Top 12 YouTube Channels To Learn About WordPress

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You can learn so much with online tutorials. The vast majority are totally free and they cover topics ranging from WordPress to backend coding and even custom webapp development.

But did you know there’s a whole bunch of channels all focused on WordPress? These mostly offer free how-to guides and intros for beginners, but there are plenty of tech channels on YouTube as well.

So whether you’re a new programmer or someone with years of experience, this list has something for you. And it’s a great place to start learning the ropes of WordPress no matter what your skill level.

YouTube Channels About WordPress

Let’s Build WP

Lets Build WP

I’ve often frequented YouTube for handy dev tutorials and there’s one channel that sticks out: Let’s Build WP.

This great channel focuses on a variety of WordPress topics from basic HTML/CSS coding for themes, to editing the admin panel backend to suit your needs. Not to mention everything else inbetween that a real WP user should know.

All of their videos are totally free and their video thumbnail images are a real hoot. These tuts make learning fun and easy, even for those who are not exactly inclined towards technology.

I’ve often said WordPress is the best choice for the majority of websites because it’s easy, secure, and managed by a huge team. But there’s one more reason to use it: the community of educators and developers who freely share their knowledge.

We need more channels like Let’s Build WP offering free knowledge and free information to everyone.

This is just one example of many that I would highly recommend bookmarking. You may not enjoy every video here but you’ll likely find plenty to enjoy if you browse long enough.

WordPress Official YouTube Channel

WordPress official YouTube Channel

I’m a bit hot and cold with the official WordPress YouTube. On the one hand, it’s created by the WP team so the content is quite authoritative.

On the other hand, it’s a really small channel and many of the videos aren’t exactly “tutorials”, but rather talks and presentations about the state of WordPress.

This is great for anyone who wants to delve into the WP ecosystem and keep up with the pulse of WordPress development. But it is perhaps a little much for someone who isn’t familiar with the platform or how to code on it.

Still, there’s good reason why this is placed near the top of my list: it’s a great channel.

I’m a big fan of the work done by the WordPress team and this is a channel you should definitely check out if you have the experience. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-watch until you really have some background with the CMS.

But it is worth checking out at some point because these talks get well into advanced subjects like flexbox layouts, ecommerce on WP, and even yearly talks by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg.


Wpbeginner page

Who hasn’t heard of WPBeginner?

They’re basically the authoritative body in the WordPress space covering topics on absolutely everything. Want to setup your own ecommerce shop? Or how about making your own custom widget or plugin?

The WPBeginner team has written guides on all those topics plus a whole lot more. And many of them you can find in video form on their YouTube channel packed full of educational content.

One thing that really stands out is these videos are high quality and so easy to watch.

It’s one of the main selling points that really sets this channel apart from others. I wouldn’t say these topics are incredibly detailed so they may not interest more advanced coders.

But what I do like is the incredibly niche specific solutions you’ll find here. Different videos cover how to create redirects, display random posts, or manage password resets in phpMyAdmin.

Certainly these are more complex topics but not directly related to coding. More like how-to tutorials about intricate management techniques for anyone who runs websites on WordPress.


wp learning lab

Now here’s a channel suited towards a bit more technical stuff, just pushing a little beyond WPBeginner’s videos.

I like the WP Learning Lab channel for its ingenuity on various topics and its level of detail. It does feel a lot like WPBeginner in style of content and manner of presentation.

But what you’ll find is a nice mix of topics ranging from a basic Flywheel installation to a bunch of guides on integrating WooCommerce plugins and so much more.

And if you’re somewhat new to WordPress there are some basic tutorials in here if you dig around. Really I’d argue the Learning Lab channel is aimed towards intermediate WP users or more advanced users with complex problems to solve.

This makes it a great channel to bookmark and come back to at a later date.


wp tuts youtube

The cleverly named WPTuts channel offers pretty much what the name implies: a handful of WordPress tutorials.

Many of these guides range from 10-15 minutes in length with a good variety of topics covered. You’ll find tutorials on creating custom page templates, designing your own login forms, and how to work with various plugins.

Best of all these videos are super clear and easy to follow regardless of your background.

I think clarity is the most important part of any video series. People watch videos because they’re clearer than written words, so that’s exactly what you should get with these kinds of how-to guides.

Check out the WPTuts library and see what you can find. You may like it, or you may not find anything of interest.

Either way it’s worth a gander.


learn web code youtube channel

Now I know the LearnWebCode YouTube channel is not specifically designed with a focus on WordPress.

With that said, they do cover a lot of WordPress coding tutorials and many of them are incredibly powerful. I would absolutely recommend subscribing to this channel and giving it your full attention if you’re just getting into WP theming or development.

