33 Best Organic Fonts for Nature-Inspired Designs

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When it comes to organic fonts, there are a lot of things to consider. Are you looking for a font with natural elements such as leaves and vines? Or are you after a font that has a handwritten, casual quality?

This list of organic fonts features those options and many more. Why not peruse the wide variety of organic fonts out there?

Best Organic Fonts

Each of the organic fonts on this list offers something different to designers. Some may be more suited to headlines and logos, while others can be used for body text. They’re all united, however, by a feeling of nature, either in form or flow. Check out these modern fonts and consider how they can add to your work.

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Moreganic – Organic Font

Organic Fonts - Moreganic

Moreganic is a playful and whimsical font that would work well for an organic food brand or as signage for a farmer’s market. The display font features a hand-drawn style and alternates that provide variation to the already dynamic appearance.

If you want a handwritten font with an organic flare, Moreganic is an awesome font to start with.

Karelle – Organic Serif

Karelle - Organic Serif

Karelle is an elegant handcrafted font with contemporary font characteristics with bold, ambitious stylization. While having an organic quality befitting a gardening magazine or fresh food branding, this typeface is an excellent choice for all kinds of covers.

Karelle is an elegant serif typeface with a bunch of alternates, as well, giving it versatility.

Reliva – Organic Sans

Reliva - Organic Sans

Reliva is a funky, throwback baseline font. This all-around multi-purpose, versatile font from Rillatype makes for an excellent addition to any designer’s toolkit. The designer even was kind enough to throw in six high-quality illustrations to add to design projects.

The package includes alternates and ligatures for robust branding designs. A strong font with design assets is an unbeatable combination.

Volos – Organic Font

Volos - Organic Font

Volos is a highly thematic font with characters that look as though they’ve been made from straw or turf itself. The font is an excellent example of embedded graphic design within a typeface.

The handmade typeface comes with uppercase and lowercase characters. Volos is a bold typeface perfect for organic and rural design concepts.

Pompano – Organic Sans

Pompano - Organic Sans

Pompano is an excellent typeface for a west coast-vibe, like something out of California. The American-type scene Pompano evokes reflects urbanism with a touch of the organic. Picture a health food store brand in Long Beach.

Letterhend Studio did a fantastic job and even provided a regular and stamped font version. The included alternates and ligatures only make the overall typeface even better.

Redmayne – Organic Version

Redmayne - Organic Version

Redmayne is a bold type of legible typeface that looks equally suited to text on a t-shirt as a stamp on a produce crate. The organic quality of this font makes for a harmonious type that combines well with some of the other sleeker fonts on this list.

The modern and hand-drawn style of Redmayne is well worth a download.

Cordoba Font Duo

Cordoba Font Duo

Cordoba is a font duo consisting of handwritten scripts. Even more impressive is that the paired fonts also come with rough and stamp styles. Cordoba Serif and Cordoba Sans each offer brilliant, complementary elements that work well as Adobe Fonts.

Combine these type-combos with selections from the Adobe Stock royalty-free photo collection for some instant branding wins.

Handpack Sans – Organic Serif

Handpack Sans - Organic Serif

Handpack Sans is an organic serif font that features the viscosity and flow of a chalk marker. The font does a beautiful job of providing a cafe appearance and would work well with organic cafe branding.

The vintage nature of the hand lettering also provides an impression that will always prove eye-catching in designs.



Farmhouse is a humanist-feeling font that evokes heritage and heirloom branding. There’s a rough-hewn elegance to the type choices here, evoking hand-painted signs and farmhouse style.

The designer suggests that the font appears as “a mix between a typewriter-style and modern serif.” Consider this one for wedding invitations and anything that’s both classic and rustic.



Branders is a funky font with a retro quality. Saridezra, the designer, did a fantastic job giving the font a handwritten quality without sacrificing legibility and consistency.

Branders is a condensed font with light, regular, and bold variations providing design alternatives with a single typeface.

Leafy – Organic Font

Leafy  - Organic Font

Leafy is an elegant logo font that looks marketing-ready immediately after download. As a logo font, this may not be the best modern font choice for substantial blocks of text, but for an organic-themed logo, there are as few natural (pun-intended) fonts on this list for healthy branding.

The special characters and alternate glyphs are where the font derives its impressive style thanks to the decorative leaves.

Brewlogic – Organic Serif

Brewlogic - Organic Serif

Brewlogic is a hand-lettered font with an understated nature and an organic quality. Its creator even labels the font as an “organic serif.” Brewlogic is a coffeehouse typeface suitable for branding and packaging.

While primarily a display style, it’s readable in different sizes. Consider this modern font for coffeehouse decor and promotional materials.

Organic Weekend

Organic Weekend

Organic Weekend is a handmade font family that has a quirky appeal. The family consists of a regular default font and an italic form.

The slightly irregular blocky letters have a bonus in that there are six versions of each through alternates. You can give any word a unique look through dozens of letter combinations.

Consider Organic Weekend for a charming display board.



Tomatino is a charming handmade font with built-in commercial quality. The friendly, inky letters maintain legibility allowing for logos and branding that is innately readable and charming.

The lettering would be right at home on the menu of a rustic local restaurant or the label of a jar of organic tomato sauce.

The Edgeriver – Organic Font

The Edgeriver - Organic Font

The Edgeriver is a retro font that has a turn-of-the-century lettering style. This organic typeface is an excellent choice if you want a typeface that reminds readers of the old west and simple country life.

This is a dynamic font with alternates, swashes, and ligatures for an impressive amount of flexibility. Combine those options with the regular and slanted variations, and you have a strong tool for throwback designs.



