Top 20 Responsive Small Business WordPress Themes

Every small business needs a great website and responsive design is the future. When you consider that WordPress also powers 25% of the Internet you’ll realize why responsive WordPress themes are the best choice for most companies.

But browsing through thousands of themes can be a hassle. That’s why I’ve curated this gallery of the best 20 responsive WordPress themes made for small businesses.

Whether you work in a trade, sell a household product, run a restaurant or offer services online, I guarantee there’s a theme here that’ll work for you.

1. Clean Business

clean business theme

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The free Clean Business theme is one of the best starting points for any company. The theme uses a large fullscreen hero image and gets frequent updates from the developers.

This is also one of the newest WordPress themes on the market and it’s tailor-made as a small business design.

You can use this for any service company, an online agency, or even a brick and mortar store. With a slim minimalist style and lots of custom pages you have full control over the design and the style of this theme.

2. Evolution

evolution theme

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If you’re looking for more features then consider the Evolution theme with 4 distinct layouts all based on responsive design principles.

It’s fully compatible with all modern browsers including mobile browsers. The navigation menu supports multi-leveled dropdown links including the responsive navigation for mobile users. It also supports a custom blog layout so your business can publish relevant content for your customers.

Plus this theme comes with Elegant Themes’ customizer interface for adjusting colors, spacing, type, and pretty much anything else you like.

3. Divi

divi wp theme

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Another very popular theme is Divi which includes a custom page builder. This is perhaps the #1 best WordPress theme you can get for any small-to-midsize business.

You’ll have dozens of default layouts to pick from each with custom options and a live page builder. You can swap photos, colors, buttons, padding, and customize the design in real time. You can literally interact with the page while viewing it to update text, images, and video(no code required).

Most business owners don’t know how to code so a theme like Divi can be a lifesaver.

You’ll have access to all the best features without becoming reliant on the typical WordPress backend.

4. Counter

counter theme

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Restaurants and coffee shops may prefer the Counter theme available for free. This offers a minimalist design with a very simple navigation menu and a custom header image section.

Because this theme is so simple you’ll probably want to add plenty of photos and written copy. It’s also worth browsing other cafe websites to find inspiration & ideas to use in your own site.

And while Counter is primarily made for restaurant/cafe/food service businesses, this certainly isn’t the only viable market. Whether you run a barber shop or a local glass company the Counter theme can work well.

5. Chameleon

chameleon theme

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What I like most about the Chameleon theme is the defined texture and layout style. This is by far one of the coolest themes on the market if you’re looking to employ content marketing into your business.

This theme’s blog section is superb and it offers the strongest design to market your posts online. But this doesn’t detract from the natural homepage layout or the inner pages.

I think Chameleon works best for creative work like advertisers, art studios, or digital design agencies. But with a name like “chameleon” it should be obvious this theme can blend in with any company.

6. Infinity

infinity pro theme

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I recently found the Infinity Pro theme and was immediately amazed by the attention to detail. StudioPress creates some amazing themes but Infinity is the absolute best for business.

It comes with a custom homepage design with gorgeous fading animations and a large fullscreen header image. You can also list extra features linking to pages with templates that most businesses need:

  • Online shop
  • About the Team
  • Product landing page
  • Contact Us

All the fancy animations might feel like too much for a trade business like plumbing or landscaping.

But I think the overall design and structure of this theme is beyond incredible and well worth the cost for business owners who like the style.

7. Business Prime

business prime theme

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I’ll admit Business Prime is one of the more niche specific themes in this list. It can feel a bit too “corporate” and stodgy for a small business.

However it does work as expected and visitors will have no trouble traversing your webpage. The navigation is clean and easy to customize with WordPress menus in the header and footer.

Plus you can add features of your business as selling points into the header to attract attention from potential clients.

8. Agency

agency wp theme

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Agency can feel hipster-esque in design but it does follow common design patterns for modern websites. It also has a few animation effects along with single page layouts for interlinking all your content together on the homepage.

If you need to add a portfolio onto your website then this theme is perfect. The portfolio feature is real easy to customize and it lets you add full case studies along with each entry.

Some people like the simpler portfolio galleries but I prefer the StudioPress design style. It works for any creative agency but also fits well for wedding photographers, home decorators, or anyone else who can sell their work via finished photos.

9. Genesis

genesis framework

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While it’s technically true that the Genesis framework is not a theme, it does come with a ton of features that blend well with all other StudioPress themes.

You can work directly in Genesis to create any type of site you like. Many bloggers use Genesis because it offers complete control over the navigation, typography, color scheme, and page setup. This can also work for business owners, but learning Genesis takes a bit of time.

If you’re up for the challenge then I do recommend nabbing the Genesis framework for your site. If you’re willing to dig into the platform you’ll learn a lot and feel incredibly comfortable using this same framework for other sites too.

10. AgentPress

agentpress pro theme

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Real estate is a huge industry and there’s plenty of money to be made working as an agent.

If you nab the AgentPress theme you can setup a kick-ass website for yourself to draw attention to your work and hopefully attract new clients.

This theme is technically made for larger agencies that list homes in the nearby area. However you have free reign to customize the design by adding homes you’ve sold in the past, testimonials from clients, or anything similar that might push your services.

AgentPress is also one of the simpler minimalist themes in this list so it’s perfect for adding big HD photos to bring attention to the products(the homes) along with your sales skillset.

