50+ DaVinci Resolve Templates to Download

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Video editors love DaVinci Resolve for its simple interface and easy-to-use features. But don’t let that fool you. This all-in-one video editing platform is also packed with powerful tools to produce high-quality, professional videos.

DaVinci Resolve has everything you need to take your video to the next level, from drag-and-drop editing to color correction, color grading tools, and high-end audio post-production. It’s ideal for editing for the silver screen, YouTube, or social media.

Plus, tons of DaVinci Resolve templates are available for everything from transitions to opening sequences to special effects, titles, and more. These video templates make your editing job that much easier!

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Best DaVinci Resolve Templates (Transitions, Lower Thirds, Logo Reveals & More)

Finding the right video templates for your project can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure where to start. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of DaVinci Resolve templates. These resources will come in handy for various video projects.

From corporate videos to wedding videos to music videos, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to find a DaVinci Resolve template that suits your needs.

Now, let’s look at some of the best DaVinci Resolve templates to use for your next video project. You’ll find templates for titles, transitions, logos, lower thirds, LUTs, slideshows, and more.

DaVinci Resolve users will love Envato Elements. With a subscription to Envato Elements, you’ll get unlimited access to download all the DaVinci Resolve templates (and millions of other creative resources) you want. All the templates featured on this page are available through Envato Elements.

Seamless Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Templates - Seamless Transitions

If you’ve ever struggled with your transitions to the next clip, you’ll love these DaVinci Resolve templates. You’ll no longer worry about frame rate and resolution. These video transitions work with any resolution. Simply drag and drop and change the length. It comes with 1,850 different transition templates.

Seamless Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Seamless Transitions

Here’s another massive pack of transitions with a drag-and-drop application. With these DaVinci Resolve presets, you can apply video transitions with one click.

Liquid Motion Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

Liquid Motions Transitions

Looking for fun design elements? This set contains ten colorful, hand-drawn liquid transitioning effects in a cartoon style. These DaVinci Resolve templates great for social media and YouTube videos.

DaVinci Resolve Transition Pack

DaVinci Resolve Transitions Pack

Here’s another huge pack of video transitions from shape, roll, rotation, blur, perspective, pixels, glitch, split, light leaks, and so many more. And, of course, this pack of DaVinci Resolve templates also works with any resolution and frame rate.

Stylish Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

Stylish Transitions

These cool transitions and video templates have a retro vibe and are perfect for making social promo videos and other creative videos. You can easily change colors and customize the effects to suit your needs.

Zoom and Spin DaVinci Resolve Transitions

Zoom and Spin Transitions

This dynamic set of seamless zoom and spin transitions works with any aspect ratio, so use it for everything from professional videos to Instagram stories.

Card Flip Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

Card Flip Transitions

Check out this professional set of seamless card flip transitions. These DaVinci Resolve templates with any aspect ratio, frame rate, and video resolution. You can easily change the length of the transition by simply dragging the length of the clip. 

Abstract Backgrounds and Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

Abstract Backgrounds and Transitions

You’ll like this set of abstract backgrounds and transitions if you’re a social content creator. These fun doodle animations are perfect for music videos, TikTok, and Instagram stories.

Action Elements Pack for DaVinci Resolve

Action Elements Pack for DaVinci Resolve

With this collection of DaVinci Resolve templates, you can make cool editable cartoon explosions and glow effects. Use these action elements for a logo reveal, sports video clips, video game promo, or another attention-grabbing video. 

Cartoon Explosion Elements for DaVinci Resolve

Cartoon Explosion Elements

If you’re working on a video that calls for a cartoon explosion — check out this pack of energy explosion elements. These look cool in music videos, sports video clips, social videos, logo reveals, and more. Sound FX included. 

Splash Elements for DaVinci Resolve

Splash Elements

Add fun to your sports videos with this set of cartoon splash elements. You can easily change the colors to suit your needs.

Swish Elements for DaVinci Resolve

Swish Elements

Here’s a fun set of swish elements to spruce up your sports, dance, and music videos. Easily change the color, the amount of glow, the pixelation, and more. 

Gunshot Effects for DaVinci Resolve

Gunshot Effects for DaVinci Resolve

Look no further than this set of DaVinci Resolve templates if you need some gunshot and blast animation effects for your video game promo videos and cartoons. These gunshot effects are perfect for YouTube, social media, cartoons, music videos, and more.

Urban Opener for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Templates - Urban Opener

This is the video template for you if you need an opening sequence for your movie project with an urban vibe. It will help you create a stylish opener in minutes, with a bit of glitch and grunge. The DaVinci Resolve template includes two versions and a video tutorial. You just customize it with your media and text.

Hip Hop DaVinci Resolve Intro Template

Hip Hop Intro for DaVinci Resolve

This DaVinci Resolve intro template will come in handy when you need an intro or opening sequence with upbeat hip-hop aesthetic. And it’ll save you a ton of time! Drop in your media and text, and the rest of the work is done for you.

