Color Schemes from Photographs

Earlier this week I posted a gallery of colorful websites. Today I’d like to take a look at a few online tools that can help you to generate a color scheme for your website by taking the colors from a photograph. When designing a new website, color inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Photographs can often be an effective source of color inspiration, and if you find this to be the case for your designs, there are some tools that can help even more.

What’s Its Color is a simple online tool that will analyze a photograph and provide you with the html numbers for the main colors that appear in the photo. You can either upload an image from your compter, or you can give the URL of a photo online.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

By uploading this picture, I get the the color scheme shown below.



And from this picture, I get the colors shown below.



Another useful tool is I Like Your Colors. Have you seen another website that uses a color scheme tht you especially like? With I Like Your Colors you can enter the URL of a page and it will show you the html numbers of the colors that are used on the page (by scanning the html and css code). Of course, you won’t want to copy the color schemes of other sites, but this can be a good tool for inspiration and for getting started. Let’s look at an example. When I enter the URL for Web Designer Wall (screen shot below), I Like Your Colors produces the following report (screen shot further below).

Web Designer Wall


What other tools and resources do you find to be useful when developing color schemes?

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