17 Interesting Craigslist Redesign Concepts

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As one of the most popular websites on the web, Craigslist certainly gets a lot of attention when it comes to the topic of redesigns. As a service, the idea is brilliant and that is why it is the huge success it is today. While the UX works fine, the design itself is quite controversial because it has only had minor updates in the past 20 years.

There seem to be two different thoughts on the design for Craigslist, hence the controversy. Some believe that the reason the UX works well is because the design is perfect for this site. Others believe that the reason Craigslist offers a positive user experience is simply because it has always been this way and everyone is comfortable using it.

All of the incredible Craigslist redesign concepts out there do seem to make it obvious the site needs to be updated. And I’m pretty sure that both parties on each side of the controversy may agree that the design is not very pretty and could use at least some more minor updates.

The following list includes a wide range of redesigns, from complete identity redesigns to a minimal update of the current website design. Browse through the list below to find out which one is your favorite and then feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.

Full Brand Redesign by Anna Ware

Anna Ware does an excellent job of capturing both the professional side and the fun side of Craiglist. She uses a playful font with a bubble notepad for the logo, elegantly combining these two important elements of the site.

The mobile and web layouts use boxes for easier viewing, also keeping with the “fun” aspect.

The magazine ads are quite brilliant using humor to show the odd side of the website.

App Design by natasha s. woo

This app design for Craigslist is not only beautiful but also very well laid out with lots of screens for email, details, and much more. She designed the app to have left/right swipe features for easy navigation between screens.

The detailed screen neatly organizes the information into an easy to digest layout.

Woo even includes different list views for the app for the different types of searches users may choose.

My Craigslist App for iPad by Cintia Vargas

Cintia’s iPad app comes with the ability to customize your Craigslist account with options such as the ability to choose the most searched for categories.

The details page looks more like popular ecommerce product details pages, which gives it a more familiar look and feel.

Craigslist App Redesign by Konrad Gungor

This app redesign comes with a simple homepage search bar, a nifty looking results list, and a beautiful details screen. It also comes with the filters for search results easily accessible at the top of the page.

Craigslist Redesign – Pilot Project by Libby Wood

This design is much for functional for both PC users and mobile users. The icons are appealing and the layout easy to follow.

The only downside to this design is that the transparency is a little too transparent, making it a bit difficult to see the links and icons.

Craigslist Redesign by Kaleho Naki

This redesign doesn’t change the look of Craigslist much, but it certainly improves upon the navigability. The sidebar seems to add a touch of class to the site design.

CSS Craigslist Redesign by Ben Langholz

Ben was asked to redesign Craigslist, leaving the HTML intact but using CSS to make the site easier to navigate. Using jQuery, Ben created buttons for showing and hiding content with these remaining as users left it when returning back to the page from a details page. The result is a much cleaner and organized look and feel.

Craigslist Redesign by Ramble SY Ren

The first change made in this entire brand redesign was to update the content font from Times New Roman to Open Sans and to remove the serifs from the logo font, minus the “g” to maintain a somewhat recognizable look. The layout on the website is much simpler with snazzy icons to add a bit of fun to the otherwise clean layout. The app for mobile use is much easier to navigate with simple list views and images that fit the screen.

Craigslist Redesigned by Lance Culbreth

As an exercise for @Handsome, Lance took an existing UI (Snowbird) and redesigned Craigslist with it. The result is a much cleaner and easy to browse site.

The mobile versions of the redesign are easy to navigate as well, thanks to the responsive layout of the pages.

Craigslists Jobs Redesign by Vivek Venkatraman

The jobs listing in Craigslist is no fun to browse through, so Vivek decided to play around with a redesign. His design includes thumbnail images, a pretty search bar, and a very clean layout.

Craigslist by Braden Mackey

Braden created a new look to tighten up the content on the current site but without losing the original look and feel. The images add a lot to the design as do the boxes and preview of content.

Craigslist iOS Case Study by Kori Handy

The new color scheme with transparency gives this app design a very modern look. While the transparency makes the details a bit difficult to read, it really is a cool look. The flat buttons fit in well with the iOS look and feel.

Craigslist by Larry J. Sickmann

With more colors but still a white background, this redesign adds more interest without overwhelming users. The layout is much easier to digest as well.

Craigslist Brand Redesign by Chad Phillips

The login page for this redesign is probably my favorite of the whole bunch. The full screen image adds so much to the design, making it seem more “cool” to have an account.

The homepage is organized much better, and the header is simple yet beautiful. The way the results page displays the details on the right, keeping the results in view, makes browsing much quicker.

Craigslist by Kelley Rathod

This gorgeous redesign adds a bit of fun into the icons and logo, adding lots of personality where there is none in the original design. Plus, the full screen background image relates well to the urban, community feel that Craigslist should portray.

Craigslist Redesign by Angie Fu

The map background is a great idea for a Craigslist homepage redesign, and the new color scheme seems to be taken from the colors found on maps.

On the results page, this concept has the map with price arrows in the various locations with the list of results below, a very similar look to Google results.

Craigslist Redesign by Dan Huang

This is another stunning homepage design concept with a full screen photo depicting the user’s city, adding a much more personalized touch to the experience. The drop down filter for the search function is a great way to keep the initial search simple and quick.

What are Your Thoughts?

Personally, I’m not sure Craigslist will ever update their look, especially since they are still one of the most used sites on the web despite the controversial design. On the other hand, maybe they are just waiting for a redesign to emerge that they really like and can purchase at a minimal cost. I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that Craigslist will feel sorry for users enough to come up with a new design soon.

Consider what design feature you think would make the biggest improvements, and voice your opinion in the comments below.