40+ Beautiful New Calligraphy Fonts for Designers

What are the best calligraphy fonts?

The best calligraphy fonts are typefaces that accurately, beautifully, and legibly mimic human writing, typically used to add style, decoration, and emphasis to short texts. In this article, we’ll cover 40 of the most beautiful and free calligraphy fonts for you to use in your upcoming designs.

Having the right fonts is critical to successful design. When you’re in need of a script or calligraphy font, the choices showcased here will provide plenty of variety. Although they are all calligraphy-style fonts, there are different styles represented. The new font designs are calligraphed by adding more curves, increasing or decreasing the thickness of each character, linking different characters in a variety of different ways, using different tools to design a font and such other methods lead to variety of different calligraphy font designs.

Be sure to check the restrictions and license details before using any free font to be sure that you are using it according to the terms.


This calligraphy font design is suitable for all type of works such as posters, article titles or any other work related to film production. The characters are joined together and each character is curved a bit.

Armonioso Script Font

Another Shabby

This font design comprises of characters composed in a scruffy way and it can prove to be the great calligraphy design to depict any unrealistic or unimportant detail in your work.

Another Shabby Script Font


It provides the calm, detailed and precise detail about your particular work. Each character in this font design can be made using the brush tool in photoshop.

Braxton Calligraphy Font


This calligraphy design can be used in different animations or presentation as it gives a bold and decent look to your work. This font can be used in providing long details, long titles and you will find it suitable to be applied to a lot of different places.

Alecko Font

Merry Scriptmas

This calligraphy font can be used on business cards, wedding invitation cards or for any other delightful purpose.

Merry Scriptmas Calligraphy Font

The Carpenter

You can inspire the readers of your own book, use this font before a presentation and it can use at a lot of different places wherever you find it suitable to be used. This design comes in the variety of different patterns and you can also use it as your website logo or any other part of the website.



This font may appear to be of old and conventional writing style but you may also have noticed this calligraphy design on modern web pages, resumes, different types of invitation cards and many other places. All the characters are closely placed and made up of exclusively straight lines.

Gutenberg Calligraphy Font

Al Fresco

This particular font design is more expressive, stylish and calm-looking than other font designs. It appears to be similar to the hand-writing and you can use it at different places to express a variety of feelings and thoughts.



Each character is designed in a delicate and simple way of offering the clear perspective of your thoughts.

Mimix Font


Each character is curved and styled more than the usual. This calligraphy design is suitable for writing letters, resumes, informational scripts and it supports all types of writing including narrative, persuasive and descriptive writing.

Wisdom Script

Intrique Script

This calligraphy design is suitable to be used for promotion of your brand, introductory message or any other kind of writing to be used for entertainment purposes.

Intrique Script Font


This font design is popular to be used for the promotion of food brands, as a header for different web layouts or for other similar purposes.


Felt That

The font design matches with the hand-written content written by an ordinary Picasso pen. The writing appears to be more formal, natural and real.



You may have seen this calligraphy design outside a cafe or city club. You may not be able to use this extremely graceful writing pattern in a lot of different places but it is suitable to be used as a logo and other forms of writing required for the entertainment purposes.



You may want to achieve the perfect writing piece similar to your hand-writing. This calligraphy design comprises of bold letters and you may it do to depict a rough piece of writing.


Very Berry

It is similar to the fonts listed above but with some features that make it really unique from the fonts used in other forms of writing. The first character has a long tail and the last character has the long tail as well. The characters are sketched in a soft manner with a lot of curves.



This particular font is designed to write about the creatures living in water or similar pieces of writing. You can use this font to depict some form of writing in animations, the title for the books or other similar pieces of writing.



This stylish font design has been designed precisely using brush tool in photoshop.



The main body of each character has been highlighted and thickened using the brush tool and each character is not designed in a perfectly straight line thus giving a rough and simple look to the whole text pattern.


