20 Best Premium Paid Shopify Ecommerce Themes

If you’re launching an online store then Shopify is the simplest platform. It comes with so many features including SSL and hosting. The trickiest part is setting up a great design.

Thankfully there are dozens of incredible themes you can pick from, and in this guide I’ve curated the top 20 best paid Shopify themes out there.

If you don’t have much to spend you might like our list of free themes which have fewer features but ultimately work just as well for any Shopify store.

1. Fashionopolism

fashionopolism free theme

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One of the most photo-oriented themes you can get is Fashionopolism. It comes with four different styles all geared towards selling products based on photos and product categories.

Each homepage uses a large fullscreen photo with optional call-to-action buttons. These themes also use incredible animation effects that draw users further into the interface. All products have quick views and the catalog pages feel incredibly professional.

But the design also depends on what style you like. Fashionopolism comes with four:

  • Empire – chic and trendy but designed for simplicity
  • Secret Sale – colorful and full of life
  • Popup Shop – simpler homepage with a greater focus on product listings
  • Galleria – the most professional-looking style out of the set

You have lots of options for customization too so this theme is great for all shops.

2. Blockshop

blockshop shopify theme

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The Blockshop theme derives a very natural home store feel with bright colors and brilliant typography. This theme feels like an Etsy store with a more professional attitude.

All four styles are impeccable with different approaches for each. Deli is the default with plain white and black contrast. Beat goes dark with a black background and lighter text. Beauty pushes pink which can feel overwhelming, but may work for a makeup shop. And Playhouse feels the most natural with a large header image and a fullscreen layout.

The typography is brilliant and it’s easy to change for any style. Blockshop is best suited for a store of handmade goods or a shop with a small business aura.

3. ShowTime

showtime theme shopify

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ShowTime is one of the few themes that pushes further than other premium themes. It really feels like a full shop with dozens of products and features.

Product catalogs have filters in the sidebar making it easier for customers to shop. And the layout is super easy to browse with spacious product pages. These include areas for customer reviews, Q&As, and related details for anyone looking to buy.

I also think it’s one of the more pigeonholed themes with three styles that best fit their niche.

ShowTime works best for any shop selling home goods. From living room furniture to kitchen appliances and wall decor, ShowTime fits right at home with these types of products.

4. Retina

retina montreal shopify

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If you want a nontraditional theme then Retina is the way to go. It comes with four styles that each slightly differ from one another.

The default Austin uses individual page sections organized by product categories. Montreal is very similar but with slightly different colors & homepage widgets.

Melbourne feels like the most colorful & fun style while Amsterdam swings the opposite way with a techie hipster vibe.

All four have the same features and when you buy Retina you get access to all four styles. These include homepage sliders with video support, social media feeds, and “quick buy” buttons for all products.

5. District

district theme shopify

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I think there’s a lot of room for District to be customized for any shop. By default the three basic styles fit well with fashion and accessories.

But District uses a fairly generic grid layout so it’s easy to restructure. The homepage places heavy emphasis on product categories and photos which are crucial for selling anything.

I think my favorite style of the three is Energy because it uses photo overlay gradients much like The Verge’s old layout. This style feels reminiscent of tech & gadgets just from that relationship, but it’s by no means limited to those products.

Browse through all 3 styles and see what you think. District is not for everyone but with a bit of effort it can be customized to work with any products.

6. Pipeline

pipeline shopify theme

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When I think of progressive design I imagine something close to Pipeline. It uses broad fullscreen page sections to break up content, all of which use background photographs.

If you don’t have many large photos then Pipeline isn’t the best choice. Especially since it also comes with a full Instagram feed insert where you can embed your IG photos in real time. This is huge for any shop that runs a successful Instagram account.

Otherwise it’s really just a run-of-the-mill theme. Definitely some great features for a simple online shop but not too overbearing.

7. Canopy

canopy premium shopify theme

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If you run a fashion store then Canopy is a wonderful theme to get started. It’s practically designed for fashion because the layouts are so unique.

All three styles for Canopy seem to push traditional web design boundaries. For example the Kiln style uses oblong rectangles for sections of the page. These can be photos or text, or both mixed together. Granted you can change the homepage design but it’s made to be this way to grab attention.

