15 Best Free Responsive Shopify Ecommerce Themes

Shopify is great for retail and small businesses that want to sell online. It’s also one of the easiest programs to learn with little(or no) technical knowledge.

You can setup a new store in minutes and you’ll have dozens of amazing themes to pick from. Many are completely free and they offer more than enough features to get a new shop online fast.

I’ve listed the top 15 free Shopify themes in this guide to help you launch a brilliant design for your site. And these themes are all fully responsive which means they look great on every device from widescreen monitors to smartphones.

1. Simple

simple shopify theme

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It’s fitting to start this list with Simple, one of the most universal Shopify themes you can use. It has a sleek white design with a clear focus on the products.

The homepage lists products in grid-like columns with attention on product photos. These usually sell the product better than any text ever could.

Simple comes with two styles: the minimalist white theme and an off-white style using a large header image and a grey background. You can switch between both styles since they’re both part of the Simple theme package.

I’d recommend this theme for pretty much any shop owner. Minimalism works well in the ecommerce space and for a free theme this comes packed with a lot of features.

2. Supply

supply shopify

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Another minimalist theme is Supply which comes with a bit more pizzaz. It uses a moderate color palette to add contrast between page sections without over-complicating the layout.

Supply also has two styles: the default Blue style and the tan-beige Light style. Both use very similar layouts except the Light design has a limited white header.

One thing I like about Supply is the prominent featured area on the homepage. This can use static images or a dynamic slideshow to alternate between content. Visitors might be drawn further into the site if you can place great product photos near the top of the page.

Plus the homepage breaks that standard grid layout with multiple sections based on product categories. This lets you organize the best products across your whole shop rather than merely listing items one after another.

3. Skeleton Theme

shopify skeleton theme

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I place this theme so high on the list because it offers the greatest means of customization out of any theme.

Shopify’s Skeleton theme is a free open source theme available to download on GitHub. It is not listed in their theme directory because the Skeleton theme isn’t meant to be used right away. It’s a bare-bones theme template made by the Shopify devs and released for all web developers.

This works like a “blank slate” where you can customize the grid structure, the color scheme, and all the internal pages. They do have a sample demo but it’s just one of many ways to edit the Skeleton theme.

I do not recommend this to anyone except web developers building on Shopify. If you’re launching a new store and have no idea how to build themes then just ignore this one. However it is a great resource to learn Shopify theming without starting from scratch.

4. Boundless

boundless reco

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Imagery sells products and the Boundless theme really does seem to have no bounds. The header uses a fullscreen image with optional space for a branded logo or call to action.

All image galleries and product pages support HiDPI images. This means your store will look crystal clear on retina devices and especially on very wide monitors.

Another feature is the fixed top navigation which keeps your nav links visible at all times. This way mobile visitors don’t need to scroll back up just to browse other categories.

Boundless has two different styles: one labeled black & white and another labeled vibrant. I like the VIbrant theme more just because of the color scheme. But I think fashion/clothing retailers could do well using the black & white style.

Either way Boundless can fit most ecommerce shops and it’s a fantastic theme with a focus on HD photography.

5. Venture

shopify venture theme

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One of Shopify’s newest themes is Venture with a library of three styles to pick from.

  • Snowboards – blue highlights and large photography make this style fit for any online shop
  • Outdoors – more rugged colors like brown and navy green make you think of camping, hiking, and outdoor activities
  • Boxing – a variant using bright red highlights and crisp contrast that makes the design jump off the screen

All three styles are incredible and they all have very similar features. The navigation menus feature large mega-menu dropdowns that accommodate stores with lots of products. In fact, I’d argue this is one of the better themes to use for larger shops with 8+ categories.

Minor animations can be found throughout the layout from the dropdown menus to product pages. These product pages support multiple product photos and feel easy to browse.

Venture can work for any shop but I think it works best for clothing & personal accessories.

6. Annabelle

annabelle shopify theme

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Annabelle is one of the few free Shopify themes not hosted by Shopify. It’s a freebie published by Space Squirrel which creates related Shopify content like apps.

But Annabelle is still a great free theme with full support for mobile devices. It’s fully customizable so you can change all the colors, fonts, and the homepage design.

Product pages are well organized and they include the hover-to-zoom feature commonly expected of ecommerce shops. It comes with three individual styles which you can view from the main page.

And while this theme doesn’t cost any money, it does require an e-mail address. This freebie works as a lead magnet for Space Squirrel so it’s not a simple one-click install.

But if you like the design and want to give it a try on your site you certainly won’t be disappointed.

7. Pop

pop theme shopify

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The large vertical sidebar of the Pop theme really defines this layout. It cascades down using a vertically-oriented design with a fixed left sidebar alongside the main content.

Some people like this design, others don’t. It’s really a personal preference. I think the overall user experience is phenomenal. Many layout features including the images have a vertical shape which makes the whole design come together.

Pop has two styles: Bone which is more plush and beauty-oriented along with Toy which seems more general.

Both styles have the same vertical orientation and they have the same features like the slide-out ajax shopping cart.

If you like the vertical design and think this could fit with your shop then Pop is a fantastic theme. Both styles can be used for almost any niche so don’t worry about limiting yourself just from the demos.

8. Focus

focus free shopify theme

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The growing team at Shopify Themes recently published a theme called Focus. It seems this was a premium theme but is now marked to $0 making it free for shop owners.

It’s not an official Shopify design but it does work with the latest version of Shopify. Not to mention it’s fully responsive and built for all screen sizes. Focus really feels like an everyman’s theme using customizable colors, minimalist features, and built-in functionality for internationalization & language translation.

