Creating Content for Your Website

Most internet users are looking for some type of specific information. The most important factor in the success of a website is the amount and quality of information provided. Having quality content on your website will positively impact your website in several different ways:

1 – Search Engine Rankings
Articles and other types of content will increase your rankings with search engines.

2 – Draw In-Bound Links
Other websites will be more likely to link to yours if you provide valuable content that their visitors will want to read. Creating in-bound links will also help with your search engine rankings.

3 – Encourage Repeat Visitors
Content that is updated frequently will keep your visitors coming back for more. Repeat visitors are much more likely to buy from you than first-time visitors.

4 – Establish Yourself as an Expert
Using articles and information on your website, you can prove to visitors that you are an expert in your field. As an expert you will build rapport, and potential customers will look to you first.

Once you’ve realized that quality content can have a big impact on the success of your website, you will need to decide how to get the content and how to present it to your visitors.

Choice #1 – Write Your Own Content

Creating your own content will have the greatest impact. By writing your own articles and developing your own resources you will be able to present unique content that that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of the ways in which you can display your content include:

  • Writing articles and posting them on your website.
  • Developing a newsletter and posting the newsletter archives on your website.
  • Creating a blog.

Choice #2 – Use Other People’s Content

If creating your own content isn’t an option, you can still provide your visitors with a better website by using any of the following:

  • Other People’s Articles

There are a number of online article directories where you can find articles to post on your website for free. In exchange for posting the article you will have to include a paragraph written by the author about himself/herself. That paragraph will usually contain a link to his/her website, which could take some of your visitors away from your site.

  • Syndication from Another Author

Syndication allows you to have a page with an article that automatically updates periodically. For example, if the author writes a new article each week, your page will show the new article and will be updated automatically.Many blogs will also allow you to syndicate their content.

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