I think most shoppers would be confused by this layout for anything outside of fashion. For some reason the fashion world gets away with wacky designs that actually look good.

But if you’re looking at Canopy for anything else then stick to their Elda style.

8. Flow

flow shopify theme

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Crisp, clean, and broad enough to work anywhere. That’s my take on the Flow theme for Shopify shops.

It comes with a very unique homepage grid for promoting recent products or banners leading elsewhere on the site. You can even add a mix of static banners alongside an image slideshow.

All three styles are basically the same so there’s not much to compare. However the product page styles can differ a bit depending on your photo sizes. Flow seems best suited for products with only a few photos since they all stream down the page.

9. Startup

startup shopify theme

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Product-focused startups are all the rage these days and you can launch your own with the Startup theme. It comes with four unique styles that each fit a different target market.

  • Tech fits with home appliances and wearables
  • Art fits with designers, artists, craftsmen, and artisans of any kind
  • Home is fairly general but can work with any products from handmade ornaments to decorations or appliances
  • Cloth fits best with attire & accessories

The Startup theme is designed for minimalism and it plays this role well. It does use plenty of large photography in the headers along with CTA buttons.

You can choose which homepage styles you want depending on the product(s) you’re selling. But most of these styles fit best for single product startups or small-scale operations pushing more niche items.

10. Responsive

responsive shopify premium theme

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It’s a bit strange to name a theme Responsive considering it’s such a generic web design term. But it is a great theme with many features like product zooming and sidebar product collections.

You can organize various collections on the homepage too and they’ll be split up into different categories based on the product. I also like the navigation style which feels subtle and easy to use.

The Responsive theme is, of course, fully responsive making it perfect for any device.

But the real selling points are the homepage feature areas and widgets that you can customize from the backend. All 4 styles feel very similar so if you like this theme then you’ll have plenty of room for customization.

11. Focal

focal shopify theme

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Product grids seem to work best for ecommerce shops. That’s why the Focal theme is so great for pretty much anything.

It comes with many common features like email subscription, modal windows, dropdown menus, and a fully responsive layout. Out of the four styles of Focal you can choose between layouts that fit clothing, home goods, fashion, and tech.

Each style basically mimics the same layout so Focial is really just one big theme. You can setup a fullscreen video BG or a photo slideshow on the homepage anywhere on the site. And it comes with product page features like hover-to-zoom and custom charts that display info like sizing.

Focal is broad enough to cover any subject and it’s easily one of the best premium ecommerce themes in the list.

12. Launch

premium launch theme

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One thing I like about Launch is how it can blend into any product category. It can be used for single products funded through sites like Kickstarter, or it can be used as an entire online store.

All three styles use fullsize headers with large background photos. You can replace these photos with slideshows or videos, whatever works best for your store. Each homepage also comes with multiple widgets that mostly rely on photos & videos.

The Fresh style is much more store-oriented with a design that supports multiple products and categories. I think the other two styles are best used for Kickstarter projects and similar features.

13. Pacific

pacific theme shopify

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Pacific is the most professional store theme in this entire list. It features high contrast colors, fullscreen image slideshows, and various styles that oscillate between font families and color schemes.

The four styles all work well and they all feel professional enough for an online shop. But they’re also made for different markets.

  • Cool is the default and pretty much targets everything from tech to clothes to household products
  • Bold feels like a style best used for selling clothing & attire
  • Bright has a childlike wonder to its colors and it could do well for school supplies or kids toys
  • Warm is another fairly generic theme that can push anything from furniture to camping equipment

Each one of these styles supports the slideshow feature, the dynamic dropdown menus, and various modules from blogs to FAQ pages.

An excellent theme for the money and easily one of the most versatile.

14. Mobilia

mobilia shopify theme

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The Mobilia theme can be tough to customize into a “generic” store. I like the design because it’s clean and elegant, yet each style is uniquely different.

For example the main style Napa pushes a dark header with tan background sections and custom wine icons. This differs greatly from Sydney which uses a simplistic approach, or Tokyo which relies on grids. The fourth style Milan merges everything so it uses wide rectangle blocks along with custom grids.

Overall Mobilia is one of the more densely packed themes. It supports blogs, social feeds, slideshows with videos & photos, plus custom dropdown navigation menus.

