Best Cartoon Fonts: 35 Fun Fonts to Use in Your Designs

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As an artist, you know that the font you choose for your design is as important as the words themselves. If you’re working on a project that features cartoons or comics, you’ll need the best cartoon fonts for designers.

There are thousands of fonts available for designers these days. If the thought of using good ol’ Comic Sans sends you into a cold sweat, fear not, wipe off your brow, and enjoy this roundup of cartoon and comic fonts to use in your next graphic designs.

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The Best Cartoon Fonts

First up, these are the best of the best — our picks of the best cartoon fonts available for whatever comic book, cartoon, or child-inspired design project you’re working on. It could be anything from cute greeting cards, to an album cover, to a creative poster design for movies. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect match among this group. What’s more, they’re all available for immediate download. That means you can easily install them and get back to what you do best — design!

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Cartoo Nature – Kids Cartoon Font

Cartoo Nature is a fun and friendly sans serif typeface with a jungle vibe. Includes all letters and numbers, but lowercase letters are in all caps. With its rounded corners and eye-catching hash marks, this font lends itself perfectly to anything with kids and animals, like birthday cards, a pet store banner design, toy packaging designs, or an advertisement.

Cartoo Nature Cartoon Font

Therestone – Cartoon Display Font

It may look fairly simple at first glance, but the Therestone typeface is really versatile! This modern, chunky, just-barely-a-serif font looks great at any size. Add some dimension to its bold letters with strokes and shadows, and it looks like it’s been carved out of stone. All-caps font. Web font included. 


Jungle Adventurer – All-Caps Gaming Font

If you’re on the hunt for a big, bold, powerful font that packs a punch — You can stop looking because you just found it. Jungle Adventurer is an energetic sans-serif, suited perfectly for any project that needs a thumb-stopping, attention-grabbing, punchy headline. Letters in all caps, numbers, punctuation, and web font included.

Jungle Adventurer

Fat Roar – Cartoon Graffiti Font

If you can imagine graffiti and marshmallows having the most adorably cool alphabet babies, the result would be the cartoon font Fat Roar. Use these chubby graffiti-esque characters on a YouTube cover, album art, social media, movie posters, and more. Comes with a regular and outline version. Uppercase and lowercase alphabet and numbers. Web font included.

Cartoon Fonts - Fat Roar

Kids Font – Cartoon Style Font

If you ever played with a set of multicolored alphabet refrigerator magnets when you were a child, then Kids Font will feel familiar. This typeface is bold, vibrant, fun, and childlike — but not childish. It’s extremely legible and a good choice for headline copy. All uppercase letters and numbers. This typeface has no punctuation, so keep that in mind if your project uses any. Vector file included.

Kids Font

Kartooni – Cartoon Comic Font

Kartooni is, like the name implies, one of the more classic “cartoon-y” fonts on our list. This bold and silly sans-serif is suited perfectly for any light-hearted comic book, cartoon or child-themed projects you’re working on. This font shows best as a large headline or for titles. All-caps font includes letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font also included.


Fat Boy Font

Calling all artists! You’re going to love this amazing font family and its incredible characters! Fat Boy is a funky, fun, retro, decorative sans serif font that includes uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

But here’s the best part: It comes with three versions (appropriately named Fat Boy One, Fat Boy Two, and Fat Boy Three), and you stack Fat Boy One on top of Fat Boy Two to achieve the multicolored look as shown. Fat Boy Three includes all the elements of One and Two combined into one simple font, but then you lose the option of having different colored letters and drop shadows. Vector file included.

Fat Boy Font

Aqua Life – Cartoon Font

Bold but cheerful, Aqua Life is a delightful sans-serif typeface that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This might be a perfect choice if your edgy design calls for a bold display cartoon or comic font. Depending on how you use it, this font will appeal to children of all ages. It includes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font included.

Aqua Life

The Hound – Gaming Cartoon Font

The Hound is a bold and modern font. But don’t think for a second that means it’s too uppity for your cartoon design. It’s quite the opposite. The Hound is just formal enough to be taken seriously and cheerful enough to enhance the fun and happiness of your design. The cartoon alphabet includes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font also included.

