30+ Best Arabic Fonts with Authentic Style

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Arabic fonts can convey so many moods and reflect vibrant and ancient cultures. The design elements of the typefaces on this list hail back to some of the earliest written languages in human civilization and carry so much weight.

Whether a font is in the Arabic language and supported by Persian, South Asian, and other communities, or an English-language font utilizing Arabic design tropes, these fonts feature incredibly recognizable elements.

We’ve collected a variety of the best Arabic fonts on the internet to help give your design projects an appropriate Middle-Eastern feel.

Best Arabic Fonts

This collection features a bunch of fonts that reflect Arabic or “Middle-Eastern” design elements and tropes. When dealing with fonts tied to cultures, it’s essential to note that authenticity is always valued.

Whether they’re Persian fonts, Hebrew fonts, or other “Arabic” fonts of the same Semitic language family, we strove to find the most authentic commercial fonts out there. Many fonts in this collection include English/Arabic-enabled versions.

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Basmala – Arabic Style Typeface

Basmala - Arabic Style Typeface

Basmala is an Arabic-style display typeface. Afkari Studio describes it as an Islamic Ramadhan font that’s perfect for any graphic design of an Islamic style. The font features Latin characters with an international appeal.

The font features uppercase and lowercase characters and unique alternates and ligatures, giving you design flexibility.

Syakef – Islamic Style Display Font

Syakef - Islamic Style Display Font

Syakef is an Islamic-style display font from Runsell Type. In particular, Syakef is a strong choice for projects like logos and branding, invitations, watermarks, and more.

The elegant, tapered curves on critical Arabic letters add lovely character to the typeface. Give this one a download.

Sabana – Arabic Font

Sabana - Arabic Font

Sabana is a fantastic display typeface that has an epic appearance. This font pairs well with desert designs, and the Arabic letter style benefits any number of fantastic design ideas.

Like many fonts on this list, it’s particularly suited for Ramadan projects, such as cards and invitations. Look at some examples on the font’s download page to understand how effective this font can be.



Sirajun is another beautiful display font from Runsell Type. This sans-serif font features lovely curvatures and embellishments to provide an Arabic flair.

The Arabic characters include uppercase and lowercase forms, numerals, and punctuation, all with Opentype features. This commercial font is worth investing in for design projects with Middle-Eastern elements.

Seribu Bulan – Arabic Type

Seribu Bulan - Arabic Type

Seribu Bulan is an Arabic typeface that pulls direct inspiration from cultural tradition. The font takes its name from the night of Lailatul Qadr in Ramadan and utilizes a slab serif style.

Beyond the default font choices, Seribu Bulan also features a wide selection of alternative styles to customize your message and design best.

Tukiah – Islamic Style Display Font

Tukiah - Islamic Style Display Font

Runsell Type keeps the hits coming with another lovely Middle-East font in Tukiah. Tukiah is an Islamic-style display font that pulls from traditional Muslim design tropes, including sharp curves and diamond-shaped elements.

The font suitably mixed organic curves with geometric elements. Such features make this an excellent font choice for Ramadan-related imagery and graphics.



Mustopha by Arterfak Project is a dazzling arabesque font with signature Islamic and Persian design elements. Mustopha is inspired by classic Latin handwriting blended with Arabic hijaiyah letters.

The designer used Carolingian typography and Arabic elements to add interesting decorative elements. This versatile, beautiful font is an elegant choice, especially with the addition of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and extras.



Pelloh is another selection from Runsell Type, keeping up a string of strong Arabic-style typefaces. As an OpenType font (OTF), Pellowh features plenty of enhancements making the typeface a strong choice for design projects.

This typeface is suited for everything from advertisements and commercial ventures to custom and personal design projects, such as invitations and event branding for Muslim communities.

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Kollilah is a robust addition to Islamic type fonts for any designer’s collection. This font utilizes ligatures to character pairs, giving the geometric elements a script-like flow.

The default characters all carry lovely styles, and the multilingual support is a particular highlight, making this a versatile choice. Embrace the script flow of letter pairs with Khollilah.



