Themeco Launches Cornerstone – A Powerful Addition to X Theme

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A Theme Upgrade that Packs a Punch

“The most intuitive design tool available” – is what one user said recently about X Theme 4.0. That is typical of the comments found in the reviews and testimonials others have published with respect to the latest version of this, the best-selling WordPress theme on the market. It is of course natural to expect incremental improvements as each new version is released for a given theme. After all, that is what upgrades are all about.

Version 4.0 was not about fixing bugs. There are few if any bugs that need fixing in this premium theme. This latest version is all about new and improved features, and there is nothing incremental about it.

The theme’s authors took a giant leap forward by adding a new page builder, based on a brilliant concept, into the mix. To say website developers are happy or pleased with this latest version would be a gross understatement. They have been raving about it. Read on, and you will understand why the response to 4.0 greatly exceeded Themeco’s expectations.

Cornerstone – a Page-Building Experience

Themeco authors understand a web designer’s need for applications that can carry a heavy processing load, but are at the same time extremely user friendly and intuitive to use. Most page builders replicate the tasks a website developer would otherwise have to perform manually. These page builders normally feature user interfaces that are reasonably easy to navigate, and most rely heavily on drag and drop functionality.


There is one problem with many, if not most, page builders however, and it is that the user must continually check to see what has been accomplished, and rework whatever turns out to be different than expected. What is lacking is instant, accurate feedback.

The Cornerstone page builder features a 100% front-end editing feature. This means that as a designer, you will be the beneficiary of the instant feedback that other page builders lack.

You can make changes on the fly, and when you are done, it’s a matter of what you presently see is what you presently have. You don’t have to press “view” and wait for a result. The concept behind Cornerstone’s user interface is simplicity at its best.

The Cornerstone concept is based on the interaction between an Editor and a Preview Area. The Editor is displayed as a sidebar, and is the place where page building settings and adjustment are specified. The Preview Area is a larger area, which provides a live picture your site’s page as it currently exists.


The Preview Area is clean and clutter-free; no “messy desk” approach here. This preview area performs one very basic, yet very powerful function, and that is one of inspecting element, which brings us to the Inspector.

The Inspector is where all the element adjustments are made. It highlights an element you intend to work on, and shows also display paths to parent elements if adjustments need to be made. The Inspector serves as an instrument that fine tunes elements in your web page, visually, and without a need for coding.

A highly streamlined, intuitive page building is nice to have, but you cannot get very far in your design efforts without having the necessary elements at your fingertips. This will not be an issue with this page builder. The Themeco authors have incorporated what they call The Ultimate Element Library in line with their intention to provide developers with the absolute best page builder on the market. As you would expect, this library will be continually updated and improved upon.



If you prefer working with code, or directly with shortcode, Cornerstone’s Live Code Editing feature can be a real time saver. This editor is packed with features that are too numerous to mention here, but using it will make a professional code editor out of you. If you already are a professional editor, it will make you a faster and more efficient one.

An Editor-Preview Area concept that gives you immediate feedback is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, but the Cornerstone authors have gone an additional step with the Responsive Preview area. Click on the appropriate icon, and you can see how your site, in its present condition, will appear on various device platforms. You don’t have to wait until the end of your design efforts!

Purchase X 4.0 and Cornerstone is yours for free. If you already own X and receive the free update, it is also yours automatically, and for free. Join the throng of this new page builder’s ecstatic users, and add your own testimonial.

What Users have been Saying

This is a small sampling, but it is nevertheless typical.4




Words like “nice job”, “real improvement”, and even “better than ever” are rather hard to come by when you go through the testimonials these users have submitted. You are much more apt to see words like “awesome” – “incomparable” — “blown away”, and “a real game changer”; over and over.

The users like what they see, and they are not one bit shy about making the rest of the website design community aware of what this latest Themeco release has to offer.

Don’t Let a Game Changer Slip By

You can always wait for something better in a future X Theme version, since this theme has a history of making steady improvements. You might be in for a long wait however if you are looking for another upgrade that packs the punch of Version 4.0. The Cornerstone page builder was in the planning stage for a long time while the authors were attempting to make its underlying concept workable.

This is an excellent solution for both page and post building. It is fast, it is powerful, and it provides instantaneous feedback; a scarce commodity in the website development world. Don’t let this highly recommended Themeco product pass you by.


As you can see from the above, they have succeeded. As things stand now, Cornerstone has a very bright future in front of it, not only as a powerful addition to X Theme, but in other parts of the WordPress ecosystem as well. Themeco is expected to be making some announcements in this regard in the months to come.

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