The Hound

Cardust – Fun Font

Does your cartoon design need a catchy, bold, unique, one-of-a-kind headline that jumps off the page, reaches out as far as it can, and tickles the ever-loving heck out of whoever looks at it? Well, you can stop searching. Cardust is your man. Er, font. It’s funny, cute, cool, and looks great in large size (great for titles). A handwritten font with a mix of upper- and lowercase letters.

Cartoon Fonts - Cardust

Super Font

One look at this typeface will trip your retro video game memory circuit. If you’re working on a cartoon project with an old-school eighties or nineties princess-saving superhero vibe, this font will absolutely fit the bill! Comes in a colorful, white, and black variation with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font also available.

Super Font

Love Crush – Thick Display Font

Love Crush is described as a “lovely thick display font” and, while that gets straight to the point, it’s hard to come up with a better way to say it! It’s so sweet you might get a cavity. A perfect font for any cute & fun posters, t-shirt designs, or greeting cards. Includes two versions — ‘with love’ is adorned with tiny toon hearts, and ‘without love’ is sans hearts. All caps letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font available. 

Love Crush

Bedtime Story – Display Fun

Don’t be fooled by the name — bedtime story is nothing to snooze about! It’s a cool, cute handwritten cartoon font that looks great at headline size but works equally well as medium-sized text for your design. And that’s not always the case with display fonts!

It comes feature-packed with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, international characters, and an available web font. It also includes OpenType features like a full set of ligatures and alternate letters,

Bedtime Story

Funicorn – Cute Cartoon Font

Are you working on a cartoon or comic that’s geared toward youngsters? Funicorn is a playful sans-serif cartoon font that will work well with children’s books, kids’ games, school posters, and any other project or advertisement you’re designing for little ones. Includes upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font is available.


Ludu Cudu – Layered Typeface

Inspired by the cartoons you grew up watching on television, Ludu Cudu is unique, nostalgic, and makes you feel like a kid again. It’s really great for typography projects, or for any projects you’re working on that need that vintage feel or a bold design.

The family includes three versions — Regular, Extrude, and Gradient with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font is available.

Ludu Cudu

Balloon Typeface

Balloons instantly make you think of parties and fun, and Balloon Typeface is one big celebration packaged up into a great cartoon display font. The bold, bouncy, flagship balloon lettering font comes with two layers giving those balloons that dimension and shine.

The font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuations, and has multilingual support of Western European characters. Web font is available.

Balloon Typeface

Jellybelly – Bouncy Font

It’s wiggly and jiggly and perfect for your candy-colored cartoon and comic fun designs with a cheerful theme. Meet Jelly Belly, a colorful, bouncy, bubbly font with completely editable options for colorizing the letters and glare. This typeface comes with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font.


Fifth Grader – Funny Doodle Font

If your project looks more like a doodle than a cartoon or comic, then this font will give it the finishing touch it needs. Fifth Grader is an all-caps, hand-drawn doodle font. It’s the perfect choice for everything from posters to packaging, social media to video games. It comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Web font available.

Fifth Grader

World of Spell – Magic Cartoon Font

It’s not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons. If your design adventure features dragons (or magic, spells, knights, or some other exciting adventure) you’ll be hard-pressed to find a font that’s better suited for it than World of Spell. It comes with upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and an available web font.

World of Spell

Comic Speeds

Are you looking for a comic book typeface that adds an element of movement and speed? Comic Speeds is a fun sans-serif cartoon typeface that looks like it’s just moved so fast it’s literally bursting off the page. It’s the perfect option for classic comic designs. Uppercase letters, numbers, and alternate characters with speed effects included. Web font available.

Comic Speeds

Crash Landing – Playful Typeface

Crash Landing is a simple, casual, friendly, sans-serif font that would be great for video games, cartoons, comics, birthday invitations, flyers to book covers, and projects for kids of all ages. It’s feature-packed with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support of Western European characters. Web font available

Crash Landing

Bounty Kid – Cartoon Font

This adorable, chunky, bouncy serif font by tokopress is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. It’s the perfect choice for any cartoon-style design project, especially one that’s geared for kids. Upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation are included. Web font available.

Bounty Kid

Cave Stone – Prehistoric Cartoon Font

Cave Stone describes itself as a “prehistoric cartoon font,” and rightfully so! It looks like a relic straight out of the Stone Age. This chunky, thick sans-serif font looks like it was chiseled from rock. Perfectly suited for any project that includes dinosaurs, wooly mammoths,  and cave-dwelling people. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers,  and punctuation included. Web font available.

