Printing on the Go: Top 5 Cloud Printing Apps

According to recent figures (in the UK) there will be 60% as many tablets sold as PCs by 2015, so it is hardly surprising that nowadays we are just as likely to use a Mac or PC to crack on with our client’s design requests as we are a tablet PC.

With tablets offering the ability to design on the move it seems only natural that we are able to print our mock-ups and wireframes while in transit too – and this is where printing apps come in to play. Here are the top 5 cloud printing apps for you to download.

1. Samsung MobilePrint

Compatible with Samsung wireless printers, this free to download app is perfect for designers and casual users alike. Content can be printed in various formats, with documents and webpages all capable of being sent to the printer, and the app now supports Google Docs for truly mobile printing.

Cloud Printing Apps

2. Brother iPrint and Scan

One of numerous manufacturer specific apps, the Brother iPrint and Scan is also free to download. Webpages and documents can be scanned into PDF format from your phone and files can be wirelessly transmitted to a compatible printer. A maximum of thirty-nine JPEG and PDF documents can be selected for print at any one time and you can also select the number of copies you require.

Cloud Printing Apps

3. Kodak Pic Flick

For designers who can’t get enough of Instagram, Kodak Pic Flick allows users to instantly print their photos stored on their smart phone. Once the image is captured on the smartphone it can be transferred to the chosen printer by following a few simple steps.

Cloud Printing Apps

4. HP iPrint Photo

Capable of printing both photos and PDF files, this app has plenty of uses. Photos and PDF files which are sent as email attachments or stored on your smartphone can be transferred to a compatible HP printer before printing. Your smartphone needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer for this to be possible.

Cloud Printing Apps

5. Dell Mobile Print

A great cloud printing app that has only been recently released, the Dell Mobile Print application allows users to print directly from emails and webpages while also supporting the print of stored files. This app is aimed at Android smartphone users and is compatible on operating systems from Android 2.1 upwards.

Cloud Printing Apps

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