Best Icons and Iconsets for Web Designers

The field of web design is loaded with talented designers, many of whom release their work for free online. Icons are one of the most sought after resources because not all designers know how to create icons. A free iconset will add quality accents into any layout design.

This post includes some of the best icons for web designers working on any type of project. In the past, we’ve covered social media icons but these are only useful for social links. The following iconsets cover a broad multi-purpose spectrum and they’re all completely free.

Sometimes you’ll want to purchase a set of icons, too, usually due to more lenient licensing. For that, I recommend browsing through what Graphic River has to offer.

Architecture Blueprint

architecture blueprint

Designed with construction in mind, these blueprint icons are perfect for any website following a similar theme. This set includes over 50 icons which shine on a dark blue background.



With over 100 unique icons to choose from, Stylistica is a great choice for any site. Each icon uses the flat design style fixed within a circular container.

Shine Icons

shine icons

The incredible Shine iconset includes over 500 detailed icons for various uses. This detailed style may not work for every site, but it can provide a breath of fresh air when incorporated properly.



Coquette is one of a series of iconsets with a cute vector style. You’ll find dozens of similar icons in the sets of Coquette #1 all the way to Coquette #9.

Christmas Magic

christmas icons

Christmas icons blend nicely with a website bringing some holiday cheer. This Christmas Magic iconset is sure to prove valuable in a Christmas-themed project.


symbolize icons

Terse, dark, and right to the point. Symbolize is a 100+ piece iconset using dark gradients and simple shapes to get the point across.

Basic Game Elements

basic game elements

Graphics are a big part of advertising when it comes to entertainment like mobile apps & games. These basic game element icons are completely free and guaranteed to spruce up any website or banner design.

Random Stuff Iconset

random stuff

This freebie includes a lot of random stuff as the name suggests.



Flattastic plays the role of flat icon design in the best way possible. This set is completely free and includes 100 icons in EPS, PNG and SVG formats.

Line Iconset

line iconset

While not the traditional line style, this line iconset is perfect for almost any website. The icons are created with outlines and use a bit of grey in the BG to add color into each icon.

Google Material

google material design

Google’s latest material design craze has spurred a number of related iconsets. This particular freebie includes all the default material icons made specifically for Sketch users.

Free Vectors

vector icons

These 12 vector icons are tilted sideways for dramatic effect and use bright colors to capture attention.

84 Line Icons

84 line icons

This iconset can prove valuable whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. These line icons are made to be thin yet crisp from a distance.

Green Sketch Icons

free sketch icons

Here is yet another thin line iconset dedicated to Sketch users. This is actually a recreation of an older free iconset that was made for Adobe users.

Designer’s Everyday

designer everyday

Creative, unique, and perfect for any portfolio website. The Designer’s Everyday iconset relies on bright colors and circular shapes to build captivating icon styles.

Vintage Icons

vintage icons

Vintage styles are still popular when used in the right setting. This vintage iconset includes devices ranging from a television set to an old-timey radio.

Vector Office

vector office

Dark yet palatable, these office icons can apply to any style corporate or creative.

Internet of Things

internet things icons

A very colorful set of circular icons with flat glyphs relevant to Internet users. This set runs the gamut which makes it super easy to apply into almost any project.

Full Screen Icons

fullscreen iconset

User experience icons can be difficult to build from scratch. These free vector screen size icons are perfect for any UI, and they’re easy to customize with different colors as well.

Vector Documents

vector documents

Everything from books to certificates and push pins, this document iconset is made for graphical effects directed at digital documents.

Web Icons


While the name is rather bland, the icons are far from it. This icons set follows a web 2.0 design with shiny gradients and glossy FX.

Material Web Icons

material web icons

These icons are designed to be super flat and super material. If you’re a fan of Google’s material design then you’ll certainly enjoy these creative material web icons.

Credit Cards

credit cards icons

Every eCommerce site can use a set of detailed credit card icons. This pack from EpicPxls should fit any occasion with 4 vector card icons for Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.

Epic Multicons

epic multicons

What I like most about this style is the use of 2 repeating colors. The multicons are just simple line icons, but they jump off the screen by combining a dark grey and light blue in each icon design.

Simple Line Icons

simple line icons

Clear design and razor thin lines are the cornerstone of line icons. This line iconset is great for any project including 20 unique icon styles.

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