Building a Freelance Web Design Business, Without Code

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Working as a freelance designer certainly has its ups and downs. On the one hand you have the clients that don’t pay on time and developers giving you back websites looking like something from the 90’s. On the other hand you also get to experience the thrill of seeing your own imagination come to life on a screen for the world to see, not to mention working on your own schedule, whenever and wherever you like.

This is the story of Pete Chadwick, a freelance web designer running his own business (Bunker Design) who, with Webydo, now makes websites 8 times faster, getting 5 more revenue per website and now sees 3 times more client referrals on every project.

Removing Roadblocks to a Successful Web Design Business

Two of the biggest challenges for freelancers are getting work and getting paid. For Pete, it’s no different. The speed at which he can create websites and attract new business are what Pete views as the most critical factors in making this happen. Anything that slows him down, affects his business and livelihood.

Before Webydo, Pete was creating websites by designing in Photoshop, slicing his design and then coding by hand using HTML/CSS in Dreamweaver. This process was timely (often taking 8 – 10 weeks) and complicated. Pete also had to make artistic compromises when it came to executing his design.

He highlighted this struggle explaining, “Because I couldn’t speak HTML fluently, I would literally spend 6 hours looking for an exclamation mark in the code that shouldn’t be there and was messing up my entire website.”

What topped it all off? If Pete needed to make an update, he’d have to go back into the code and do through the whole process all over again because there was no CMS.

Looking for a Platform like Photoshop… but for the Web

There are so, so many options on the market today that can solve the whole code conundrum – Wix, Squarespace and event WordPress templates. Yet, none of these actually do what someone with a visual design background needs, which is act as Photoshop, but for websites.


With the more amateur website builders, there’s a significant lack of customization and the ability to hand off a CMS to clients. Once you venture into the world of front-end solutions, things get complicated again when it comes to updating design without the help of a developer. Moreover, in terms of getting paid, it’s hard to justify a $1,300 price tag for something that is based off of a template and not custom design.

The Solution: A Website Builder FOR Designers

When Pete came across Webydo, he instantly realized that this was the platform for him:


Pete said he saw, very quickly, that “Webydo is a company that understands designers and delivers on those needs every time.”

With its visual design capabilities and built-in business features such as a CMS, client billing and white label branding, Pete knew Webydo had the potential to help him design faster and grow his business. A year and a half later, he is making more money and attracting more clients than ever before.

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