Yet this channel offers a bunch of similar videos with similar quality content, all of which you’re guaranteed to love.

If you already have a background in coding then certainly check this out. Some of the more advanced WP tutorials will be particularly skin tingling.

Tuts+ WP

tutsplus wp page

I’ve always enjoyed the Tuts+ library. It’s got thousands of free tutorials and even some premium videos all released on their platform.

But they also spend time publishing videos that you can watch and follow along if you prefer the visual teaching style.

Enter the Tuts+ WP channel, a free YouTube channel full of their freemium videos all on WordPress development.

Tuts+ is known as a coding and design website so it’s not exactly the place you’d go to learn the simplest WordPress setup techniques.

Instead you’ll find videos on designing an adaptive blog theme and how to code it all from scratch. Their multi-part series is fairly short lived but it covers a lot of the fundamentals you’ll want to know when coding your own WP themes.

WordPress Magic

wordpress magic

Some of you will probably be looking for a very simplistic channel covering simpler WordPress topics. Read: the basics.

That’s pretty much what you’ll get with WordPress Magic, a great channel offering bountiful explanations and how-tos on even the simplest WordPress tasks.

Need to know how to install a plugin? Or how about editing a page template style?

It’s all here in video form with about a dozen videos at the time of writing. The channel dates back around 2 years and their most recent video was published about 6 months ago.

So it doesn’t seem like they update all too often, yet they are updating. Might be worth a subscription if you want notifications on their newest uploads.


Katrinah youtube page

Designer and developer Katrinah publishes a ton of valuable advice on her YouTube channel.

There’s also a lot of great stuff on her website but I’m quite fond of these videos, especially the ones you get in her series on WordPress.

Recently she published a lengthy 90-minute video tutorial titled the WordPress MasterClass. And let me say, the name is quite fitting.

But you’ll also find many shorter videos in this collection as well. No need to be glued to your seat for 90 minutes if you don’t have that kinda time!

Some other topics relate to personal branding, setting up custom pricing tables, and how to include CTAs on your webpages.

Most tutorials relate to WordPress, although some are just on general web topics.

But they’re all worth checking out if you’re trying to improve your web skills.


WP Crafter youtube

There’s a lot to love on the WPCrafter channel.

Although most of the recent videos talk about plugin reviews and installation settings, there are some more general how-tos if you filter through the site’s content a bit

I’m really pleased with the quality on many of these videos. They actually feel like they’re aimed to teach and the content is superb.

Even for more experienced users, you can still learn a lot by watching the tutorials covering different plugins like Elementor or the CDN speed results video series.

I’d generalize WPCrafter as a channel made for WordPress enthusiasts who want to push their knowledge into unchartered territory.

Granted not everyone cares about these obscure plugins or very specific comparison review videos. But for anyone who does: you’ll really like what you find here.

The WordPress Workspace

wordpress workspace

The WordPress Workspace is a very small YouTube channel with videos dating back around a year.

It doesn’t have many subscribers although it does get updated pretty frequently. I’d argue this channel is well worth the time digging through, even though many of the videos are under 10 minutes long.

Most of these tutorials solve a very specific problem. Adding a booking form, adding a contact form, using Facebook pixels, stuff like that.

I’m not sure how often the channel plans to update since it is pretty small. But this is just one of a handful of channels that focus specifically on WordPress with a target audience of more intermediate-level users.

If you’re looking to pick up some cool hacks or tips for WordPress then dig around these videos and see what you can find.


wpmu dev youtube

The team at WPMU DEV have been publishing written content about WordPress for years. And it’s all pretty darn useful.

But it wasn’t until recently that I found their YouTube channel. This offers a bunch of totally free videos covering some of the basics of WordPress coding, along with more intermediate-to-advanced topics for those with experience.

If you’re looking to use WordPress as a general website management tool then you might not need a lot of this content. But if you want to learn how to code for WordPress then you’ll really enjoy what WPMU has to offer.

I’ve always enjoyed their written tutorials and I still swear by them for anyone trying to learn.

But some people just prefer watching videos and learning from an instructor(digital or otherwise). That’s why I definitely recommend this channel for anyone getting into programming in a PHP/MySQL environment.

It’s not super easy to just pick up WordPress on your own. Yes the system is pretty well organized and there are some great docs on the web. But nothing compares to having a great teacher and that goes double for the WPMU videos on their channel.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Channels About WordPress

Now all of these channels are 100% free to watch and they mostly all update on a regular basis. There are some channels that haven’t updated for 6-12 months, although they do publish content from time to time.

Even if you don’t subscribe to any of these I still think you’re likely to find some great content that you can bookmark for later.

There’s never been a better time to get into WordPress with so much free content online. And these video lessons just prove that if you have the time and dedication, there’s enough content out there to help you learn.

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