25 of the Best Photographer Portfolio Websites

What are photographer portfolio websites?

Photographer portfolio sites showcase work, provide biographical information regarding the photographer, often include a contact page, and are perfect for inspiration and creative influence. Below are 25 portfolios with different styles and approaches.

Web designers often browse through portfolio websites of other designers for inspiration and ideas that can be used in their own work. Photographers, like designers, need to display an attractive portfolio for their websites’ visitors, and many photographers have excellent portfolio sites.

If you’re looking to build your own photography portfolio, we recommend Shopify.

In this post, I’d like to take a look at some of the best. Here you’ll find photography sites that are well designed and also showcase amazing photos. You’ll see a few different styles and approaches. Many use a large background image or a large slider to showcase the photos at their best. Others use many smaller thumbnail images to fill the screen. A minimalist design style is also common because it allows the photos to be the center of attention rather than the design details of the site.

If you use WordPress, one resource we’ve come to love for photographers is Photocrati. It’s a WordPress theme that is specifically made for photographers. Using their theme will help you create a stunning and responsive photography website.

This Wild Idea

Giles Clement

Tania Franco Klein

Robin Schwartz

Jon Henry

Eric Ryan Andersonerikanderson

Sabry Khaled

Levon Biss

Deanie Chen

Alan Schaller

Mia Sakai

Morgan Norman

Kai Tsehay

Dave Hill

Peter Fischer

Paul Von Rieter

Natiah Jones

Jen Huang Bogan

Ben Yan

Deb Schwedhelm


Ryan Edy

Ryan Edy

James Tye

Shaw & Shaw Photography

All Things Ripe

Take note of the obvious and subtle differences in how photographers manage their layout and site organization. The design of the site should serve the style and purpose of your portfolio. Photographers will have thousands of photos to choose from for their home image. It might take some time to decide what imagery you want visitors to see first, but quality is better than quantity. You want to give each photograph the space it needs on screen. Try to pull them in with one or two striking images that will encourage more exploration.

Many photography sites use a toggle feature that allows for viewing photos one-by-one, or seeing a thumbnail grid for a quick overview. A scrolling grid with mid to large sized images is a great, simple way to encourage visitors to keep viewing, plus this will feel familiar to anyone who uses Instagram.

Use text wisely. If your portfolio is journalistic or story based, it might make sense to include some context or explanation with the photos. Testimonials or price information makes sense in some cases, too. Just make sure that the text doesn’t overwhelm the page and detract from the impact of the photography.

For more design inspiration, see:

If you’re looking to learn more about design websites, please see our post Learn Web Design.

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