30 Business Name Generators to Simplify Your Startup

Choosing a business name isn’t easy. After all, you want a business name that’s meaningful and memorable. You may choose a name that perfectly describes your brand, only to find it’s already taken. You may like a title, but trusted peers advise you against it. You may feel you’re continually returning to the drawing board, time and time again. There are many people seeking advice from thousands of people over social media for their upcoming business. They get confused and are never content with the name of their business. The name of the business should be short, related and easy to pronounce. These tools will suggest the best possible name for your business by going over the whole thesaurus and using other techniques related to human thinking power. 

These business name generator tools are not perfect and you may see many irregular names or unsuitable names. You will be able to find the best match by doing some advanced research. These tools will help you enhance your productivity by enabling you to automate the small tasks and saving up a lot of your time. You do not need to spend much of your precious time in thinking about little things related to your business. You can automate such small tasks using these tools. These tools are the perfect alternative for common sense and intelligence that all the humans possess. Today, artificial intelligence is being used in different careers around the worlds taking the businesses to the next level and saving their time as well. You can name your business in different languages and the way you like to pronounce it by choosing the number of syllables.

Luckily, you’re not the only one who has trouble finding that ideal handle for your brand. That’s why we’ve collected the best business name generators in one place. Try one of the thirty tools below, (or ya know, go crazy and try them all) and save yourself from some hair-pulling. Guaranteed. 

Shopify Business Name Generator


Shopify is a well-known e-commerce business platform perfect for creating and monitoring your e-commerce website. Additionally, it also offers a great tool to help you find your dream business name. Just enter a keyword related to your business, and choose from the results. This generator tool is popular for giving more precise and actual names for the businesses. 

Name Mesh


Name Mesh is mainly focused on startups—fresh businesses looking to be the next big thing. You can enter multiple keywords in a single search. After brainstorming, simply type your keyword and hit “enter.” You will then have the option to choose between standard, new, short, fun, mixed, similar, and SEO-related categories of ideas. 

Cool Name Ideas


Cool Name Ideas is focused on helping you find the perfect name match for your business. Here you’ll find tips, advice, and even different kinds of name generators. Use it to name your blog, product, domain, or business.

Business Name Generator


Are you a worker bee, excited to launch your business right away? If so, this is the generator for you. Simply type 1-2 words, hit “enter,” then receive all available names in less than a minute. Because BNG automatically checks domain availability through GoDaddy, you have a list of ready-to-go options in just a few clicks.



For a creative business name, be sure to try BrandBucket. This generator offers more than 37,000 names already created and generated for you. After you enter descriptive keywords, you’re then able to choose between three lists: all, invented, and keyword.

Go Spaces


Go Spaces helps you start your business by creating a beautifully designed landing page. For starters, feel free to use a simplistic (but very useful!) tool to generate a name for your company. If you like what you see, you can quickly register the domain and start using it.



Panabee is more than a name generator; it’s a collection of name generators. Use the various generators to find the best names for your app, social media account, domain, or company. If your desired name is already taken, choose between similar suggestions. You can also review domain availability and alternatives.

Fresh Books


This site mostly focuses on account software designing, but it also offers the opportunity to use a fun, free, and wonderfully designed tool to generate business names. Fresh Books provides an accurate list of potential names by way of its brilliant feature, which allows you to choose an industry prior to choosing keywords.

Word Lab


Word Lab “names names” by leading numerous discussions, which assist in titling your business. Here you will find support from others, as well as two generators—one for business names and the other one for domain checking.

Hipster Business Name Generator

glass and nickel

This fun, catchy tool for inspiration doesn’t require keywords, only the press of a button. Click “Another!” and read the original (and hipster) business name mystically chosen for you. If you like it, you can instantly buy the domain name (or t-shirt) with the new business name.



Enter keywords that describe your business, and choose between available options. You can also try clicking the “I’m feeling lucky!” button to unveil original names. You can even get a free copy of the book, How to Name Your Business, if the generator leaves you wanting more.

GURU Business Name Generator


As the genie of name generators, GURU asks you to enter keywords by way of cryptic messaging. If you like this shtick, be sure to read GURU’s full story at the bottom of the page. When choosing your business name, enter 1-2 words and choose your industry to get started.

Business Name Generators


Before you start generating names, you can review the huge list of randomly composed business titles for inspiration. If you like a name, you can Google its meaning, simply by pressing the magnifying glass icon. Check domain availability by pressing the planet icon.

