35 Best 3D Fonts for Adding an Extra Dimension to Your Designs

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3D typography is no longer limited to 3D models or layer styles in Adobe Photoshop. Font technology and web standards have changed dramatically over the years. 3D fonts can be edited on the fly and maintain a display like nearly any other fonts you might use in your designs.

Scaling vectors and layering allow fonts to have a native three-dimensional appearance, opening up incredible design possibilities for creative brands and artists.

But where to begin on your journey to explore the power of 3D typography? We’ve assembled a list of some of the best 3D fonts, allowing you to create eye-catching designs across various font families and styles with inherent depth and layering.

Best 3D Fonts

3D style fonts can come in many forms, from characters drawn to appear like three-dimensional images to fonts that utilize special layers to create a 3D effect. Many fonts can also be turned 3D through layers of styles in graphic design software, such as beveling and drop shadows.

However, the fonts on this list are built with a 3D appearance in mind without the need for separate software functionality. Many of these fonts are also possible through scalable vector graphics (SVGs) that allow them to scale and maintain their 3D appearance. Enjoy this list of some of the best 3D fonts available online.

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Industrial Box – 3D Color SVG Font

Industrial Box - 3D Color SVG Font

This 3D color font features fantastic textural elements and many depth variations to create a unique typographic design.

The font has a metallic and industrial design that works well for promotional material and professional concepts. These 3D font effects are stunning and are among the most fun of the 3D metal fonts on the list.

Under Construction – 3D Color SVG Font

Under Construction - 3D Color SVG Font

Under Construction is a 3D font family featuring a hilarious and novel scaffolding effect. Your letters appear to be in-construction skyscrapers and might work well for industrial design firms, architecture, or construction companies.

This playful and fun sans-serif font is eye-catching for hero graphics and promotional images. Despite the “under construction” gag, this is a clean and modern sans-serif font.

Calasans – Retro Layered Typeface

Calasans - Retro Layered Typeface

Calasans is a retro-inspired font with a gorgeous font style with retro elements. This sans-serif font is a layered typeface that creates a charming level of depth with a seven-layer style.

It has a 3D appearance out of the box, for lack of a better term, making it a practical choice of designs that need a little more basic depth. Calasans is excellent for original design projects that need subtle dimensions.



Sequents is a layered display typeface with a retro theme. The six-layered style creates a stunning graphic design with little additional work on the part of the designer. Design software that utilizes such 3D font effects opens up many options for a clean-looking typeface.

This 3D-type font is an excellent choice for branding. For example, consider it for coffee shops, given the swooping flourish on the letters.



Savastian is a seven-layered sans font with geometric shapes that work well with the 3D style. This would be a great font to design around when working on 3D lettering tutorials for other designers, as it has a smooth, elegant, and ultimately readable appearance.

This font is useful in various styles, making it well-suited for one-off 3D lettering needs in nearly any design. The built-in outline styles make for a robust library addition.



Vhiena is a layered, vintage typeface that evokes the title cards of Golden-Age Hollywood films through clever 3D-type effects. The geometric shapes with serif flourishes, subtle as they are, introduce a stately amount of class to the characters.

Inspired by vintage labels and tropes, this 3D typeface should be in your current library of go-to fonts. The shadow cast by the characters creates a subtle but dramatic style.



Blastrick is among this list’s best 3D typographic styles because it accurately represents retro design elements. The font has endless colors and variations through layers and styles that build on the initial 3D font effects packaged within.

It is a bold, stencil-inspired display font that would be suited quite well on the window of a barber shop and hanging over a bar. Add this one to your family of 3D and retro-inspired fonts.

Squares – 3D Color SVG Font

Squares - 3D Color SVG Font

Squears is among the most dramatic of the 3D block letter fonts on this list utilizing depth in a novel way. The font depicts cubic shapes angled toward the viewer, using gaps in the cube’s surface to generate negative space, creating the form of the letter.