Some Weatz

This font design may not be suitable for an ordinary piece of writing but it may be loved by the painters and the designers looking to include extraordinary inspiration in their ordinary piece of writing.


Some Weatz Script Font

Sverige Script

This font design comprises of the floating characters accompanied by the stylishly curved waves along the characters.
Sverige Script Font

Nella Sue

The characters have the long base and extraordinary curve giving the whole text pattern a uniquely romantic look.
Nella Sue Handwritten font

Cellos Script

Each character ends in a dark spot and characters are nicely contrasted with the background. This calligraphy font is suitable to be used in script writing, simple presentations, thesis writing and other forms of writind that require geniune expressions.

Cellos Script Font

Angilla Tattoo

This calligraphic design is seamlessly designed to express your thoughts in a bold manner and each character is styled properly as stylish roman characters were designed in the old times. You may use this distinctive font design at asuitable place  in your favorite pieces of writing.

Angilla Tattoo Font



You can express your writing in a dark, narrow, stylish, easy-to-read and convenient manner by using this calligraphy design.


Chopin Script

Another beautiful calligraphic design with thin waves along the characters and you can enhance the flavor of your writing by using these simple fonts created by giving a slight extra stroke to the brush tool.

Chopin Script

One Fell Swoop

This a calligraphic font design to support your pieces of writing in a best possible way by adding few irregular waves and darkening the formal calligraphic font design.

One Fell Swoop


Similar to the above design, the characters are slightly narrower and this font design is also similar to the formal piece of writing.


Kingthings Calligraphica

It is an excellent form of hand-writing and can be used to address something serious or formal. You can use this font design to address a particular location on the backside of a letter or outside of your house.

Kingthings Calligraphica


The font design has been calibrated using tall and thin letters curved precisely. You can use this calligraphy design for formal as well non-formal purposes.


Billy Argel Font

This particular font is similar to the formal font designs but few extra brush strokes make it look more stylish and decorate so you can use it for both formal and non-formal purposes.

Billy Argel Font

Gothic Ultra OT

The simple and convenient font design looks like as it was painted by a painter. You can use it for scipt writing, writing anything really holy and spiritual or for other similar purposes.

Gothic Ultra OT


This particular font design has its own taste of writing as it appears to be the unclear stains of a paint brush. Each letter in this calligraphy design is designed in a unique and stylish way so the reader will enjoy your piece of writing as he will go through it.



The characters are of the low height and each character appears to be simple and charming to the eye. Capital letters are calligraphed more stylishly and professionally while lower-case letters are calligraphed in a simple way.


Gondola SD

The ends of each letter are curved sharply and this font design is similar to the old Egyptian pieces of writing.

Gondola SD

Kells SD

The upper part of each letter is designed in a unique way thus giving the whole text a unique look.

Kells SD



Chantelli Antiqua

You may use this font to create a small booklet, with short or long paragraphs or any piece of writing that really matters to you and all the readers. It can be used for informal writing by adding the suitable background or coloring the whole text.

Chantelli Antiqua


Each character is linked to the next in a rough way but each letter is styled in a uniquely different way so you can expect a lot of uniqueness and charisma from this particular font design.


Florante at Laura

The thick edges of the brush tool have helped the creator of this calligraphy font to design a completely new and unique set of fonts.

Florante at Laura

Wolf in the City

It is a popular calligraphic font design that can be used in almost any suitable piece of writing.

Wolf in the City

Ventilla Script

The thin pattern of characters and soft curves make it a highly desirable font desing among all the designers.

Ventilla Script


The font design can be used as a sample text, quick tutorials or other similar pieces of writing.


Mirella Script

This luxurious font is enriched stylishly with the thick and thin patterns accompanied with sharp curves and unique whirls.

Mirella Script

Last King Quest

This is another calligraphy font design that can be used as a logo or some sort of title on different pieces of writing or digital products.

Last King Quest

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