Cave Stone

Ageoline – Bouncy Script

Here’s a friendly, approachable, fun, bouncy script font with a retro vibe. Ageoline is playful and stylish, but still very legible, and works with projects for all ages — which isn’t always easy to find with script! This fully loaded font family comes with a regular version, an outline version, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, alternative characters, ligatures, punctuation, and multilingual letters. Web font available.


Low Wolies – Playful Serif

There aren’t a whole lot of great cartoon serif fonts around, so when you find a good one, you take notice! Low Wolies is a playful serif typeface that’s perfect for creating attention-grabbing headlines and playful titles, especially on your designs for children. Comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font.

Low Wolies

Silly Kids

Silly Kids is obviously inspired by its namesake — it’s playful, childlike, and guaranteed to make you smile. Perfect for any children’s cartoon or comic design project you’re working on. A fully-loaded typeface with regular and outline versions, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, fractions symbols foreign characters, a web font, and OpenType features like ligatures.

Silly Kids Cartoon Font

Frisky Puppy – Cartoon Font

If your design calls for a bubbly, bouncy, soft, and squishy display font — stop scrolling, you’ve found the perfect choice! Frisky Puppy includes uppers and lowers, numbers, punctuation, and web font. Use it on any of your designs, from doodles to stickers, t-shirts to book cover art, and everything in between. 

Frisky Puppy Cartoon Font

The Rush Brelako

The ligatures, stylistic alternates, and ampersand alternates that come with The Rush Brelako help you create cool titles when you use this typeface. It’s a playful, cute, sans-serif cartoon font that’s a bit more grown-up than some of the other choices on this roundup, but far from serious. This handwriting typeface includes uppers and lowers, numbers, punctuation, and foreign language characters.

The Rush Brelako

Kidsbar – Cartoon and Game Font

Kidsbar is cheerful, playful, and totally perfect for any design project geared toward youngsters. Use it for titles, event posters, product packaging, birthday invitations, and more. It includes uppers, lowers, numerals, punctuation, alternate characters, ligatures, and multilingual support. Web font available.


Tricky Jimmy

Tricky Jimmy is a silly sans-serif, with exaggerated shapes that give it a playful charm. Perfect for your kid-friendly comic book or cartoon. Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation. Web font also available.

Tricky Jimmy Cartoon Font

Free Cartoon Fonts

Choosing the right font can separate a good design from a great design. And as you know, the best decorative fonts usually come at a cost. That’s because they’re worth it (and they’re licensed for commercial projects). They’re designed by professional typographers. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing free cartoon fonts out there, too.

Here are some of the best free, high-quality comic book fonts and cartoon fonts on the web. Don’t forget to check the licensing before you use any of these in your designs, as some of them are only free for personal use.

Just Bubble

Just Bubble is just what it sounds like — a bubbly, bouncy, round sans-serif that looks like bubbles or balloons, complete with the glare! A wide range of projects can use a typeface with this bubble lettering style. Comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.

Just Bubble

Burger Extra

A fun, playful display font that lends itself perfectly to a wide range of cartoon or comic book design projects. Comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Burger Extra

Wicked Mouse

If Wicked Mouse looks familiar to you, maybe that’s because it’s a goofy little font, reminiscent of magic cartoons from a kingdom in a bygone era. Back during that time when Pluto was still a planet… Includes capital letters and numbers. There’s a nifty 3D version available for purchase.

Wicked Mouse

From Cartoon

This blocky, dimensional, doodly, hand-drawn typeface will be really great with your comic, cartoon, or creative doodle-themed design. Upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation included.

From Cartoon

Tooney Noodle

If you were on the hunt for a cute slab serif typeface, you finally found it at the very bottom of our list! Luckily, it was worth the scroll. Tooney Noodle is a chubby display typeface; outlined and drop shadowed, and one of our top picks for commercial-quality free fonts. Uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support are included.

Tooney Noodle

Final Thoughts on the Best Cartoon Fonts

Cartoon and comic fonts are a natural choice for anyone creating a comic book or working on an actual cartoon, but a great graphic designer knows they’re appropriate for all kinds of design projects. We’re sure our roundup of the best cartoon fonts has at least one or two that will be a perfect fit for whatever you’re working on.

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