This is a very dramatic font that may not be suited to every design but proves stunning in the right circumstances. Give this one a try. You’ll be itching to see how it squares up to other fonts on the list.

Rockidz – 3D Layered Font Family

Rockidz - 3D Layered Font Family

Rockidz is a layered 3D font with a wild, cartoony aesthetic. The 3D font alphabet in this set has a rough, uneven quality with jittery and roughly-hewn designs. The font also carries an internal beveling in the layer setup to provide extra visual depth beyond a dramatic drop-shadow.

This 3D text font is well suited to combine with additional fonts for band posters and gaming designs. Of course, it is also excellently suited for music promotion and branding.

Union Stacked

Union Stacked

Union Stacked is another modern, geometric sans-serif font that proves timeless in that it straddles the line between the past and the present. This 3D font family utilizes layers well, providing separate elements as individual fonts to provide plenty of design flexibility.

This family of fonts features shadow, display, and inline versions, among other options. Union Stacked is a professional font with an industrial air, so it is well suited to serious and business-oriented design projects.

Retro Chimps

Retro Chimps

Retro Chimps is a vintage font with retro qualities that reflect a fun and carefree style. The additional layering gives the font a fun 3D effect to serve as an eye-catcher, especially when these effects are paired with the font in a non-3D context.

The drop shadow is not overpowering, but it’s significant enough to catch viewers’ attention. Retro Chimps is a playful and fun sans-serif font that adds to any designer’s “goofy” options.

Ballona – 3D Lettering and Font

Ballona - 3D Lettering and Font

Ballona is a stunning 3D font that has a liquid, uneven appearance. It feels like a handwritten script, only pumped full of air for a ballooning effect.

These vector letters are high resolution at 2000×2000 pixels at 300dpo, allowing them to scale for nearly any project or usage. Plus, the inherent shining look on the renders can be overlayed in software to accompany any number of visual styles.

Fonseca Grande

Fonseca Grande

Fonseca Grande is a lovely font duo with a retro, layered effect. Think about the text of old-school postcards for states and cities across the US, complete with heady drop-shadowing, and you already get a sense of how effective Fonseca Grande is at creating a stylish display.

Plus, the headlining font is paired with a swooping, highly legible handwritten font that adds a touch of whimsy to your designs. Fonseca Grande is just the thing if you want a vintage 3D effect.

Bivoac – Retro 3D Typeface

Bivoac - Retro 3D Typeface

Bivoac is a retro-style typeface with native three-dimensional elements using layered type. The layered style features five different styles that can be combined to give this font particular depth across publications and websites.

This typeface also features plenty of alternate and special characters, making this an all-encompassing throwback font for any number of designs.



Pasta is a retro serif with funky, expansive swoops and exciting design elements with an extruded look, not unlike its namesake. The font features a heavily 70s-influenced design style and evokes words such as “groovy,” “bold,” and “stylish.”

The font family even features over 100 ligatures with multiple stylistic alternates with useful OpenType features.

Worker 3D

Worker 3D

Worker 3D is an industrial font with a heavily geometric style. The layered style of the font is provided through eight unique variations that combine to give your typography volume.

The vintage feel of the font works well with industrial designs and machinery-based branding materials. Worker 3D is also a strong logo choice, given the 3D metal font appearance.

Cyberia – 3D Font

Cyberia - 3D Font

Cyberia is a tech-influenced 3D font with custom elements that allow characters to be viewed from different angles. Each character features seven unique angles and can be customized with shaders, shadows, and color adjustments.

This is a rendered font, which allows for its heavy customization. Cyberia’s characters come in PNG and PSD forms.

Core Circus Rough

Core Circus Rough

Core Circus Rough is a bold, stencil-inspired display font. The 17 fonts that make up this complete font set include an inherent 3D appearance. Core Circus has a rough and texture quality emphasized by combinations of the varying effect layers in the type choices.

There are plenty of alternative features thanks to the OpenType nature of this font family.