Names 4 Brands

business name generator

If you are in need of a complex business name generator, this one is for you. On Names 4 Brands, you can find random word generators for inspiration, a numerology calculator, and a domain name search. All you need in one place.



This generator offers more than 10,000 original business names—go ahead and try it out. Search your business name by category or keyword. The website is very different from the rest, because the names available for browsing are already created (and even branded) for you.

Domain Hero

domain hero

Similar to Brandroot, this business name generator lets you browse already created domain and company names. Domain Hero focuses on creating business names for fresh, modern startups that dream big.

One Click Name


If browsing created brand names is your preference, but Nameroot and Domain Hero aren’t your style, One Click Name is just for you. Describe your business in a few keywords, or choose your industry. Feel free to browse the extensive gallery of domain and business names for inspiration.


dot a mor

Dot-o-Mator is another business naming website with advanced options. Enter selections of your preferred business name, (i.e “Law Offices”) and let the tool generate the rest. You can also check the availability of the domain, or use the iOS app to generate names on the go.



Enter up to 5 words and review your choices. Choose between exact keywords, blends, rhymes, suffixes, modifications, and more. Want inspiration? Click the bottom button and receive hilarious, original names for your product, company, or domain.



NameThingy is a random name generator for domains, blogs, businesses, and more. With a consistent feed of names you can choose from, this generator is perfect for inspiration. You may also generate a name based on your requirements and wishes by pressing the “Options” button on the left. Here you will be able to enter keywords and customize the name.



With this name generator, you can choose options to generate your business name. Enter a keyword, syllable, or letters to find your perfect title. This site makes choosing witty names simple, and you will find great naming tips.



This free tool caters to the tutoring market, specifically helping those who wish to find a title for their tutoring businesses. Use it for inspiration by browsing the selection of names. Unfortunately, Teachworks does not guarantee name uniqueness, so be sure the name is not yet taken or trademarked.



An interesting feature of NameFind is its list of trending business names and domains. For example, if Halloween or a football championship is coming up soon, you will find names related to these events and celebrations. To generate a name, enter a keyword and review the results.



Switchplane is a digital agency, offering a business name generator under its “Awesome” section. Give it a try, and see if it lives up to the “awesome” guarantee. Just enter a keyword that describes your business best. Click “Generate” and browse the options that appear on the left. Switchplane is different from other generators because of its long and original suggestions.



What kind of business are you planning to run? Is it a startup? Website? An entire brand? No matter your business, Getsocio is sure to help. Use one out of three offered generators, and enter as many keywords as you like. Click “Generate names” to receive thousand of options.

Flame Domain

flame domain

Right away, Flame Domain offers randomly selected names available for a business or domain. When you start generating, you have the freedom to select your preferred domain registrar. After selecting your registrar, pick what your domain type will be: random, brandable, niches, input, number, names, and much more.


free latin name genarator

Ornicus works to serve a niche market by generating Latin company names. Ornicus’ unique system works by combining words from the Latin dictionary. You only have one option in your searches, which is the number of preferred vowels. In theory, the fewer vowels you choose, the simpler your name will be.

Name Station

name stations

Although free, Name Station requires registration to use its services. This tool offers a search by keywords, name availability, business, brand, or domain. Name Station allows naming contests as well. You can help others choose a business name, or they can help you.



If name generators aren’t cutting it, there is an alternative. Explore Squadhelp and start a contest. You’ll receive suggestions from naming experts worldwide.

Frozen Lemons

frozen lemons

One alternative is nice, but two alternatives are better. Frozen Lemons is a team of professionals that can name your business within 24 hours. Fill out the form, and choose from a wide variety of options. It’s that simple.


Different business tools can help you to add enormous value to your businesses and all of these tools are not free to use. These name generator tools are specialized with the advanced options that will help you to create a perfect name that you and your audience will admire. Each and eery small details of the business can produce a huge difference and these sites offer tons of matching names for your business according to your desired settings. You can choose to either add a suitable prefix or suffix, length of the name, number of syllables and vowel words, synonyms and other such customizations. These tools have been designed and formulated after gathering the results to examine the way the biggest brands around the world thought of the name of their brand. So, your business can be next big chunk if you use such small tools to suggest the possible names.

These name generator tools generate the names that are really inspirational and these tools can be helpful if you have gone completely numb with the possible name of your company. Just disclose few best names for your business and then choose among them. There is no more need to sweat about the possible names or seek an expert advice as you will come up dozens of best possible matches that are provided according to settings and customizations that you choose.

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