25 Best Greek Fonts for Fun and Authentic Designs

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Are you looking for Greek fonts for your next project? Maybe you’re making signage for a local restaurant, or you need lettering for a comic or movie poster. Our list of Greek-style fonts is sure to be a big help.

The fonts listed here range from cartoony representations evoking myth and legend to interesting, modernist takes that make for stylish options in modern publications.

We also include some free Greek fonts that you can choose from to get a handle on the aesthetics and conceptualize future projects.

Best Greek Fonts

When it comes to Greek fonts, you want something that evokes the angular lettering of the classic style. However, from there, the sky is the limit regarding variations and influences.

This list has fonts that feel ancient, modern, and everything in between. You’ll find hand-drawn styles as well as sleek, modern presentations. Some fonts even have some extended features that can prove useful for future projects as well. Enjoy the list!

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Greek Freak

Best Greek Fonts - Greek Freak

Greek Freak is a display font in ancient Greek characters’ spirit but in English letters. The font is excellent for mythology-themed designs or to evoke ancient culture but retains the Engish readability for a casual audience.

The type designer did a great job creating eye-catching characters accessible through the keyboard and control panel.

Greconian – Ancient Greek Style Font

Greconian - Ancient Greek Style Font

Greconian is an ancient Greek gaming font that has the characteristics of classical Greek designs. This designer font can also work as a Biblical font for themed printing.

With a simple installation, the typeface includes primary Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation.

Grave Party – Handwritten Greek Font

Grave Party - Handwritten Greek Font

Grave Party is a fun Halloween-style font by Masa Aska Sanurumi that uses Greek alphabet tropes. The font is perfect for spooky holiday posters and prints.

The aggregated font uses Greek-style lettering but combines hand-written brush styles to develop something fun and funky for designers. Picture a font used for a college Halloween party invitation, and you’re probably thinking of something with Grave Party.

Victorious – Greek Gaming Font

Victorious - Greek Gaming Font

Victorious is a gaming font with Greek-style aesthetics from Tokopress. The font is stylized to evoke epic heroes and monsters and is well-suited for online games, t-shirts, and movie posters.

The downloadable font features primary Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation, servicing the needs of many designs.

Afjat Trends Light – Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek

Afjat Trends Light - Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek

Afjat Trends Light continues this Greek font saga with a modern flair. This high-contrast, serif-style font has elements of classical legacy fonts but is distinctly contemporary for business use. It is also suited for lengthy text use due to the narrow matrix, perfect for customization.

The font also features special characters, including symbols, ligatures, and alternates.

Daewon – Greek Font Style

Daewon - Greek Font Style

Daewon is a Greek-aesthetic font with heavy stylization suited for fantasy designs. This single font sample features heavily geometric forms with sharp edges and small design flourish that evoke myths.

Including ligatures and alternates is an excellent bonus, adding extended character to your designs.

Commodus – All Caps Serif

Commodus - All Caps Serif

Commodus is a bold serif with an all-caps appearance designed by Alienvalley. Commodus is a set with three included variations, including a selection of additional Greek characters in one form and another that features the compound characters of traditional Greek lettering.

The included Regular form also provides strictly English characters for clarity. Special characters, including standard accents, are included as well.

Cat Made Greek Font

Cat Made Greek Font

Cat Made Greek is a charming, comedic font that utilizes Greek-style aesthetics. The Latin letters have a chunky and ancient quality.

The archaic letters feature an all-caps style with variations on characters to give them some design dynamics. The weathered characters make this an aged-style Greek typeface.

Greek Font Set 1

Greek Font Set 1

Greek Font Set 1 is a reliable typeface for display and novelty. The basic user can take advantage of over 17 included styles. These alphabets evoke the fraternity and sorority set, including a full range of numbers and standard accents, while being a primarily English collection.

All the extra characters across the 17 variations will add value to any designer’s workflow.

Greek Font Set 2

Greek Font Set 2

Greek Font Set 2 includes an additional 22 fonts in a combination package that provides a ton of value. These fonts are in English, and while not in Greek, they feature many Greek characters that will be familiar to gGreek users, even in their most basic form.

The included Roman characters can make for composite form design concepts.

Zeus Land

Zeus Land

Zeus Land is a mythology-inspired cartoon font. This bold typeface evokes classic images of soldiers and colosseums.

The typeface includes core characters, such as Latin A-Z, a-z, numbers, and punctuation. This font has numerous Greek applications, from logos to branding to game graphics. Evoke ancient forms of letters with Zeus Land.