Qabil is a funny outline typeface with a hand-drawn quality and a childlike character. The outline typeface is inspired by comic books, and the digital lettering evokes the types of 3D letters one might draw on a notebook or dry-erase board.

The creator of Qabil suggests it for comic book lettering, but we would also recommend it as an option for motivational quote designs.

Stone – 3D Lettering and Font

Stone - 3D Lettering and Font

Stone is a grunge font that stands out among many of the fonts on the list by appearing almost prehistoric. This font set comprises the custom font and 3D renders for multiple paths to various design goals.

The rendered letters come in 2500×2500 and 300 dpi sizes, making them excellent for high-resolution and large-scale design projects. The included font also cleverly uses negative space to create a keyboard-friendly 3D effect.



Frontage is a set of five fonts that, when layered, provide a lovely throwback look with plenty of depth. Different combinations of layers can create endless design possibilities.

The varieties of weights, highlights, shadows, and inline variations result in hundreds of unique, visually stunning combinations. The straightforward style of the lettering also has a clean, timeless quality.

Fomtage Script – Vintage Style with Extrude

Fomtage Script - Vintage Style with Extrude

Fomtage is another vintage-style font for the list that is well worth downloading. The 3D appearance is pretty basic, but that’s fine, as the simplicity of the font and the curves are the appeal.

The 1970s style of the font comprises a script font and an extrude that, when layered, creates a throwback appearance.

AZ Postcard

AZ Postcard

AZ Postcard is a delightful combination of 3D font designs. On the one hand, the hand-drawn appearance is lovely and textured, right down to the feeling of pencil marks. On the other hand, the shape and style evoke old-time travel postcard typography.

This cartoony font is among the most interesting on the list, and that’s before the 3D nature is even considered.



Sandwich is a simple, no-thrills 3D font that uses classic bevelling. An element of the bevelling makes it suited to retro designs.

Like many of the fonts on this list, this low-poly font comprises multiple layered fonts to create 3D designs right out of the box. Use Sandwich for signage, logos, posters, and other kinds of design projects.



Plaquette is a block font family with nine included fonts. Though lacking lowercase letters, you’re not likely to miss them as the different included fonts take 2D font elements and create eye-catching 3D visuals through intelligent combinations.

Add this one to your selection of 3D fonts.

Anaglyph – 3D Color SVG Font

Anaglyph - 3D Color SVG Font

Anaglyph is a 3D SVG font that has a unique 3D effect. The isometric appearance of the font is a unique angle on other 3D fonts on this list, but the SVG color vectors create a unique appearance.

The chromatic aberration effect of the SVG functions makes Anaglyph great for logos and branding. However, these SVG functions may be limited to specific software such as Illustrator and Photoshop post-2018.

Native Roast

Native Roast

Native Roast is a layered typeface that evokes illustrated lettering on windows and turn-of-the-century branding. The retro appearance of this serif font is enhanced with the understated shadow options through layering, providing sufficient depth. Native Roast is excellent for vintage posters, branding, and signage.

CircusCircus – 3D Lettering and Font

CircusCircus - 3D Lettering and Font

CircusCircus makes for a fun throwback 3D font for numerous projects. The font’s somewhat random selection of angles at which characters are viewed evokes some of the early CGI letterings of 1990s shareware graphics.

The hi-res renders of each character also echo this included in the set, complete with shiny metallic rendering. CircusCircus is a definite throwback to the mid-1990s.



Robonix is a futuristic font for your collection that uses a custom shadow aesthetic for stylish 3D vibes. The cyberpunk aesthetic is strong with Robonix, as its modern geometric forms are well-suited to logos, banners, and more.

The five weights also feature corresponding shadows, ensuring you have the right form of Robonix for any project.



Bankied is a funky display font with a unique 3D look that carries a throwback street-art appearance. The font features a chunky, bold display with attractive retro aesthetics.

The Bankied font family also features several styles, from regular to 3D, and bold, slant, and outline variations. Give this graffiti-inspired 3D display font a download.

