Best Floral Fonts for Nature-Inspired Designs

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Looking for a fun font to give your next project a creative look? Floral fonts are a perfect choice that will add a fun touch!

From elegant wedding invitations and greeting cards to product packaging, logos, and social media graphics, floral fonts can be used for a wide range of designs.

Best Floral Fonts

Flowers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The variety of floral fonts out there is just as diverse.

When choosing a font, it’s best to ensure that you pick one that’s suitable for the project you’re working on. For example, if you need a floral font for a title, monogram, or initials, consider choosing an uppercase font. If you need to use the font for more long-form style text, consider choosing a font that includes both a decorated version and a regular version so your design can remain readable.

Now, let’s move on to the fun part! Dive into the best floral fonts below to find the perfect fit for your design.

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Everbloom – Floral Typeface

Everbloom - Floral Typeface

Everbloom is a cute hand-drawn typeface that comes in two versions: one covered in floral elements and one without. The uppercase letters make this font ideal for invitations, logos, and branding.

Flora – Delicate Floral Font

Flora - Delicate Floral Font

Flora is a more delicate font intertwined with decorative elements of leaves and flowers. Sans-serif fonts like this are especially ideal for digital designs, like social media posts. This font will also look beautiful on printed designs like invitations and stationery.

Verdant – Botanical Display Font


This all-caps font is another pretty font accented by leafy floral designs and will look great when paired with serif or sans-serif fonts. Create a beautiful logo, elegant packaging, and more!

Satine – Floral Display Font

Satine - Floral Display Font

Satine is a gorgeous font that pairs perfectly with botanical designs and floral graphics you may already have as part of your project. Use it to create stunning wedding designs (like invitations or reception signage), personalized stationery, social media graphics, and much more.

Bouqet – Flower and Watercolor SVG Font

Bouqet - Flower and Watercolor SVG Font

This full-color watercolor font includes two versions: a real flower version and a watercolor flower version. Use individual letters to create initials for personalized projects, like business cards or stationery. Or use them for packaging, wall art, t-shirt, and merchandise designs. The sky’s the limit!

Flowers Wacomka SVG Font

Flowers Wacomka SVG Font

Flowers Wacomka is another colorful typeface made up of illustrated floral images. The letter set includes both SVG and PNG files (placed on a transparent background) and can be placed manually on your design. Use in Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, or even Microsoft Word.

Fleuro – Colour Font

Fleuro - Colour Font

Fleuro is a cute illustrated, full-color font that would look adorable on any pastel-colored project. Use it for baby shower invitations, nursery wall art, birthday or greeting cards, and more. Each letter is covered in cute, colorful floral illustrations, and the digital files can be used in either Illustrator or Photoshop. Simply download after purchase and get to crafting!

Bahor – Handmade Floral Typeface

Bahor - Handmade Floral Typeface

This handmade floral typeface is another beautiful all-caps option for t-shirt designs, invitations, logos, or any project that calls for a strong typographical design. Use it in a wide range of projects like birth announcements, greeting cards, logos, or even t-shirt or textile designs.

Botanica – Flower Watercolor Font

Botanica - Flower Watercolor Font

Botanical is a minimalist font with long, thin letters accented with watercolor motifs. It comes in both a floral version (to use for decorative purposes) and a plain version, so you can supplement the two and create a completely cohesive design.

Bintari – Floral Display Font


Another beautiful display font for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays is Bintari. This floral font contains all uppercase serif letters that look lovely on invitations, thank-you cards, decorative banners, and more.

Flor Layered Font

Flor Layered Font

Flor layered font is a hand-drawn floral font with six font styles and includes both uppercase and lowercase letter sets. Along with letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols, you’ll also get 28 floral illustrations to use with your design.

The cute flowers and ornamental designs are perfect embellishments that make the font stand out. Use it as a card for birthday or wedding gifts, branded packaging, print designs, and more.

The Floral Font

The Floral Font

Floral is a unique garden-themed font covered in a cute butterfly and floral pattern. The big block sans-serif letters make this font suitable for digital designs, like social media projects or web designs, but it’s also a great choice for print projects.

Aronia Black

Aronia Black

Aronia Black is a unique textured font that creates a weathered, vintage look. It comes in both an herbal version (with leaf accents) and a regular version, so you can easily pair it with other fonts. Use this for branding projects, like logos or packaging, apparel, poster designs, and much more.

Apothecary Display Font

Apothecary Display Font

This sophisticated display font brings a luxurious feel to creative projects. The digital download includes a rose gold alphabet and a set of original lined artwork to supplement your design. Use on websites, digital projects, printed designs, or any project that needs a botanical touch.

Twigs – Hand-Drawn Font


Twigs is a whimsical handwritten font in all caps and includes numbers and punctuation. It will look adorable on invitations, logos, handmade items, prints, and anything else you may be making.

Amelie – Floral Display Font


Fun spring fonts like Amelie are perfect for all kinds of designs like logos, invitations, prints, and digital graphics. This set includes the font along with a seamless pattern, floral frames, and even premade wedding invitation templates.

Al Veshion

Al Veshion

Al Veshion is a classic font that includes both floral ornament letters and plain letters that can be used to create beautiful, readable designs. Decorative display fonts like this are suitable for web graphics and headers, social posts, logos, menus, invitations, and more.

Tessa – Fairy Font

Tessa - Fairy Font

Tessa is a fairy font made up of delicate hand-drawn flowers, leaves, and branches. It’s perfect for feminine business branding projects (logos, business cards, etc.) or any design that needs a light, playful touch.

