17 Boho Color Palette Ideas (with Hex Codes)

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Boho Color Palettes

Are you looking to add trendy bohemian flair to your graphic design projects? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll explore the world of boho color palettes and how to use them.

From muted neutrals and earthy hues to jewel tones and pops of color, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you want vibrant energy or something more subtle, this guide has everything you need to bring out your free-spirited and unconventional vibe.

Boho Color Palette Ideas

The boho design style celebrates freedom and creativity. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, music, and fashion, boho design mixes elements of different cultures and time periods to create unique looks that are both eclectic and timeless.

It’s all about embracing the unexpected by combining natural textures, earthy colors, patterns, shapes, and vintage materials in new ways. From earthy tones to bold pops of color, vintage-inspired prints to modern minimalism; bohemian design is always full of character! A boho look will work for you whether you’re looking for something whimsical or more structured.

To help you, we’ve curated this collection of boho color palette ideas inspired by some beautiful boho-style images. Each palette includes hex codes so you can easily implement them into your projects. Read on to find the perfect color scheme for your next project.

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Boho Chic

Boho Chic Color Palette

Colors: #b5aa92, #f3ebdf, #beb6ab, #e7ceb8, #191814

This palette mixes tan, creamy white, beige, light sand, and black. It’s perfect for creating an upscale look with a hint of vintage charm. Use this palette for branding projects, fashion campaigns, or any design that needs a warm, inviting feel. 

Boho Beauty

Boho Beauty Color Palette

Colors: #c1a587, #8e1c17, #adbeb9, #815c38, #d9c6b5

This boho color scheme features neutral colors like rich browns and tans, paired with pops of red and pale blue for a touch of color. Perfect for designs that evoke romance or classical beauty, this palette is ideal for wedding and lifestyle branding.

Mystic Moods

Mystic Moods Color Palette

Colors: #665542, #22170e, #d9d3cc, #97a2b6, #917152

Shades of brown, black, corn blue, and off-white make up this moody palette. This color scheme creates a sense of mystery and intrigue — perfect for creating magical designs. Use it to give your projects an air of sophistication and luxury.

Rustic Revival

Rustic Revival Color Palette

Colors: #5e4527, #926e3d, #969281, #bfb9ab, #d7dbda

This bohemian color palette combines natural tones, like shades of brown, taupe, greige, and off-white for a homey feel. Use it to give your designs an inviting warmth — perfect for creating cozy brand identities or seasonal campaigns. Try it for projects like home décor, rustic weddings, or outdoor adventure designs.

Bohemian Bliss

Bohemian Bliss Color Palette

Colors: #4c1e09, #cda67b, #5c8763, #333a20, #afa790

Bring some vibrant energy to your projects with this boho-inspired color palette! Featuring dark browns and tans, paired with boho green, dark olive, and beige — this palette is perfect for designs that need a bold statement, such as fashion campaigns, music posters, or branding with a youthful edge.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes Color Palette

Colors: #1b1b1f, #a06c45, #6f6550, #cfc7b3, #aba798

Create an old-school vibe with this palette of black, brown, and shades of gray. Perfect for vintage projects like logo designs, menus, or retro posters — this palette will give your projects a timeless feel.

Tribal Treasure

Tribal Treasure Color Palette

Colors: #7c573d, #cabbaa, #a24f2f, #1c120c, #2f4758

This color scheme captures the spirit of adventure! Featuring browns, tans, rust, black, and navy blue, this palette is perfect for designs that need a strong dose of energy. use it to liven up projects such as travel photography or fashion brands with an outdoorsy aesthetic.

Desert Mirage

Desert Mirage Color Palette

Colors: #77593d, #968672, #b88c66, #586424, #dce0e1

This palette of browns, olive green, and white will add a touch of the wild to your designs. It’s perfect for creating projects with an exotic feel, such as fashion campaigns or desert-themed branding. It’s a great choice for businesses like yoga studios, outdoor adventure companies, or fashion boutiques.

