30+ of the Best Chalk Fonts (Authentic Chalkboard Look)

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One, two, three…skipping down the sidewalk in numbered boxes is a pastime that comes to mind when I think of chalk.

Chalk is versatile in color, texture, and application. You can write on streets, buildings, walls, and boards. It’s fun to add creativity, then erase it to only create again.

Chalk fonts are fun and full of rough textures that give the text life. This collection of the best chalk fonts showcases options that work well in a designer’s mixed bag of options. Creating stunning graphic design is hard enough with elements, colors, and special recognition. Typography is just an added layer to the tools necessary for amazing and fun designs to come to life!

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Best Chalk Fonts

The first item that comes to mind when you think of chalk is chalkboard fonts that mimic the writing techniques of a teacher or presenter. It’s a personal font that allows you to convey a professional yet personal message to the audience when applied in the digital design realm. Below are 30+ fonts that can be used to design projects to enhance your project categories for the graphic designer’s portfolio. Let’s get started!

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Chalk Zone

This classic strong character font that is infused with texture and shading in the letters gives it that primary feel that chalk fonts possess. This font is colorful in presentation and versatile for different educational projects.

Chalk Fonts

Chalk Scratch Font

This clean yet quirky font gives off the aura of a chalk font. It is a strong build and display font that uses all-caps. It has border styles that hedge in the outline of the character but allow for deviation from “coloring outside the lines” feel that you would find in a primary education school.

Chalk Scratch

Chalk Board

This is an upper case and lower case font. The extent of characters, punctuation, and numbers helps to make this font more versatile than most display fonts in that it can be used textually as well, not just as a headliner. Hence the reason it is on the top 30+ list of chalk board fonts!

Best Chalk Fonts - Chalkboard

Hand Drawn Chalked Font

Bubbled soft lettering here for this font gives it a unique feel and design presence. It is an easy-to-use display font that when color is applied, it’s bold. A great choice for large titles or a children’s book cover!

Hand-Drawn Chalked Font

BrideChalk Typeface

Amazing chalkboard fonts start with this typestyle. It is a winner among curly fonts that have the art of script chalk writing built-in. The name speaks for itself in its feminine touch that can be used for elegant invitations and announcements. This is a definite winner on the list that pushes the limits outside of elemental chalk fonts’ work in design.

Bride Chalk Typeface

Coffee Chalk

This bold font is among premium fonts to be used in advertisements for its bold strong letters. The space between characters is consistent and clean following a solid baseline. This headliner font resembles what it is named for…those sidewalk coffee board specials that grab your attention. It is available for purchase to use for many different projects.

Coffee Chalk


This sans serif chalk style creates a DIY feel to your projects. It has depth and is among exclusive styles with its signature shadowing effect. There are four fonts in this True Type font family to help with essentially any project that you need a creative feel added through the text.

Bite Chalk


This font allows for dual purposes. You can get a calligraphy style font or an all-caps style font. This is a consistently good-looking font that works well in many different applications. This classic font type helps to bring an elegant touch to a rather primary field of options sometimes.


Chalk Sketch

This font is juvenile in nature and perfect for birthday invites, children’s announcements on posters, or school graphical media. It is non-threatening but utilizes color well for elements that fit on bulletin boards in elementary school hallways. It can be used as a stencil or cut out as well!

Chalk Sketch

KG Second Chances

This is definitely a font that I see being used in an opener for a comic strip in the late 90s Sunday morning paper. This is part of the chalk crayon fonts in that it is simplistic, yet bold. It is a part of the reliable typefaces that explain chalk fonts well and is a fit for the top 30 here.

Best Chalk Fonts - KG Second Chances Sketch

Chalk Condensed Font

This font is a tall condensed font that uses kerning to create a height difference from line to line for font size. Another great font that is clear and easy to read to use on menu board design in local diners. A graphic designer can use different sizes for hierarchy within the design and not have to find multiple typefaces to make it work.

Chalk Condensed Font


This font makes the top 30+ list because it is unique in stroke design. It is bold and rough where the shading is hand-drawn and built into the typeface. It has versatility with numbers and glyphs included which other chalk display fonts do not offer.



Big and bold hand drawn serifs on this typeface help it to be used as a great display font. Unlike other typefaces this font package comes with an Adobe Illustrator file for editable content within a vector design project. That means there is NO size limit to application on projects you can utilize this font for!

Chalk Text Effect

Chalk Font

This font is a great versatile font that a personal project can be completed, or a professional designer can use. It is compatible with Adobe Suite, Microsoft Word, KeyNote, and Pages making is a multiplatform dream user typeface!


Vanderchalk Typeface

This great font that has styled glyphs included is a vector-styled font to allow for designer customization and application limitless on size. It can be used in small designs like postcards but replicated on a large poster to create a cohesive theme for any design project!

Vanderchalk Typeface

Return to Sender

Its strong character build makes it great for titles and headlines. In all-caps and a shading effect gives a serif outline font the chalk texture. This piece is used in the chalkboard art fonts category to draw attention to an item. It is utilized best in highlight wording for a design.

Return to Sender


Big. Bold. Blocked. Strong character presence is used here with this clean digital typeface that is an all-caps bold font. It can be used in different sizes for an entire project and be the visual design element stands alone on a poster or billboard. It is easy to read but has character.



