5 Brilliant Minimal Design Websites with Webydo

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In the very beginning when Internet and websites were only taking off, the web was saturated with widgets, gadgets and other colorful distractions. As the industry progressed and technology evolved, web designers were allowed more creative freedom and the result is all telling: millions of beautifully designed sites that serve one common purpose–bring people to their websites and make them come back for more.

Today, minimalism coupled with subtle yet dynamic design rules the web. With new code-free design platforms such as Webydo, web designers are able to create new, clean, sleek designs. Consequently, designers are empowered to make pixel-perfect designs without having to know a single line of code.

The emphasis of modern web design is subtlety with impressive typography, eclectic color schemes, intuitive UX and UI, and many other elements that bring websites to life. In our incredibly interconnected world, modernity has many definitions. These definitions take many shapes on the canvases of super talented web designers.

As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this means that we need to succumb to the judgement of the people who visit websites. Therefore, we put together a list of list of 5 websites that were created with Webydo’s code-free web design platform. We hope these examples provide you with joy and inspire you to create your own websites. Enjoy!

Yilei Wang

Yilei Wang’s site is textbook minimal design by making the most of white space, imagery, and Spartan elements, work results in easy navigation, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Yilei combines nicely and elegantly retro visuals with current design trends.

Yilei Wang

Hosana Frossard

Hosana Frossard takes a different approach by filling the empty space with eye-pleasing colors. These huge screen-wide images guide the audience through the visually impressive website landscape.

Hosana Frossard

Born Gallery

This art gallery site does a brilliant job conveying a fresh, multi-dimensional feel. The landing page immediately draws attention to the typography, illustrating the fine details of the gallery. The elements float elegantly and superbly in this minimal, yet stylish design.

Lori Ameriton

Yoav Gurin

Yoav Gurin, a professional photographer, created a website with expansive imagery and smart use of angles and shades to give the viewer a sense of depth. The navigation is extremely cool and undoubtedly keeps visitors coming back for more.

Yoav Gurin

Big Blue Roo

This website is full of subtle, yet stylish color choices. The people at this design studio have clearly mastered the concept of minimalism. Instead of a boring gallery, Big Blue Roo shows the user a beautiful potpourri of a variety of works, which seem to be part of the background.

Big Blue Roo

That’s All Folks

As you can see, creating websites with Webydo results in beautifully crafted sites with a personal touch. This platform produces pixel-perfect designs, minimal or not–that’s up to you. Go ahead, give it a try!

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