Ithra is an Arabic typeface that utilizes the special characters that make up an Arabic font. It’s beneficial for user interfaces for Ramadan websites and Arabic apps.

This Kufic calligraphy-type font pulls inspiration from the Fatimid Dynasty from 909-1171. The font features two weights and is suitable for print and electronic applications.

Almalik – Arabic Style Font

Almalik - Arabic Style Font

Almalik is a lovely Arabic-style font that has an elegant yet geometric form. This monoline font is based on Arabic language version letters adapted to Latin typography. The font also has a contemporary appeal thanks to somewhat understated calligraphic elements.

The package features over 400 glyphs, including neutral characters such as letters and many alternates.



Hidash is an impressive monoline font that utilizes the geometric construction of traditional Arabic letters.

This Islamic typeface offers plenty of benefits for any designer who wants a modern and charming typeface for various projects. Hidash is a robust Islamic font choice.

Mestika Arabic

Mestika Arabic

Designed by Abdo Mohamed, Mestika Arabic is a 9-style font family. Arabic users should find the font innately readable with this accurate language version family.

The entire Mestika family features light, regular, and bold styles of various weights, creating plenty of design opportunities. Note that there is no English version of these characters, however.

Fulayuk – Arabic Font

Fulayuk - Arabic Font

Fulayuk is an Islamic-style display font that’s excellent for application font menus. The strong geometric design elements work wonderfully across photography and watermark applications.

The long swashes add a classic, timeless character to the overall typeface.



Kahllil is a thick, monoline script. Khalil is particularly suited as an Arabic font for headlines and logos.

The overall well-blalanced, readable design also has a strikingly modern character. Included ligatures and alternates provide further design utility as well.

Khodijah – Arabic Style

Khodijah - Arabic Style

Khodijah is another great monoline script on this list that complements the former font. Whereas Kahlil was a rather thick font, Khodijah is rather thin and elegant, making it a contrasting font to pair well for headlines and subtitle emphasis.

Like many fonts on this list, Khodijah draws heavily from Hijalyah letters.



Jazeel is another non-English typeface in that it only supports the Arabic language. This display font uses a solid geometric structure with authentic letterforms.

The font also comes packaged with two weights, regular and bold, making it suited for web interfaces, logotypes, and numerous other design applications.

Shayan – Arabic Font

Shayan - Arabic Font

The Shayan Arabic font style features a script-like appearance with a more organic feel as opposed to the modern, more geometric approach of many fonts on this list.

This balanced, elegant font evokes the desert theming that works well in many design projects. Consider this one for Persian-inspired projects and logotypes.



Shalleh serves as a bold script choice for designers that evokes Arabic design tropes without leaning too heavily into any specific scripted form.

This font has a more fantastic appearance among the fonts on the list, perhaps befitting fantasy and storytelling projects. The default characters are whimsical enough without needing alternates and additional features.



Tharwat is described as having an Arabic look, and the assessment is accurate. The font does not borrow too heavily from any particular style, leaning more toward tropes.

The font also has a uniform line style with no tapered elements, resulting in a blocky, modern appearance. It’s like something one might see on a Persian cyberpunk billboard of the future. Give this sans serif a try.

Zanjabeel Arabic

Zanjabeel Arabic

Zanjabeel Arabic is an Arabic language font family published by Boharat Cairo, which features nine styles. The styles range from ultra-thin to ultra-bold. This allows designers to utilize the same font differently in a single design for a clean appearance.

The typeface was a collaboration with Egyptian designer Ibrahi Hamdi, lending it some strong authenticity.



Kaleel is an Arabic language display font that draws inspiration from calligraphic slip-painted pottery. The four weights and monoline features, including a stylistic set, make for a strong design statement.

The font family features many eastern version languages, such as Arabic, Persian, and Urdu.

Assyam – Arabic Themed Font

Assyam - Arabic Themed Font

Assyam is an English font with the design elements of a middle eastern version. Typotopia’s font has a fantastical element with calligraphic notes and dramatic tapered elements to give the font a hand-written feel.