Floral Secret Island

Floral Secret Island

Floral Secret Island is a beautiful font that’s fully illustrated and completely drawn by hand. This set includes a bold typeface and a normal typeface. It would look especially fantastic on coloring pages and prints, but it will also look great on digital designs and fabric designs too.

Flola – Hand-Drawn Font


Add Flola to your collection of fun spring fonts! This hand-drawn font comes in all caps, so it’s best for using in logos and titles.

Gentle Whisper

Gentle Whisper

Gentle Whisper perfectly describes this dainty calligraphy font. It comes in one version with floral accents and one version without. If you’re looking for a calligraphy font ideal for elegant projects like save-the-dates, wedding cards, dinner table place cards, and more.

Daisy – Monogram Font

Daisy Monogram

Daisy is a cute, classic hand-drawn display font designed for monograms, initials, and headers. Each letter is decorated with flowers and leaves, and the typeface looks wonderful on both printed and digitally-made designs.

Don’t Worry – Hand-Drawn Font

Don't Worry

Here is another display font perfect for greeting cards, logos, gift tags, and more. The font family includes a bold version of the typeface (without the flower ornament) and a regular version (with the flower ornament).

Flower – Hand-Drawn Display Font


This flower display font is hand-drawn and features hearts, flowers, and swirls placed on top of bold bubble letters. Use it on various design projects, from greeting cards to social media graphics to give your project a cute romantic look.

Herb – Floral Ligature Font

Herb - Floral Ligature Font

Herb is a serif font that’s less for display purposes and can be used more for projects that require larger amounts of text. The leafy design ligatures and swatches on and off, so it can also be used in projects with long-form text (like a book).

Floraland Decorative Font


Floraland is a cute decorative floral font compatible with several design programs, including Cricut and other cutting machines! This particular font would look great as letter scrapbooking stickers, on apparel design, custom vinyl stickers, and monogrammed items used to personalize items.

Botanic – Floral Garden Font

Botanic - Floral Garden Font

The boho-inspired designs on this font make for a subtle but beautiful look that catches the eye. Pair it with the included solid version of the same font to create a cohesive design for invitations, t-shirt prints, and other projects.

Spring – Handwritten Font


This handcrafted typeface may be a spring font, but we know you’ll be using it for projects all year long! It comes in a version with floral elements and without, so it’s very versatile. From branding designs to personal projects, this font is one you’ll use over and over again.

Fioritura Typeface


Fioritura (“flowering” in Italian) is a flower script inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera and Arcimboldo’s The Four Seasons paintings. The font’s composition consists of flowers, leaves, stems, and pollen and is a great choice for spring or flower-themed birthday invitations, floral apparel designs, and even organic brand signs and packaging.

Wonder – Floral Font


Wonder floral font is a clean hand-drawn floral script that’s another great choice for invitations, especially wedding or bridal shower invitations. Whatever design this font is used for, though, it’s sure to bring a dreamy, whimsical touch to your design.

Spring Love Display Font

Spring Love Display Font

Cute tiny flowers adorn this playful font, making Spring Love a perfect typeface for everything from decorative banners and greeting cards to eye-catching social media posts and digital graphics.

Garden – Floral Romantic Font


Each letter of this Garden font is hand-drawn and completely composed of twigs, vines, and leaves. This font is an excellent choice for titles on invitations, greeting cards, or book covers, but the uppercase letters can also create a beautiful, free-spirited logo.

Snowy – Winter Floral Color Font


Snowy is a color font (so it can only be used in professional design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator), but the uses for this beautiful typeface are limitless. Each letter is decorated with beautiful line illustrations. The font is a great choice for holiday cards, banners, posters, and more. If you’re looking for a color font perfect for print and digital projects, this is it!

Shakila Font


Shakila is decorated with delicate daisy designs and makes for a cute font that can be used on limitless projects. (Bonus: This font is even compatible with Microsoft Word, so even if you don’t have professional design software, you can still use it).

Floral Spring Font

Floral Spring

Floral Spring is a bold and bubbly spring-themed font that is perfect for bright and youthful styled designs. Place it on cutesy, child-centric designs like kids’ party invitations, posters, and more. This font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, making it versatile and suitable for projects with a lot of text.

Free Floral Fonts

All of the fonts featured in this article so far have been fonts that require a purchase to use.

The fonts listed below are all free, but check each font’s license before you use it for paid or commercial projects. Many free fonts are meant only for personal use. (Sometimes, a separate commercial license may be purchased for commercial use.)



Botanic is a dark font that has more of a floral punk aesthetic. If you’re looking for something a little more bold compared to the usual dainty and elegant flower fonts we see, consider adding this to your collection of fonts.



Floral is a cute floral-inspired typeface with unique flower, stem, and leaf illustrations. It is an all-uppercase font, so it’s best for titles, initials, and logos.

Tendrils Regular


Tendrils is a bold, dark, all-caps font covered with elegant leafy designs. It’s perfect for any design project that needs a beautiful, decorative title font.

Floral Capitals

Floral Capitals

Floral Capitals has a more gothic-style look, with each of the decorative letters being stamped with intricate botanical elements and a bold uppercase letter. This font works best for initials, title pages, or typography-focused design.

Floral Font

Floral Font

Floral is another bold, dark title font in all capital letters, making it ideal for titles, logos, and initials. The botanical-inspired elements that decorate this font loosely resemble hibiscus flowers, giving it more of a subtle tropical flair. 

Start Using These Floral Fonts Today

Floral fonts add a perfect light, springy, and whimsical touch to any design, and with so many beautiful flower fonts to choose from, you’ll never run short of ideas and inspiration for your designs.

We can’t wait to see how you implement these lovely floral fonts into your designs!

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