Shade – Kids Outline 3D Font

Shade - Kids Outline 3D Font

Shade is a childlike doodle font that has a hand-drawn 3D appearance. The font has a fun, cartoon-like quality, making it perfect for doodle-style branding or projects with whiteboard aesthetics.

The characters are highly legible, with just a little looseness to give them a fun, whimsical appearance. Shade is an excellent choice for teaching materials.

Harrington Font Family

Harrington Font Family

The Harrington Font family is a layered font duo with an understated appearance but the requisite depth for a 3D font. The set features three total fonts that, when layered, create the 3D effect that proves so appealing to designers.

The included inline font also adds a little more variety to the design options than the standard font and shadow form that make the bulk of the three-dimensional appearance.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie lives up to the name by being a sweet little hand-illustrated font that utilizes characters with uneven shapes drawn in childhood’s familiar, 3D block style. The font has a quirky, indie quality making it great for stationary or promotional material that evokes whimsy.

It also looks good when combined with layer styles in Adobe Photoshop to enhance font characteristics or add a splash of color.

Komyca – Layered Comic Typeface

Komyca - Layered Comic Typeface

Komyca, the final entry on this list of premium 3D fonts, utilizes two-layer styles as a typeface. The font evokes the classic lettering of comic books, with bold, dynamic shapes and aggressive drop shadows to create a sense of depth and volume.

This is an excellent selection for projects that want a superhero or cartoony reappearance. The collection event features 230 comic-style illustrations providing a ton of design inspiration.

Free 3D Fonts

Interested in how to apply 3D typography to your design portfolio? Before taking the plunge and buying a font, try these demos and free alternatives to get a handle on utilizing 3D font effects best.

These complete font sets may be demos that require a license for commercial work, but they’re all suitable for personal projects. Be sure to always check on the license before you download and use a font, even if they are free.

Be aware that some of these fonts’ features may be more limited, such as a lack of stylistic alternates.



Blox BRK is a cute pixel-style gaming font that utilizes illustrations of stacked cubes to give the appearance of three-dimensional images. The simple concept also interestingly uses casing, changing the orientation of the characters and giving each character dramatically different lighting between cases.

Combine this with some fun coloring, and you have an excellently quirky gaming font. Plus, this font is also free for personal and commercial use, which adds a ton of value to this download.



Icecreamy is an OpenType SVG font with a texture not unlike the surface of ice cream, making it great for themed designs such as invitations to ice cream socials and display on menus.

The font’s textured appearance may make it a little more limited in application, but it does have a whimsical 3D appearance. Icecreamy is a font available as freeware for non-commercial usage. The font is available with a separate commercial license as well.

From Cartoon Block

From Cartoon Block

From Cartoon Blocks is a street-style hand-drawn font with wonky characters paired with illustrated flourishes that create a hand-drawn effect. Such a font is well suited to album covers and t-shirt designs and calls back to the block letters written in spiral notebooks and middle and high school folders.

The font is available for personal use entirely for free, but a separate license is necessary for commercial use.



Archer is a subtle font that evokes a 3D effect through a brilliant application of negative space. The letterforms are practically absent, hinted at through the dramatic, thick drop-shadow that gives the invisible characters a sense of form. Archer is well suited for movie posters and book covers and has an art-deco element.

This is an all-caps font with a retro quality.



Cube is a wonderfully literal illustrated font that features characters represented by digitally drawn cubic shapes where gaps and negative spaces in the cube make up the letterforms. Such a font may be more limited in day-to-day usage, but the imagery stands out in the right situation.

This font is limited when it comes to special characters, but it is 100% free, meaning it could make for good headline typography.

Start Using These 3D Fonts Today

The family of fonts on this page features a variety of fun, three-dimensional designs and features that make for standout elements of any graphic design project. These complete font sets will allow designers to add depth to their design portfolio. Whether modern, geometric, sans-serif fonts or serifs with 3D font effects, your options are plenty with this selection.

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