11. Restaurant and Cafe

restaurant and cafe theme

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Back to the food & restaurant style we have a theme called Restaurant and Cafe. It’s a free WordPress theme using a single-page scrolling technique to keep visitors on the site for longer.

The live demo of this theme on WordPress’ directory is vastly different than the official demo. When you setup all the custom features, the header image, and all the content you’ll have one bad-ass restaurant site with all the best features you could ever ask for.

Note you will need to grab lots of photographs either showcasing your food, the restaurant interior, or a little of both. These assets help sell the environment and bring attention to your business through tangible photos.

12. Blanche

blanche theme wp

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So many people are launching their own clothing lines and Blanche is a great free theme you can use to get started. This is the “Blanche Lite” theme so it’s scaled back from the premium version which comes with tons of extras.

Both versions are fully responsive and they both support header photos and large typography. But the homepage on the Blanche premium theme is fully customizable and easy to update. And the premium theme comes with optional layouts for masonry grids, multiple sidebars, and custom page widgets for the homepage.

If you have a fashion brand I absolutely recommend this theme. And if you’re willing to dish out a bit extra you will not be disappointed buying the premium design.

13. Telesis

telesis theme

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Single page websites work best for businesses that don’t have much content. And Telesis offers the cleanest single-page design I’ve found.

It feels like this theme was made special for businesses who want a crisp single page design with breakpoints between content. Each section of the page can be designed with different colors, type, and backgrounds(either solid or photographs).

I highly recommend Telesis if you dig the single-page design and like the layout style.

14. Wellness

wp wellness theme

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For a solid blog+corporate combo the Wellness theme cannot be beat. It doesn’t feel like a typical health/fitness theme but it can give off that vibe.

I really like the simplistic layout and the large typography. Wellness places focus on images and even on smaller devices the photos still take precedence. Along with the sweet blog design you also get eCommerce features built right into the theme. Pretty cool!

If you like the idea of launching your own style website then consider the Wellness theme as your first pick.

15. Showcase

showcase theme

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Creative artists, designers, agencies, copywriters, or anyone in business for themselves will adore the Showcase theme. It has a clean design that feels natural for any creative professional.

But it also comes with UX-oriented features like CTA buttons and an email newsletter subscription box. You can choose to add whichever features you like at your discretion since they all operate as WordPress widgets.

I don’t think this theme makes as much sense for hands-on service companies like electricians. But any digital field or any product-based company can find a lot of value in the Showcase theme.

16. Eight Sec

eight sec theme

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Regardless of what your business does I guarantee the Eight Sec theme can fit perfectly. The design is incredible: custom animations, adjustable layouts, fullpage header photo, and did I mention it’s totally free?

This design was made by 8degree themes and is released in full under the GPL license. It comes with 8 homepage sections and 3 different blog layouts, not to mention all the different page styles.

Eight Sec should remain free forever and it’s frequently updated by the 8degree dev team. So if you want a secure theme that can blend nicely with any company then check out what this has to offer.

17. 47street

wp 47street theme

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Another sweet pick from 8degree is their well-designed 47street theme. It uses black and white contrast to keep the layout simple and easy to use.

In the header you have full reign to setup an active slideshow with photos, videos, or any graphics you choose. The header stays fixed throughout the site so as the user scrolls they’ll have direct access to the navigation.

Plus 47street comes with many features like pricing tables, a team member’s list, custom carousels, and a custom contact form(among others).

18. SKT Condimentum

condimentium theme

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Tech businesses from IT firms to consultants should look into SKT Condimentum as a free theme design. It’s one of the best free themes I’ve seen that places a slant on the tech crowd.

Even if you don’t know how to design websites you’ll be able to work wonders using this theme. It’s completely free to setup and real easy to customize with the powerful WordPress editor. It also supports all the typical UX features like dropdown menus and CTA buttons.

Condimentum does have a premium version if you like the added features including premium plugins, extra documentation, support, and free installation from SKT.

But if you’re okay to run this yourself them the free version is also fantastic.

19. Perfect

perfect wp theme

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Of all the themes offered by SKT I think their Perfect theme is the most versatile. It comes with literally over 30 different styles made for careers like fitness, fashion, interior, music, event planning, and general business(among many others).

You can see a full list of all demos on this page and it’s pretty clear that Perfect is their top seller.

It is fully responsive and every unique style comes as a pack with Perfect. So when you get the Perfect theme you get access to all 30+ homepage designs and all additional features like sliders and CTA buttons.

But one thing I don’t like is the custom scrolling effect. This is usually frowned upon by web designers, however the scroll-to design style is increasingly popular on business websites. If you like this scrolling effect then you’ll definitely like the Perfect theme.

20. Fusion

fusiontheme wordpress

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Last but certainly not least is the Fusion theme. It’s a tech-oriented theme with glossy effects, shiny gradients, and tons of promo features to build visitor trust from your homepage.

Fusion comes with a top carousel feature including a call-to-action button and a features list near the bottom. This also includes a small list of client testimonials and recent blog posts. Fusion has a brilliant color scheme that really stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Because of these bright colors it might not be the perfect choice for every business.

But if you’re going for something with pizzazz beyond neutral grays then Fusion can work wonders on your business website.

Wrapping Up

This list is full of amazing themes each with their own features and design styles. But if you’re looking for one theme that can blend with all businesses then I absolutely recommend the Divi theme.

It comes with dozens of custom features and a live page builder for making quick changes & adding new pages with ease.

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