Best Business Analytics Tools You Shouldn’t Miss

The ultimate goal of any business is profit, and a crucial step toward that goal begins with consistent analysis of consumer behavior. For effective analysis, businesses often look to top-notch business analytics tools.

The modern market is saturated with available analytics tools. Available programs vary in price, structure, and user interface. The tool that best fits your needs may differ, depending on your goals, making the final decision a challenge.

If you’ve found yourself wishing you could view and compare analytics programs in one place, wish no more. Below you will find a collection of varying business analytics tools and information regarding each. Already have a favorite business analytic tool? Tell us in the comment section below.


Website optimization tools may be common, but Hotjar sets itself apart. While offering recordings, funnels, form analysis, and feedback polls, Hotjar also allows you to recruit user testers. You have the opportunity to try if for free and receive exceptionally accurate data.  (Editors note: Look familiar? You may have seen our very own Hotjar survey recently, here on Vandelay.  It’s been eye-opening and we definitely found Hotjar useful.)

Viva Report

This helpful tool not only understands your digital channel and web statistics, but Viva Report can also assist you in transferring your information into a more efficient path. This program is easy to use, desktop and mobile friendly, and statistics are shareable with team members.

viva report.jpg


Keboola has built their brand on efficiency, with the time-saving advantage of keeping all business data in one place. This tool allows you to extract necessary data through pre-made or customizable modules, all in a short amount of time.


Google Fusion Tables

Google’s Fusion Tables tool allows you to visualize and analyze your business data quickly and easily. This program allows the use of charts, maps, and infographic customization, based on your own data or thousands of public statistics. Additionally, collected data can be merged and shared simply and effectively.

google fusion.png

Google Analytics

Analytics proves to be another great business analytics tool from Google. While it’s more complex than Google Fusion Tables, Analytics offers a wider range of possibilities. This amazing tool not only allows visitor tracking, but it also explains how and why visitors come to your site specifically. Even more, this program monitors which ads receive the most impressions on your site.


This tool enables you to collect your own data, then compare with competitors, as well as with specific niche data from the internet. This tool’s ability to learn and understand your searches is arguably its best feature. With the ability to pull data from various websites and forums to help you, this program redefines “user-friendly.”

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg provides various features to analyze user activity on your web page, including heat maps, useful insights, and the hot spots on your site. If you are looking for tools to grow your brand, you may want to consider Crazy Egg, especially since it includes an easy set-up and a free trial.

crazy egg.jpg

Decibel Insight

Not unlike Crazy Egg, Decibel Insight offers heat maps, scroll maps, session replay, and CX Analytics. This program goes even further by providing website updates as well as assisting you in making efficient changes for the betterment of your page.

decibel insight.jpg


Zarget is a powerful and user-friendly conversion optimization tool: A/B testing, heat maps, funnel analysis, split URL, click maps, scroll maps, form analysis, and reporting. Zarget even its own Chrome plug-in. Additionally, you do not need any coding experience to use this program, and you can try out the tool completely free.


DTREG is a powerhouse designed for large amounts of data. This service characterizes themselves as “a predictive modeling service,” and its tools can read CVS files, create a decision tree, and provide linear and logistics regression. For any complex, detailed analysis you might need, DTREG is an exceptional choice.



This analytics tool not only measures digital performance, but its features also allow you to analyze your competitors through advanced methods. You can utilize this service to make your site even better.



Chartbeat proves to be a visually appealing tool with real-time audience attention data, multi-platform tracking, historical reporting, content analytics, and much more. This program is perfect for article websites with plenty of content to read. Not only does Chartbeat assist in page optimization, but you can also test the best article names for your content prior to release.



As one of the best tools available today, Mixpanel analyzes your app performance and user experience. This service allows you to visualize and segment your data, bookmark your reports, and receive updates during important growth.



This application performance monitoring (APM) tool can benefit virtually any business, be it small business or large-scale e-commerce. AppNeta is perfect for collecting app performance data as well as monitoring and optimization. You can use this service for synthetic monitoring, diagnostics, and application-aware traffic analysis. Simply put, this is a valuable resource when tracking your program’s health and performance.



Mouseflow tracks your customers in real-time, allowing you to understand your consumer. This tool allows you to know your customers’ patterns and anything that might prevent their visit from converting to a successful sale or subscription. Heat maps, funnels, session replay, and link analytics are also available.



Import data sources and create interactive dashboards with TapClicks. This program is ideal for those invested in marketing and digital media, as TapClicks provides multi-platform integration and the ability to analyze and create various metrics.



Kissmetrics tracks the behavior of each and every customer visiting your page. Integrate Kissmetrics with platforms and apps you use, analyze data and statistics based on demographics, utilize A/B testing, view valuable insights, and improve your page and sales to the max.


Twitter Analytics

Many businesses consider social media to be a vital aspect of marketing. Twitter Analytics allows you to review user engagement and discover your target audience. Most importantly, Twitter Analytics provides you with the tools to use this data for outreach and engagement.
twitter analytics.jpg

Pinterest Analytics

Not unlike Twitter, Pinterest has dominated the social media market for a variety of bloggers. Pinterest Analytics offers a more enhanced view, including data related to repins, likes, clicks, and engagement. This tool also provides more information into your target audience in terms of where they live and what they enjoy most.

pinterest analytics.jpg


While Facebook Insights is widely used, it lacks more the detailed insights Agorapulse can provide. See a comprehensive analysis of your timeline as well as the detailed data of your competitors’ pages.



Olapic began as a way to assist companies in tracking user-generated content for their brand. This service now also offers analytics, and members can track ROI that users create with their content. Olapic is a great choice for those who are both entrepreneur and marketer.



Kyubit is a user-friendly tool that helps analyze and import data from SQL and OLAP databases. With this amazing tool, you will be able to create impressive and robust analysis, make customized interactive dashboards, and view helpful insights.



Sisense is a magnificently powerful business intelligence tool, allowing analysis of highly complex data in a comprehensive format. This tool can load terabytes of data and create beautiful and accurate dashboards and other visuals, not to mention huge SDK and easy API access.



Available for desktop, mobile, and Apple Watch, Databox is a smooth yet powerful tool for analyzing your business. With shareable metrics, informative visualizations, and a beautiful interface, this easy-to-use tool lets you integrate data from multiple sources or through API and SDKs.



Slemma is an online business analytics app created for the purpose of easily and quickly importing your database. This program provides you with the opportunity to receive your data by integrating your account with Google Drive, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. Visualize and customize your dashboards, then share them with your team!

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