The font also features multilingual supports, including several African version defaults.



Runsell Type is a heavy fixture on this list based on the sheer output of Islamic style typefaces. Julkiah is another strong Islamic typeface with Persian influences.

The display style works well for signage of all sorts and is quite readable for primarily English-reading audiences. Consider this one for signage for small businesses and restaurants.

Saihat – Arabic Typeface

Saihat - Arabic Typeface

Saihat is a thin, calligraphic monoline font with excellent Middle Eastern flair. The font comprises Latin characters perfect for English-language signage that strives for a more foreign aesthetic, such as branding for businesses.

Including stylistic alternates also adds a great deal of utility to Saihat.



Madinah is a stylish Islamic typeface made with default Latin characters. At the default character level, the typeface features an almost reversed italic style, creating a unique motion in the monoline approach.

This is a bold font choice for sub-headings, especially paired with more modern Arabic-styled scripts.

Jamillah – Arabic Typeface

Jamillah - Arabic Typeface

Jamillah is an Islamic style typeface by PandaStock that has elegant geometric elements in addition to stylish curves. The impressive liagures also help to make Jamillah a bold, aesthetic choice for English-language signage with an Arabic stle. The font also features multilingual support.



Lamhah by Mostafa El Abasiry is a monoline Arabic language font. It features active letterforms and razor-sharp edges.

The font also features three universal weights, including light, regular, and bold. Lamhah looks stunning and is suited to a range of design projects.

Adobe Arabic

Adobe Arabic

Adobe Arabic is a serif font family from Adobe that includes four styles. The font was designed by Tim Holloway and was created to suit modern needs for Unicode Arabic character sets.

This typeface also supports Persian, Urdu, and South Asian languages. Adobe Arabic is a clean, contemporary design suited for modern business and legibility.

Free Arabic Fonts

Do you want to enter the world of Arabic typefaces without investing too heavily right away? This collection of free and shareware fonts allows you to sample these Middle-Eastern fonts and get a sense of how useful they are for your design toolkit. Once you understand the utility of these great language fonts, you can acquire commercial licenses or pick up a few fonts on the preceding list.

Remember that font licenses can change, so double-check each font you see in the following list to ensure you’re using them appropriately for future versions of your projects.

Kara Ben Nemsi

Kara Ben Nemsi

Kara ben Nemsi is a lovely calligraphic font from Manfred Klein. The font has a beautiful flow with brush-like strokes that are incredibly appealing. Best of all, this monoline script is 100% free to use for commercial and personal use.



Kahfi, by nurfdesigns, is an awesome Arabic typeface with uniform, geometric characters. The potential of the font for branding and logos is perfectly illustrated by the previews attached to the download page.

This is a demo font, however, meaning that it’s licensed for personal use only. However, commercial corporate licenses are available if the font proves to inspire for businesses and branding.

Sketsa Ramadhan

Sketsa Ramadhan

Sketsa Ramadhan is an Arabic fauxlang typeface by Hendra Pratama. The beautiful, script-like appearance of this font evokes many of the premium fonts on the list above, only this one is free to try out. Sketsa Ramadhan is another demo font, meaning the license is for personal use. However, commercial licensing is available.



ARToni’s Hidayatullah is a beautiful Arabic-appearing font that maintains the geometric script style of many of the more premium fonts on the list. The uniform, modern approach is quite impressive. The font is a personal-use font, but a separate commercial license is available.

Arabic Magic

Arabic Magic

Arabic Magic by Jonathan S. Harris is a stunning hand-written brush script. The calligraphic influence is incredibly strong in this typeface. The licensing details on Arabic Magic are a little vague, however, so reaching out to the designer before using the font for a commercial project would be a wise move.

Start Using These Arabic Fonts Today

The diversity in the design of Arabic fonts on this list is truly impressive and reflects the rich history of the Middle-Eastern region of Asia.

Whether the font is a monoline calligraphic Arabic language script or an English font with Islamic design tropes, these fonts convey a universally recognized style that lends an exact feel to your projects. Any of these fonts is well worth a download, and all are worth serious consideration.

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