If you have a shop that can blend with one of these styles then go for it. But Mobilia can feel segmented which makes it tough to apply to any old store.

15. Mosaic

mosaic shopify theme

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Mosaic lives true to its name with a custom mosaic grid design. You’ll find this design on all three styles but they each use the mosaic grid differently.

My favorite is the Gesso style since it keeps the solid top header photo while adding the mosaic grid into the page. This style fits like an Etsy store where someone could sell handmade artisan products or even digital works.

If you like the mosaic style and have products that can fit into this grid then by all means pick up a copy.

It probably won’t fit right for all markets but it is highly customizable. You can add multiple collections or even create galleries out of these mosaic grids.

16. Kagami

premium kagami shopify theme

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Another theme with variable grids is Kagami. However this theme has more leniency in its style where you can change up product widgets on the homepage and include certain collections with “new” or “hot” products.

The Baptiste theme is an excellent example of what I’m talking about. It uses a large photo-based product grid on the homepage to draw customers into the site. You can see another example on the Geneve style which uses a dark black layout.

Each style uses a masonry grid so you get everything with one theme. Plus you can add custom widgets for a slideshow, FAQ page, and different styles for checkout pages. Kagami can work to sell practically anything and if you’re comfortable customizing Shopify it’s a no brainer.

17. Envy

envy oslo shopify theme

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If you want room for featured products and discounted sales then Envy is a wonderful theme to look into. It comes with four styles and they all have similar features and homepage widgets.

Like most ecommerce themes Envy relies heavily on photography. It’s a major driving force behind the design, yet it still feels lightweight because the homepages aren’t forced into one style. For example the Copenhagen style uses a large multi-column grid promoting many products. But the Stockholm style has many different widgets on the homepage.

The Envy footer feels spacious and offers plenty of room for customization. Ideally this theme would be customized a bit, however you can get away with the default style because it blends so nicely with all products.

And for the price this theme is a steal considering it runs all the same features as other similar themes.

18. Symmetry

symmetry theme shopify

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Symmetry is one of the cleanest shop themes in the directory with four beautiful styles to pick from. It’s easily one of the best themes for anyone selling handmade items like scarves, hair accessories, or home decorations.

But it can be used for digital products and more commercial items too. Each style uses a main header photo slideshow or a static header image. This can include a CTA leading deeper into the store as well.

I think the Beatnik style is the most unique but also the toughest to customize. The all-grey background isn’t the norm for most ecommerce shops and it can look tacky.

On the other hand the Salt Yard style is somewhat generic but customized enough to work well for any scenario. The top navigation is super clean and it’s one of the easiest menus to use out of any premium theme.

If you like Symmetry’s designs then I give it a big thumbs up. Just be sure you can work with these predefined styles, or at least have some knowledge on how to change their features in the Shopify admin panel.

19. Parallax

parallax premium shopify theme

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If you want diversity in your theme then Parallax is sure to please. It comes with four very diverse styles that can range from homemade crafts to more commercial products and even single-page Kickstarter type products.

All four styles are brilliant and they can span pretty much any product. Madrid works best for individual product sites while Los Angeles works best for more “generic” stores that sell anything from clothing to ironing boards.

Parallax uses large parallax photos to divide the homepage into sections. These photo areas can be customized or even removed as needed to fit with your site’s design.

This is one of the most malleable themes and with four unique styles I think it offers the strongest bang for your buck.

20. Expression

expression shopify theme

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If you want a lively store theme then Expression is the perfect choice. It has four styles that all have their own twist on the design, yet they all feel coherent and follow mainstream design trends.

My favorite style is Oxford because it can work for just about any shop. It has a clear search bar, a prominent sliding carousel, and solid lists of thumbnails for great products. The Innovate style is similar but uses brighter colors and more specific product widgets on the homepage.

You have full creative control over this theme and you can change the homepage to list product grids or to list products based on categories(newest, cheapest, hot sellers, etc).

If you want a theme that’s loud and draws attention then Expression will not disappoint.

Picking a Theme

Once you have an idea for your shop it’ll be easier to pick a theme that feels right based on the products and subject matter. But not all themes are created equal so be sure to look closely at features & design specs.

This guide should offer a huge jump start on your way to picking a theme for your Shopify site. And if you have any other suggestions for awesome themes that I missed feel free to share in the comments area below.

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