aqua shades or you prefer a more punchy combination of blues and greens, the possibilities are endless.

You can transport your audience straight to the seaside with the right color scheme. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your ocean-loving heart, why not add a beachy font to really take your project to the next level? Your designs will be making waves in no time!

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