By default Focus comes with three styles: Eco using the green design, Craftsman using a more rugged design, and the standard Focus with a simple cover-all design.

All three have the same features and the same layout styles. You can install Focus for practically any shop and see great results.

Note this theme does have optional premium tiers which include basic support & help from developers for customization. But if you’re okay to setup the theme yourself then the free option can work very well.

9. Brooklyn

brooklyn shopify theme

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Brooklyn is one of the few themes that only comes with one style. But it’s also one of the best themes for an online apparel store.

The design relies mostly on great photos so you’ll need photography to sell your products. The page header can use a slideshow to pan between photos and products on the site. You can even add your own call-to-action into this header which links further into your site(ie. shop men’s, women’s, children, etc).

Product pages use their own custom grid system which can look a bit wonky. Thankfully you have full control and can update the grid to suit your needs.

And Brooklyn comes with little extras like badges for new products, sold out products, and discounted products for sales.

Overall this free theme offers a lot for the amazing price tag of $0. While it does work best for clothing & apparel shops, I’d argue this can work for any product(s) that rely heavily on photos.

10. Minimal

minimal vintage theme shopify

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Ironically the Minimal theme actually has more details & features than Simple. This makes Minimal an excellent choice for shop owners who want a minimalist feel without sacrificing details like iconography.

The design is super clean and it supports dropdown menus in the navigation. It also supports a carousel rotator for product photos on the homepage.

When installing Minimal you can pick one of three styles.

  • Vintage – classy yet basic using neutral colors with greys and high-contrast darks
  • Fashion – much heavier contrast using black & white along with accents of red(customizable)
  • Music – fixed with a large centered logo along with a textured repeating background to create a youthful feeling in the design

All three styles have similar designs but they do have minor differences in product pages and category listings. I specifically like the product pages in the “fashion” style using thumbnails along with a larger zoom effect.

Minimal can work for any brand regardless of what you sell. Both physical and digital products can be represented by this theme and it’s one of the easier options to customize.

11. AP Office

shopify ap office theme

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The folks at Apollo Themes have created their own Shopify freebies with many themes up for grabs. AP Office is one example that comes with a lot of features.

The header includes optional icons to share store policies like shipping, returns, and security. There’s also a prominent search bar right at the top which is always the calling card of a great ecommerce theme.

You can switch between different header styles using static banners, rotating graphics, slideshows, or a combination of all these things. And the footer spans multiple columns if you have a large assortment of links to add into your shop.

Overall the experience just feels more professional and this theme exudes a corporate design. It has many features like a quick view for products, a wishlist for users, and a live editor for site owners who want to make changes right on the page.

If you like the designs of Office Max or Best Buy then you’ll love this theme. It works best with larger inventories and it has the feeling of a big superstore website.

12. AP Milky

ap milky shopify theme

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One more niche theme is AP Milky designed for the food & beverage crowd. Naturally this is probably a small audience but it can also work well for independent brewers, farmer’s markets, or ice cream manufacturers(among other industries).

AP Milky uses a lot of milk-related graphics and icons in the design. But you have full control to remove these features and replace them with something else.

It can be a small annoyance if you try editing this theme for products outside the food market. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it’ll take more effort.

Still the pages are all well-designed and they function like a true Shopify store. Some may think the design is too crowded to work well. But if you like the overall page layout then it may be worth customizing to suit your needs.

13. AP Bikini

ap bikini theme shopify

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One more free Apollo theme is AP Bikini. As you can expect this theme is made for shops with fashion attire & accessories.

It comes with large dropdown menus and even mega-menus as needed. You can add dynamic widgets to the homepage that cycle through product categories with JavaScript. And I have to admit, the default design feels very “summery” in its color scheme and spacious style.

AP Bikini comes off as fashionable yet professional. It has built-in marketing features like modal popovers and an email signup form. Plus it leaves plenty of space in the footer to add links for user accounts and company information.

Excellent theme if you’re willing to work through Apollo’s custom features.

14. Debut

shopify debut free theme

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Getting back to the main Shopify store we have the Debut theme. This is yet another theme that only comes with one style, yet it offers many custom designs for product pages and homepage elements.

You can organize products by grids and include extra features like user reviews right on the homepage. This theme relies heavily on photography and square grid-like page elements.

But I also think it’s generic enough to support any market including digital products. The footer has a newsletter signup form along with icons for payment methods & social media.

Debut is rather simple but it works great for shop owners who use quality product photography.

15. Jumpstart

jumpstart shopify theme

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If you have a single product ecommerce shop then Jumpstart is the best theme you can get. It’s geared towards product designers and entrepreneurs who want to sell their new product online.

This theme is not made for multiple products. All the other 14 themes in this list are made for that purpose.

Instead Jumpstart offers a way to sell your new invention whether it’s an iPhone holder, a unique car charger, or even something digital like an e-book. Jumpstart places focus on the features and talking points of an individual product. It even comes with different page sections for features and FAQs.

I like the fixed navbar and the simplistic design, both of which can work well for any product.

Absolutely recommend Jumpstart for any product whether it’s up for sale or still being marketed.

Making The Choice

Since all these themes are completely free you don’t have much to lose by trying different options. If you’re new to Shopify then there’s a lot to learn along the way.

But with practice you’ll come to love the platform since it’s one of the best CMS’ for selling online. And no matter what you’re selling from digital resources to physical products I guarantee there’s a theme here for you.

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