Best Free Resume Templates For Designers

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Traditional business resume designs are preferred for some situations, but designers often like to get more creative.

It’s possible to create your own resume from scratch but why reinvent the wheel?

Whether you’re applying for a new job or just want to put up your resume on your website, this gallery contains a handful of beautiful and free resume templates that you can download and use for any purpose. And they’re varied enough that they can work for any digital creative from an artist to a UI designer or motion graphics designer.

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Free Resume Templates for Designers

Clean Resume PSD

clean resume psd

This freebie comes in PSD format and only uses a light shade of blue to distinguish sections of the resume. It contains personal info in the left column with the traditional resume contents on the right.

Great choice for a mix between fairly professional yet creative at the same time.

Hexagon Resume/CV

hexagon resume template

If you’re looking for an InDesign template then you should definitely consider this example by Sven Kaiser. It’s astoundingly easy to customize and it’s one of the few resume freebies that doesn’t force the chart-based skill levels you often see floating around.

Resume redesign

dark clean resume

Fernando Báez offers this freebie resume template in black & white with a variety of typography styles. Lettering and font pairing varies greatly to draw the eye throughout the page.

It includes sections for work experience, awards, diagrams, and a few other less common features that really round out the designer’s resume.

Colorful Resume and Cover Letter

resume cover letter

Color and vibrance may be more your fashion with this CV/cover letter resume template. It’s designed in a box-style grid with colorful background features to separate the contents.

I especially like the clients list with logos fixed inside a yellow box in the center. This is a powerful way to draw attention to employers who may recognize brand logos before reading your experience history.

Gradient Resume

colorful creative resume

Gradients galore take over this creative resume template available as a free PSD download. You can edit the whole design including icons and other shapes on the page.

I really like the typographic choices here including font colors and high contrast elements on the page. This template really stands out as a designer’s resume.

Corporate Resume/CV

corporate resume freebie

If you need something a little more corporate check out this resume template designed as a PSD file. It uses orange highlights in the fonts and the overall layout feels very much like a professional(yet creative) resume.

Clean Resume Template

creative resume cv

Custom icons really help this resume design jump off the page and catch your attention. Education and work experience are two columns that do incredibly well in this regard.

But I also think the text placement and size break down the resume into clearly-divided sections. A nice combo of professional yet creative at the same time.

Modern Resume & Cover Letter

modern resume psd template

For a more modern look with bright colors check out this modern resume PSD freebie. It comes with a cover letter template along with the resume design itself.

Both pages are fully customizable so you can remove elements, add elements, update contents, and move around editing the page to do whatever you feel works best.

Material Style Resume

dark blue resume template

Here’s a really cool material design resume freebie with a few different template styles. Granted material design is made specifically for digital devices, but this template certainly follows through with the aesthetics.

It’s clean and easy to read. The colors blend nicely and there’s plenty of room for customization.

Red Resume/CV

simple red resume

I’m rarely a fan of red when it comes to resumes and personal websites. But this template by Sojib Khan uses red in a way that feels encouraging rather than overwhelming.

It comes in a handful of filetypes including PSD, PDF, AI, EPS, and MS Word.

So you can do a few quick edits to the text or even open it up in Illustrator/Photoshop to really toy around with the design. A very clean template and great for any career path.

Free PSD/AI Resume

white minimalist resume

Designer Mats-Peter Forss released this minimalist resume in PSD and AI formats. It uses a free google font called Montserrat and the whole layout just feels super polished.

Even though I’m a designer I do often prefer minimalism when it comes to resumes. You could always add a monogram or small icon into the header, but generally speaking this simple resume should be enough for any creative professional.

dark print ready resume

Here’s another dark minimalist template that comes in a handful of file sizes. You can download the editable AI file and get it print ready right within Illustrator at 300DPI resolution.

Not too many visuals but the dark contrasting headers really make this resume easy to read and consume from a distance.

Free Resume Template

free resume template

Here’s a really cool minimalist resume template that you can download right from the Dribbble page. It comes in the standard A4 file size along with a free PSD file for editing.

Typography is sweet and the layout is one of the better minimalist styles in this whole gallery.

Clean & Minimal Resume

minimal resume template

The large caps locks titles and the simple font styles really make this resume jump off the page. It’s another minimalist design but it still feels very creative in the sense that it’s optimized for easy readability

It comes in the .ai filetype for Illustrator so it’ll be easy to make any changes you need in design, type, color, or whitespace.

AI Resume Template

free illustrator template

Georgian-Sorin Maxim put out a really basic AI resume that just looks glorious on the page. It’s fairly rudimentary so it may be the most basic example in this whole post.

But for some job applications and career types this sort of resume fits the bill. It’s not your standard creative layout but it is versatile enough to work with any creative career or even a tech/dev career.

A New CV

new cv template psd

Here’s a fun resume/CV PSD freebie designed by Rodrigo Angelim that follows a web-based idea. This mockup can be used for a website resume but it can also be used as a print resume with some creative ingenuity.

The PSD file is layered and comes with crisp guidelines to help you better organize the layout. It’s super easy to edit and the grid structure gives it a much more rigid feel.

Ultra Minimal Resume

ultra minimal dark light template

This ultra-minimal resume is one of the neatest design trends I’ve found online. It comes in a black or white background with a good portion of variety for typography.

Since this comes in a PSD file you can even change the background to any other colors you wish! Vibrant and quick to catch attention, this is both minimalist and super fun to use as a reliable resume design for any situation.

Four-Color PSD Resumes

resume psd four colors

This beautiful print freebie created by Bangladeshi designer Imran Khan shows the most creativity I’ve seen in any resume template. It’s full of colors, shapes, and textures that naturally catch the eye.

The resume header is quite attractive with the triangular shape and slot for the resume subject’s photo. It comes in a layered PSD file in A4 print size with a cover letter included.

If you’re looking to revamp your resume or find some creative resume inspiration this gallery is sure to have something for you. Digital creatives from all walks of life can save time and energy by customizing one of these templates to suit their own needs.