Best Responsive Conference & Event WordPress Themes

Launching your own conference website on WordPress is the easiest way to go. You have so many great themes to pick from and there’s a design for practically every topic from tech conferences to creative meetups and everything inbetween.

If you’re in charge of designing a conference website then I highly recommend these fully responsive WP themes.

They’re all incredibly detailed and come out of the box with all the features you’ll need. Plus these themes make it easy for event organizers to log in and make changes on their own without any tech background.

Sungit Lite

sungit lite wp theme

The Sungit Lite theme is a great place to start if you want something free and easy to use. It features the typical hero header along with a strong responsive navigation that runs on any mobile device.

You can use this theme for other events like concerts or meetups too. But it works especially well for conferences where you want to list out the scheduled speakers, ticket prices, hotel/flight accommodations, and other related information.

It’s not one of the fanciest themes but since you can get the lite version for free it’s worth looking into.

Although there is a paid version if you want extra styles and default features. But you can get by with the lite version just fine and launch a kick-ass conference site without any worry.

Fudge Lite

fudge lite wp theme

The Fudge Lite theme is another example of a free WordPress layout made specifically for conferences.

Naturally it is fully responsive and designed for all browser resolutions. The navigation menu folds up nicely and it even supports dropdown links if you need them. Although I find this theme to work better in a minimalist style.

If your conference site only has a few pages then this is the best theme you could start with. Since it’s free you’ll need to do some customizing to get it looking like the demo preview.

But with the right photos and all the proper event information you should have a beautiful website up in no time.

Conference Pro

conference pro theme

To dive right into the higher end of WP’s theme library check out Conference Pro.

This is no doubt one of the best conference/event themes you can get. It comes from the Showthemes library which is full of these kinds of WP themes. They’re also one of the best WP theme makers out there and since they specialize in event-style designs they know their way around WordPress APIs.

With the Conference Pro theme you get a complete frontend GUI editor which lets clients & event organizers edit the site. This way they can change dates, pricing, scheduled speakers, and whatever else needs updating over time.

Plus this theme connects naturally into sales platforms like Eventbrite, Tickera, or WooCommerce. This way you can easily sell tickets however you want and connect sales links right into the theme.

I’ll cover a few more of their themes in this list but you can also compare their features using this table. It’s surprisingly accurate and one of the easiest ways to figure out what’s best for you.

In my eyes Conference Pro is the best for a physical conference with speakers, scheduled events, and international attendees.


mondree wordpress theme

One more event-style theme you might like is Mondree. Again this comes from Showthemes and this one’s a bit cheaper than the others.

Yet it still comes with a lot of the same(or similar) features like an improved page editor, social media integration, and countdown timers for ticket releases or event dates.

One big reason I like this theme is the detailed event management. You’ll find this in most Showthemes designs and it’s one of the best reasons to go with their styles.

In the WP backend you can manage who’s speaking, who’s attending those talks, and how much space you have for workshops. Typically this info would be handled externally but now you can save it via WordPress too.

The theme itself is only $79 but you can get longer support & setup for an extra fee.


januas wp conference theme

Running a conference with many different events at the same time? Then check out Januas which is the first theme of its kind to support this feature in WordPress.

You can use this for two equally valuable setups:

  • Creating different exhibits at the same event
  • Hosting different events in different cities all on one website

Larger events like SmashingConf are a good example of events that run multiple times per year.

With this theme you get the same features as other Showtheme designs, but with the added bonus of managing multiple events in one place. A great choice for conferences managed by one company or worldwide confs that run in different locations.


eventum wp theme

Out of all the colorful and wacky event themes out there none compare to Eventum.

This is a full conference management theme that gives you control over the content for speakers, events, workshops, and timelines for tickets(including early bird pricing).

You can setup the homepage with a countdown ticker and a CTA button to get visitors further engaged with the site. I also like the fixed navbar that scrolls along with the visitor.

It features a bright orange “buy” button that’s sure to grab attention. This theme is practically optimized for sales so it’s not just great for usability, but also for marketing.

Take a peek at the demo on ThemeForest and see what you think. It’s basically a perfect solution for any conference regardless of subject matter and it’s super easy to customize.


infinite wordpress theme

I’m not always a fan of WP themes that come with dozens of different layouts. But with Infinite the design is actually quite good and the responsive techniques work flawlessly.

Just note this theme is not inherently a conference theme. It’s just a regular WordPress theme which has a conference demo layout included with 20+ other theme styles.

This certainly doesn’t make it bad and you should look into the demo page to see what you think.

But I’d mostly recommend this for anyone who could use the license for demoing other themes. It’s not just a conference design, although the conference style is pretty solid.