Earthy Elements

Earthy Elements Color Palette

Colors: #413523, #c8c9ca, #576d6f, #8d9577, #c5ac88

Bring the outdoors inside with this palette of deep brown, light gray, muted blue and green, and tan. Perfect for creating a sense of tranquility and calm, it’s a great choice for projects such as spa and resort logos or nature-inspired branding. Use it to bring a sense of relaxation and peace to any project.

Folklore Fusions

Folklore Fusions Color Palette

Colors: #29292b, #7b7d89, #d9b9ad, #b97f36, #dddfde

Create a sense of tradition with this palette of black, gray, pale peach, rusty orange, and off-white. It’s perfect for designs that need a hint of nostalgia — such as fashion campaigns or vintage posters. Try it for projects like antique shops or traditional restaurants.

Wanderlust Whimsy

Wanderlust Whimsy Color Palette

 Colors: #7f200c, #ba541c, #d2b79a, #a47d52, #7b542b

This vibrant palette combines shades of red, orange, sand, and browns. Perfect for projects that need bold energy — such as event posters or branding campaigns. Use the bold colors in this palette to bring life to design projects for travel companies or outdoor adventure businesses.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Color Palette

Colors: #423226, #6b5f50, #beb6ab, #53544b, #8c745d

This earthy palette of dark brown, greige,  charcoal gray, and brown will give your designs a natural feel. Perfect for designs that need an organic touch, such as fashion campaigns or outdoor branding. This color scheme is ideal for businesses like coffee shops or eco-friendly brands.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Color Palette

Colors: #9d6c54, #d1d3d4, #aa9488, #b8b2af, #0b6f81

The beautiful colors in this palette of tan, white, gray, and bold teal will give your designs a dreamy atmosphere. It’s perfect for projects that call for a subtle hint of whimsy, such as event posters or logo designs. Try this palette for businesses like art galleries or those in the music industry.

Artisan Adventure

Artisan Adventure Color Palette Color Palette

Colors: #4c3f2d, #69634f, #f3db94, #a7a3a3, #e8e0d8

This chic color palette brings together shades of deep browns, pale yellow, gray, and warm white. It’s a great choice for designs that need a handmade aesthetic, such as projects for artisan markets or craft shops.

Dreamer’s Delight

Dreamer's Delight

Colors: #627ca0, #4d423c, #7c7c6f, #cbc6cd, #a08888

This bohemian style palette of blue, deep brown, green, light beige, and taupe will give your designs that easy-breezy boho vibe. Perfect for projects that call for some modern whimsy — such as logo designs or lifestyle branding. Try Dreamer’s Delight with businesses like yoga studios or spa retreats.

Indie Inspiration

Indie Inspiration Color Palette

Colors: #6a7153, #9a7c58, #c1b5a7, #e6e7e9, #2e2e30

This palette of earthy tones features dark green, tan, beige, cloud white, and dark gray. Perfect for creating designs that need a hint of vintage charm, such as logo designs or fashion campaigns. Use this palette to give your projects an indie flair — perfect for businesses like record stores or clothing boutiques.

Enchanted Escape

Enchanted Escape Color Palette

Colors: #51433f, #b9b5b4, #b5c8d7, #366f77, #010101

Capture the wonder of the outdoors with this palette of dark brown, pale gray, light blue, bold teal, and black. Perfect for designs that need an adventurous edge such as fashion campaigns or outdoor branding. This palette will give your projects a wild spirit! Try it for travel-related businesses or camping gear shops.

Final Thoughts on Boho Color Palettes

Adding a touch of boho chic to your designs can give them life and character. From natural, earthy tones to vibrant pops of color — there’s a perfect palette for any project.

Whether creating an upscale look or going for something wild and adventurous, these boho color palette ideas will inspire your next design project. Simply copy the hex codes and paste them into your digital file. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite!

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