Savoire is a hand-lettered serif that comes in regular and bold variations. The fluid design of the letters, complete with distressed elements, results in something pleasing and heritage.

This is a font of class and would work well for luxury brands or design concepts that want to reflect tradition. Consider this one for glamour magazines and self-care merchandise.

Soondae – Natural & Organic Brush Font

Soondae - Natural & Organic Brush Font

Soondae is a natural brush font with a heavy texture. The heavy texture can serve as emphasis, especially when paired with the solid stroke version of the script.

This font also includes alternates and ligatures that provide many options for modern design concepts. Soondae is particularly excellent for calligraphic quotes, posters, and greeting cards.

Stampbor Typeface

Stampbor Typeface

Stampbor is a sans-serif font that fits the ultramodern design trend featuring modern fonts and grunge elements. The distressed characters give the font an organic feel and would look at home stamped on wood.

It comes in six styles, from dotted and lined to a highly distressed “shabby” version.

Nashville – Organic Outline Font

Nashville - Organic Outline Font

The Nashville by Elvinova is an organic outline font that works well for minimal designs. The collection features five forms, ranging from outlined, to thin, to bold, but the inherent delicateness of the font is persistent in all forms.

It is particularly suited for Etsy-style products, such as labels and journals. 

Organic Flora

Organic Flora

Organic Flora is a font with a whimsical organic feeling and plenty of fun characteristics. Organic Flora is primarily a decorative font with cute nature doodles such as leaves.

Consider this one for emphasis on logos and hero text, such as on journal covers or printed quotes.



Verdura is an elegant serif font featuring leaf-like imagery. Curved elements are made of leaf-like structures, making for a fantastic centerpiece in any organic design.

Nature products and natural-themed decor benefit greatly from Verdura’s unique style. Even individual letters present great options for logos, given the inherent design.

Audrey Mirages – Organic Serif

Audrey Mirages - Organic Serif

Audrey Mirages is a crooked organic serif with brush script elements. It also evokes the design tropes of the 1950s and ’60s, reflecting a kind of warmth from nature.

The alternates and ligatures continue to convey an organic feeling you can benefit from in all sorts of concepts and product designs.

Windsore Sans

Windsore Sans

Windsore Sans is another fine example of modern organic fonts and handmade scripts. The success of this font derives from the trio of inspirations that the designer pulled from.

This is one of the most retro fonts on the list. The hand-lettered nature gives it an organic quality. Be sure to include this one in your collection.



Organico is a font family designed by Stew Deane and features a lovely organic curve style. The letters are uniformly tall and have a great deal of flow. They’re also quite legible in multiple sizes.

The package includes alternates that can create a lot of fun variations in text-based designs. Check the menu design on the product page to get some inspiration.

Organic Tuesday

Organic Tuesday

Jakob Fischer’s Organic Tuesday is a hand-drawn brush display typeface. This monospaced font features two styles, regular and italic. 

The handwritten unevenness of Organic Tuesday is quite charming and works well for all sorts of design projects.

Organic Font

Organic Font

Organic Font is a typeface that features an irregular script. The imperfections lend the font its charm, and it is a fun choice for different types of labels and packaging.

The warped and wavy appearance of Organic Font is best used as a hand-written font to catch the eye, such as logos.

Earth Tone – Organic Sans Family

Earth Tone - Organic Sans Family

Earth Tone is a handmade font family with a naturalistic quality. The family features three weights: light, regular, and bold.

This organic sans font is versatile enough to be a logotype and readable as body text. Consider this one for aesthetic quote prints.

Secret Nature

Secret Nature

Secret Nature is a floral script font with an artistic emphasis on greenery. Given the floral enhancement of each character, this font is best suited for emphasis, such as headers or hero words in a design.

The calligraphic style also pairs quite well with a sans-serif, as can be seen in some of the examples presented on the download page.

Free Organic Fonts

These free organic fonts and typefaces offer a great way to experiment with organic and natural design projects. Try these different fonts to get a sense of design possibilities. From there, if you want, license them, or move to some of the earlier fonts on the list above. Note that you should always review the licensing information on these listed fonts, as they can change at any time.

Vegan Style

Vegan Style

Vegan Style is a hip script font designed by Billy Argel. The overall style has the appearance of a cool signature with large swooping loops and swashes. The font is also free for personal and non-commercial use, with a separate license available for commercial projects.

Charmelade Demo Font

Charmelade Demo Font

Charmelade is a brush script that has an organic appearance thanks to the distressed elements present in the characters. This demo font features some fun options but is limited to personal use. However, the author does provide a commercial use license as a separate purchase.

Only Organic

Only Organic

Only Organic is a chunky script with thick portions balanced out by thin tapers on some characters. The font is casual and reflects a hand-painted style one might see at a farmer’s market. The font is free for personal projects, but commercial licenses are available as a separate purchase.



Quesha is an understated font with a modern classic style. The geometric base is supplemented with organic expressions of high contrast. The font is elegant and readable and is licensed as shareware. A separate license is necessary if you want to use it for commercial work.

Organic Nature

Organic Nature

Organic Nature is a heavily distressed donationware font. It feels like it’s made from patches of soil, thanks to the usage of contrast within each character. An individual license is required to use this font for commercial projects.

Start Using These Organic Fonts Today

These organic fonts provide many fun sources of design inspiration. Whether you’re working on an organic brand or want to design a more naturalistic website layout, the typefaces on this list can help deliver that natural appearance. So, take your time with a cup of coffee, try them out, and figure out what organic fonts might best empower your design projects.

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