Grand Conference

grandconf wordpress theme

Now here’s a WP theme that comes with many variations where they all focus on conference layouts.

I had trouble finding a theme like this but I knew there’d be at least one. Grand Conference is a fantastic choice if you go with ThemeForest and the design comes with dozens of custom layouts.

You can select from fullpage hero headers, smaller header photos, grid layouts, opt-in field headers, and plenty of other demo designs.

This way you’re not just buying a single theme. You’re buying a theme with dozens of custom layouts each tailored to a different event. Some work better for music festivals, others work better for corporate conferences.

But either way this event theme is the tops and should be on your list of viable options to pick up.


ventcamp wordpress theme

The Ventcamp theme is a much simpler design and this one only comes with 4 demos. But what it lacks in variety it makes up for with a customizable page editor.

On the backend you can edit every page with a live visual editor. This means you can drag & drop elements or change text right from the page itself. Pretty cool!

This also comes with support for a bunch of other cool features:

  • Full access to Google Fonts
  • 1600+ free icons
  • Contact form integration
  • Supports multiple languages

The live customizer is real easy to use and it’s one of the best you’ll find at this price. Granted there are better WP editor plugins but they don’t always work with custom themes.

Check out Ventcamp and see what you think. If the customizer feels like a fit then definitely grab a copy of this theme.


eventr wordpress singlepage conference

Looking for a simple one-page theme? Then look no further cause Eventr has everything you need for a great single page conference website.

The default hero header image is gorgeous but you can easily change this with photos from your event. It uses custom Google fonts for unique typography and the navigation is super clean.

It stays fixed while you scroll which makes this even easier to navigate, especially on mobile. But since it’s a single page design you only need one navigation tier(no dropdowns) because there aren’t any internal pages.

But the nav links use pretty scrolling so when you click a link it animates down to that page section rather than doing quick jumps.

Not to mention it comes with all the features you’d need for a conference: speakers, daily schedules, pricing info, venue info, hotel recommendations, conference testimonials and even a photo gallery. All fully responsive too!


mievent responsive wordpress theme

Another single-page design you might like is the MiEvent theme. This isn’t perfect and I don’t particularly like the forced scrolling animation change.

But it does feature many other great animations like on-scroll visibility for event features and icons. This adds some elegance to the theme and you don’t need to do anything to get these animations working.

Some people may find this annoying because it requires scrolling to actually view the page. Others may love it since this breathes life into the layout.

Nothing wrong with either opinion but I will say that MiEvent is not for everyone.

Check out the live demo and see what you think. If it meshes with your goals then definitely consider grabbing a copy.


evnt wordpress event theme

With the Evnt theme you can choose to run a single page design or run it with multiple pages(including dropdown navigation).

This makes it far more versatile than other choices and it still features a lot of the same design accents. Large hero headers, countdown timers, and tabbed scheduling are all included among many other default features.

And once you install this theme it comes with a one-click demo install that autopopulates pages for you. This is an excellent way to launch a conference site fast and test how the theme should look with content.

From there you can go through and delete pages, change content, and restyle the demo to suit your needs.

Great for anyone who wants to launch their own conference website but doesn’t know how to edit WordPress themes.


eventim wordpress conference theme clean

If you want something a little more unique then Eventim is worth checking out.

It’s definitely not the “norm” for conference pages but it’s a gorgeous theme with two main styles: one for business events and another for larger conferences.

These demos include many variations where you can style single-page layouts or repurpose the homepage to focus more on the speakers, workshops, event signup dates, or all three.

Eventim uses a lot of animated effects so if you’re not big on that you probably won’t like the theme. But it is really clean and naturally responsive so it should work fine on any mobile device.

But regarding “extra” features I can’t say Eventim is the best choice.

I mostly recommend this for WP users who know their way around a theme. This makes an excellent base for customizing the layout and adding/removing features to get the perfect design.


planup wordpress theme

PlanUp is another fairly unique theme for conference & event websites. It uses a gorgeous header style with a unique navigation hover effect to boot.

Take a peek at the single page demo to get an idea. Again this hijacks user scrolling which I really don’t like, but if you know how to edit CSS/JS then you can easily remove this.

What I like most is the default style for every component on the page. From the photo slideshow to the venue registration everything just feels natural and blends perfectly into the design.

It’s one of the best event themes with a funky layout that really does work well.

The event scheduling feature even lets you add a vertical timeline design so you can show workshops and scheduling in real time. Definitely not a theme for everyone but if you like the style and the component behaviors then give this a shot.

Either way this post should have something for everyone so take another look and make note of your favorite themes. Once you find a design that fits your conference it’s super easy to get it online, user-focused, and maintained for years to come.

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