Script central with this Choretto font style. It is a brush script with minimal texture, but just enough to give character and depth to the typographical design. This font download comes with a supportive graphic design package. You can utilize all its possibilities on invites and posters. 


Tuck Shop

Need a chalkboard font generator to drop text into templates to get a feel for this typeface texture? Tuck shop fonts are amazing in that they are grunge style templates and fonts that bring school-themed projects to life. It conveys the elemental basis for chalk fonts!

Tuck Shop


Curly fonts help to bring out the handwriting practice we all did in school on paper or chalk boards! Or at least some of us did in our elementary school days. This textured brush script typeface is offered in OTF or TTF download options. This is more of a grunge brush style that pushes the border of primary chalk typeface design and a more monstrous or horror type style.


AM Chalk Hand

Purely a hand written font that is between a Garan font style and a Choretto font style. It is in an identity crisis! However, designers love personal connection in their design and this font offers a lighter stroke font to convey a more feminine approach to chalk board font designs.

AM Chalk Hand

Hungry Chalk

Awe, the eraser writing art on a chalkboard. Have you ever picked up a chalk eraser dirtied it with chalk dust from the tray and written in large hand curved style on a chalkboard instead of with chalk? This font embodies that look and style. It is bold and textured in a different way that creates new ideas digitally for look and rough chalk dust application on the screen. It creates a contrast with a similar handwritten chalk font to give depth, but holds to a consistent design theme with a collection of fonts.

Hungry Chalk


Chalkboy has all-caps capabilities with lower case style. It is an open type face that also has multilingual support that its typography designer used to help with the cross-platform use of this particular font. It blends the elements like other chalk hand lettering fonts, but still is confined to a clean design for digital clarity.


Chalk and Friend

Menu board anyone!? This artistic bold typeface is a great stencil idea for menus in a local coffee shop or bistro. It has a DIY and small business feel for welcoming signage. The block font with shading and built-in shadowing helps with the depth and application of color help pop the visual elements at the audience.

Chalk and Friend

Thick Chalkboard

This thick handwritten style font is perfect for using a range of styles in typographical design or color application for a graphic designer. It is a friendly font that with its many glyphs and characters can be used in text as well as a bold headliner!

Best Chalk Fonts - Thick Chalkboard

Chalk Study Education

Out of chalkboard font ideas? This font brings a nice texture and shape to the text with an added curl. It is a softer chalk font that works in a script-type fashion. Hand-written personal notes are made of fonts like this one. The diversity with lower case and upper-case letters and numbers helps with versatile uses on covers and posters.

Chalk Study

Better Chalk

Friendly, childlike, and primary. This font gives needed space between characters to be used as a nice display font. Headlines need to grab attention and this font has all the elemental characteristics of a chalk font and works well in the project categories of school-age announcements. Freelance, professional, and self-starting graphic designers could really use this font effectively.

Better Chalk

White Chalk Font

This strong font has a beautiful character formatted in all caps that work well in different font sizes. You can use this font singularly for typeface application to the creative project. There is no need to mix dynamic design with this font. It allows you to create a project and adding spot color it enhances this font as a colorful typeface. 

White Chalk

Free Chalk Fonts

While the options above are the best available, you may be looking specifically for a free chalk font. Some options are listed below. Any time you’re using a free font, you need to be sure to check the license details, as some are free only for personal use.


The rough chalk hand lettering fonts such as this one help to emulate the days of your school days of teachers jotting down assignments on the blackboard. It is a great font to utilize for memo-type design to give it a personal touch and feel of note-taking necessity.


CF Blackboard

The CF Blackboard typeface is one that includes 92 characters and 53 glyphs. It is a part of the chalk lettering fonts family group that has the personal touch of handwriting on a chalkboard. This font is free for personal use but must be purchased for commercial or for-profit applications. It is designed with original chalk fonts in mind by CloutierFonts.

CF Blackboard

KG Broken Vessels

This is a clean, crisp version of a font. It is a san serif and works well with the shading that is somewhat unfinished within the letter’s borders. It is sketchy and a solid choice for a display font that has easy readability for the audience, but diversity with colors and size for the designer.

Broken Vessels

KG Ten Thousand Reasons

This thin hand-drawn textured font is typical of that classic chalk style. It gives a basic hand-written feel to the text and is a thin and elegant line. These chalk font letters speak of a hand-written note that can be used multiple ways in application font menus for a project in creating a solid font style guide.

Ten Thousand Reasons

Drawing Guides

This font is available to at-home designers or professionals for personal use free of charge! It has an architectural feel as if a blueprint is being created and shaded for weight and depth. With the faded characters and the basic styles that mirror brush fonts this is a good style choice on any postcard project.

Drawing Guides

Final Thoughts on the Best Chalk Fonts

These chalk-on-blackboard-style fonts are elemental to design that has a fun twist that brings bright style children’s works to life for a designer.

You have to relate to your audience. Typography in all of its grandness helps to communicate an emotion to the audience in a way that shapes and colors cannot. If you cannot speak the words, then make the words speak to people lifting off the design page.

Find the best chalk fonts and see what the possibilities are for creative projects. They help to hold onto the past and transfer it to the digital future and hold their own in a category of fonts that is critical to mastering graphic design.

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