20 Best Free Futuristic Fonts To Download

Choosing the right font can be the difference between a decent project and a superb project. The design world is full of different typefaces that each serve a distinct purpose. Many of these fonts are split into categories with futuristic fonts being incredibly popular in modern design work.

This post looks at 20 distinct futuristic fonts you can use for websites or graphic design projects. These futuresque fonts exude a sense of technological advancement and superiority to modern design. Check out the examples in this gallery and feel free to download copies of your favorites.

1. Yukarimobile

yurikamobile font family

Yukarimobile is bold, crisp, and certainly attention-grabbing. Letterforms tend to block together so I find this works best as a header font. Try using it for a logo typeface or in the place of a print poster.

2. Caviar Dreams

caviar dreams font typeface

A much more modern font example is Caviar Dreams which is very thin and elegant. This may be reminiscent of The Jetsons with a fantasy futuristic design style.

I think Caviar Dreams could be perfect for any text style and it’s readable at any size. Thin letters can get lost at smaller fonts and tiny font weights, but these features can be adjusted to suit whatever medium you prefer.

3. Minsterl Poster WHG

minstrel poster whg font

If you’re looking for block letters look no further than MinstrelPosterWHG. It’s a very unique font that stands out immediately when you first see it.

This is yet another font that relies heavily on thick block letters, so it really won’t work in tiny paragraph text. But I love the unique design style and it’s perfect for custom page headers.

4. FortySecond Street

forty second street hb font

Retro futuristic designs are becoming the norm and Forty Second Street is a font soaked in this style. It uses a single stripe through each letter to create the faux ‘20s aesthetic. It reminds me of classic cinema and old school logos in storefronts of the early 20th century.

The font only has uppercase letters so it works best in heading formats. It may also work as a logotype or icon if your company uses plain letters for branding.

5. Exo

exo font typeface

This simple yet effective font serves a variable purpose fitting into any creative project. Exo is a free retro sans-serif font with thin letter forms and curvy lines.

It can work brilliantly as page text, although most often fits the mold for print work. I really like the simplicity of the letters because they edge towards a futuristic style that relies on minimalism rather than flashy aesthetics.

6. Upper East Side

upper east side typeface font

Upper East Side is a font callout to New York City with a classy restaurant design. It utilizes both thick and thin lines together—something very common in the logos of big hotels and eateries in large western cities.

The font works best at larger sizes and it’s basically made to be used for a logotype. Give it a shot if you’re looking for a fancier design with a memorable touch.

7. Star Jedi

star jedi font typeface

The Star Wars series has surpassed decades and generations of fans permeating the world over. This Star Jedi pack comes with varying letterforms like empty letters, thick letters, and lined letters. The whole pack is free to download and more useful for fun projects than commercial endeavors.

8. Good Times

good times font typeface

Good Times is a free digital-style font pack with upper and lowercase letters. The font family looks very futuristic with a good portion of styles and patterns.

Most of the curved lines take on a symmetrical angle which looks naturally futuristic. It may not be the most flashy font choice available, but it does the job well and brings the future to your design work.

9. Gorgonzolla

gorgonzolla typeface font

Gorgonzolla is a strange sans-serif font with bold letters and very small curves. It seems futuristic in theory but follows a different type of practical application.

I wouldn’t use Gorgonzolla for every futuristic creative project. It’s rather oddly shaped with very oblong letter formations. If you’re looking to design something that stands out from the herd then Gorgonzolla is a great choice.

10. Adventure Subtitles

Adventure Subtitles typeface

Here’s another font that seems to blend into the background with neutral curves and line symmetry. Adventure Subtitles doesn’t feel too adventurous, but it does pack quite a punch when used in conjunction with other futuristic fonts.

11. Digital

digital futuristic caps font

The Digital font family is true to its name with a strict digital design style. Letter curves are uniform and beautifully in tune with the nature of futuristic design.

12. Atmosphere

atmosphere typeface font

Atmosphere is very abstract yet futuristic at the same time. I really like Atmosphere because it can be used in so many different styles from cartoony logos to corporate identities.

13. Checkbook

checkbook font typeface digital

If you’ve ever held a cheque then you’ll recognize the Checkbook font. This is used to print the small numbers and letters at the bottom of the check identifying your bank routing number and checking account number.

The Checkbook font is also very abstract and serves a distinct purpose for creatives. While it may not work everywhere, it’s certainly a great choice for projects that can use the checkbook design.

14. Bitwise

bitwise font typeface

The Bitwise font comes in both uppercase and lowercase lettering for any purpose. I personally feel it works best as heading text, but could be utilized as subheading or even small font copy with enough kerning.

15. Neuropolitical

neuropolitical digital typeface

Here’s another thin sans-serif font style that actually looks surprisingly unique. Neuropolitical can easily be underrated at first glance because of its simplicity.

But when you try to apply the font into a project you may be surprised how well it fits the mold of futuristic creative design work.

16. Freedom

freedom curved typeface

The naturally curved letterforms in Freedom stand out with the fantasy futuristic design style we all know and love. The font is part retro, part future, and part creative with varying applications. And it’s worth mentioning that Freedom is completely free for use in personal and commercial works.

17. Phutura

phutura font typeface

You can tell Phutura is a great futuristic design font because it’s right in the name. The font uses very small letters with tiny cap heights and curvy lines. This might be annoying to read in some instances, so you’ll have to try it out and see if it works for your project.

18. Vermin Vibes 2

vermin vibes 2 black fontface

Here’s a critically unique font that clearly works best as a large heading. Vermin Vibes 2 stands out because of the strange letter formations and thick letter glyphs.

I can fully accept that this font will not work in some instances. But if you have a large venue, band, or futuristic event then Vermin might be the right choice.

19. Dekthusian

dekthusian font typeface freebie

Dekthusian is a rather unusual sans-serif font with very low crossbars(horizontal line elements). The letters themselves are somewhat tall but they keep a low center of gravity.

This creative decision makes the font stand out amongst a herd of thin sans-serif future fonts. I highly recommend this choice for any futuristic project because it blends so well with other fonts, yet still keeps its identity.

20. Gamefly

gamefly font typeface

Lastly we have Gamefly, a font mimicking the Gamefly logo which does appear surprisingly tech/futuristic. Each letter has plenty of curves and pointy angles to go along with the design.

However this isn’t a complete font as it only offers uppercase letters. This is just a fun thing to toy with rather than rely on for a full project—but still a cool font if you’re into futuristic designs.

I hope this gallery offers quality font choices for those in need of futuristic designs. The best way to find your pick is to download your favorites and try them out.

And to find more quality fonts check out these related galleries.

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