War Heroes – Greek Display Font

War Heroes - Greek Display Font

War Heroes is a Latin language font that evokes classical Greek tropes. Options for cartoony, and classical designs are immensely expanded with War Heroes.

This display font is excellent for game design but offers additional applications. Consider this font for history books, movie posters, and more.

Graeci – Greek-Inspired Font

Graeci - Greek-Inspired Font

Graeci is a fun, modern take on Greek style. Graeci is an all-caps display type with two styles, three weights, and alt glyphs. The Greek letters present in the set feel modern but still evoke classic shapes.

This font feels like the current version of an ancient Greek script made from English characters. Additional font samples within the set are sure to inspire.

Elina Epirus

Elina Epirus

Elina Epirus is a unique, vintage font among the fonts on the list. The extra character present in these vintage-style letters makes for fun design combinations.

The vintage texturing combines a more modern take on the throwback but uses the extended character of classic Greek styles.

Arka Typeface

Arka Typeface

The selection of characters in the Arka Typeface serves as a modern, stylish take on Greek aesthetics. Inspired by Greek mythology, this set is excellent for headlines and titles.

The letters with accents such as “O” and “U” appear particularly novel. Arka Typeface features regular and bold variations but lacks lowercase letters.



The plain form serif of Praetoria evokes a strict, business-style form of type. It’s as though Times New Roman itself was Praetoria’s descendant.

This serif font was modeled after Roman square capitals, with innovative variations to round out the typeface. Some Cyrillic characters are included for stylistic similarity. Praetoria is excellent for stately designs.

Opa – Fun Greek Font

Opa - Fun Greek Font

Opa is a fun Greek-style font with standard accents expected of the Greek style and some fun extras. The thin, angular look evokes mythical stories and is particularly suited for crafters and die-cutting machines. Opa is a fun handmade font with special extra characters and icons for extra flair.



Meteora is the chunky, angular Greek-style font you’ve been looking for. Meteora’s thicker looks are perfect for titles and posters and take quite well to styles in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

The built-in internal stroke gives this display font plenty of extra character.



SIK86 is a Greek and Latin-inspired font for more collegiate designs. The internal stroke gives the angular letters more volume and a sporting appearance.

Six precomposed character weights also provide plenty of design inspiration for college flyers and merchandise.

Free Greek Fonts

Free fonts are a great way to dabble in a style or aesthetic without committing to a purchase. These free Greek fonts represent a spectrum of variations of Greek aesthetics that you can apply to your design tool kit.

Remember that many free fonts have specific license terms, so they may only be free for personal use. Review the licensing agreement for each font before publishing anything.

Ancient Geek

Ancient Geek

Ancient Geek is a fun and unusual font on the list. First off, it is 100% free for use in both commercial and personal projects. Secondly, this font takes traditional Greek letters and associates them with visually similar Latin letters, allowing you to write in English with the Greek appearance.

Is it accurate to ancient Greek characters? Not exactly, but it does convey the feel of the Greek alphabet.

Gelio Greek Font

Gelio Greek Font

The Gelio Greek font set features five stunning styles of Greek-style letters, ranging from regular, to inline and stonework variations. The style originates from the Gelio Greek Diner font, which expanded into the other forms in this family. The font is also free for personal use, but commercial use will require a separate license.



Heorot is a donationware font that has fun, basic Greek-style letters. As donationware, a fee is necessary for commercial use, but personal use is free. The thick stems and angular look of Heorot make for excellent titles, logos, and eye-catching text.

Art Greco

Art Greco

Art Greco is a hand-drawn font that features rough characters evoking Greek lettering. The license situation for this font, as neat as it is, is pretty vague, however. The font is free for personal use, but it may take some digging to find out from the designer if the font is also usable for commercial projects.

Caesar Dressing

Caesar Dressing

Besides having a funny name, Caesar Dressing has a thick marker style to it with the uneven style of something hand-drawn. Most of the characters are all-caps, though some distinct lowercase letters exist. This font is also listed as free for personal and commercial use, so this is one you should download immediately.

Oh Mighty Isis

Oh Mighty Isis

Oh Mighty Isis by Iconian Fonts is an example of a more modern take on the Greek style. The uniform, tall characters offer a clean aesthetic that still evokes the past where it can. This all-caps font also features important symbols and some accents. The font’s usage rights are a little unclear; it is fine for personal use, but you’ll need to reach out to Iconian Fonts for commercial projects.

Start Using These Greek Fonts Today

These Greek fonts offer a lot of fun concepts for any designer and are well worth picking up for your specific needs. Whether aiming for the mythical or the modern, several of these fonts are sure to inspire. Take your time, check them out, and let us know which ones you like most.

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