Industry Poll: Do You Wear Pants When Working From Home?

Industry Poll: Who Wears Pants when working from home?

Office work typically comes with restrictions on the type of clothes you can wear. But freelancers and contractors have the option of working from home in any style of clothes they desire. There’s evidence that dress codes impede productivity from the amount of time an employee spends picking out the right clothes. Some companies like Turner have polished but casual dress codes that allow for more relaxed outfits.

When you’re allowed to dress however you want there’s an inherent freedom in behavior. You worry much less about your outfit and concern yourself more with the quality of work, how it’s getting done, and what else you need to do.

So is there a link between comfortable attire and productive work environments? It does appear that the clothes you wear can affect your psychology and thus your performance. But there’s a difference between choosing to don a suit vs. being forced to wear it every workday.

The natural backlash to this is the work-from-home freelancers who swing to the other side of the dress codes issue by working in pajamas every day.

And while daily comforts can affect the way you work, the term “comfort” can also mean different things to different people. We created an industry poll to see how many designers and developers choose to forego pants during the workday.

Clothes have their own natural energy imbuing feelings and behaviors based on the outfit. A button-down shirt with dress pants offers a completely different feeling than slippers, pink pajama bottoms and a stained undershirt.

The former may be for someone who frequently interacts with clients, or someone who just genuinely loves dressing up nice. The latter could be for someone who works from home and enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle.

In the latter scenario comfort trumps all because freelancing inherently allows for an incredibly flexible and comfortable lifestyle.

Whether you wear dress pants, sweatpants, or no pants, there’s a lot to be said about how you dress (or don’t dress) for the workday. And if you’re curious to see what your fellow designers & developers wear while working at home, be sure to take the poll and check out the results of the age-old question: pants or no pants?

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