Fashion Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Fashion Opener

Here’s a stylish, modern, trendy opening sequence template for your fashion-related videos. With built-in transitions and visual effects, you just need to put in your media and text, and you’re good to go.

Dynamic Action Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Dynamic Action Opener

If you need an opener for your sports teaser, inspirational videos, YouTube videos, advertising, or social media clips, check out this dynamic action opener template for DaVinci Resolve 16.2 and above.

Dynamic Sports Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Dynamic Sports Opener

This dynamic sports opener DaVinci Resolve template features catchy titles and powerful transitions for sports-themed videos. It’s perfect for making professional videos, YouTube teasers, social reels, and advertisements.

Dynamic Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Dynamic Opener

This versatile, modern, and energetic opener would work well for various projects — from promo videos to corporate event presentations to creative video projects for social media. It’s easy to customize and works with DaVinci Resolve 16 and higher.

Dynamic Showreel Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Dynamic Showreel Opener for DaVinci Resolve

This energetic showreel opener has a fresh, modern, stylish look with multiple frames to show off your work. It’s easy to edit. Just drag and drop your media and text and hit render.

Dynamic Slideshow Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Dynamic Slideshow Opener

If you’re an artist or photographer looking for a way to show off your best work — check out this slideshow DaVinci Resolve template! Use it to create a demo reel, travel series, corporate branding video, or social media vacation video. Use it to create dynamic video reels out of your photos.

Multi-Screen Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Multi Screen Opener

Here’s another quick and easy way to create an impressive, dynamic creative opener using your photos and video clips. Simply import them into DaVinci and place them on the multiscreen video wall using this template. An included video tutorial will show you how.

Cartoon Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Cartoon Opener

This creative and colorful cartoon opener will add a fun and fresh vibe to your videos. This one is perfect for trendy fashion, food content, and beauty YouTube videos & social media reels.

Short Opener for DaVinci Resolve

Short Opener

Save yourself some time! This quick, modern, stylish film intro is extremely easy to use. Just change the text, drop in your media & audio, and hit render. Full HD resolutions included.

Cinematic Slides for DaVinci Resolve

Cinematic Slides

This DaVinci Resolve template can create scroll-stopping fantastic videos out of your photographs. It combines bold titles with motion graphics. Just drop in your images.

Production Demo Reel for DaVinci Resolve

Production Demo Reel

Use this DaVinci Resolve template to create a demo reel with multi-frame slides, a showreel, an energetic video opener, an event promo video, a movie trailer, or a music video. 

Modern Call Outs for DaVinci Resolve

Modern Callouts for DaVinci Resolve

This pack of modern call-outs is a fantastic tool. These DaVinci Resolve templates are useful for everything from real estate videos to movie trailers to advertisements. 

Mosaic Wall Logo Reveal DaVinci Resolve Template

Mosaic Wall Logo Reveal

Here’s a fun and easy way to create a logo reveal with DaVinci Resolve. Simply import photos or videos and place them on the multiscreen video wall. The template will take care of the rest. This is perfect for an event or fashion, photographers, artists, or brands.

Event Promo for DaVinci Resolve

Event Promo

Do you have an event or conference video promo to create? Why not use this beautiful, modern, stylish DaVinci Resolve template? Just drop in your media and text. All the hard work is done for you.

Messages and Social Media Elements

Messages and Social Media Elements

This is a fun and creative template for creating text, phone, and social media conversations within your video project. Easily make mock internet searches, text convos, and phone calls with this unique and useful DaVinci Resolve template. 

Text Messages

Text Messages

Check out this template for those times when you need text messages, message bubbles, and text notifications to insert into your feature films, short movies, advertisements, and music videos.

Colorful Brush Slideshow for DaVinci Resolve

Colorful Brush Slideshow Template

Young, fresh, modern, and contemporary — this colorful brush slideshow is a fun way to add 4k hand-drawn effects to your videos. This popular style is perfect for advertisements, social media reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube intros.

Geometric Slideshow for DaVinci Resolve

Geometric Slideshow Template

Here’s a quick and easy way to add visual interest to your YouTube videos, blog tutorials, presentations, and more. You can easily change the colors and fonts to suit your taste.

Colorful Flying Lines

Colorful Flying Lines

With this collection of DaVinci Resolve templates, you can add interesting and dynamic visual effects to your videos. Easily adjust the colors and style with just a few clicks. Flying lines are fun for music videos, fashion, dance, and more.

Criminal Profile

Criminal Profile Template

Create a top-secret CIA-style criminal profile complete with mug shots, secret photos, and police files with this fun DaVinci Resolve template. All you have to do is change the text and drop in your images.

Shapes Pack for DaVinci Resolve

Shapes Pack

Here’s a great pack of DaVinci Resolve templates — animated shapes, transitions, and elements for titles, overlays, logo reveals, sports videos, music & dance clips, and more. These dynamic elements are easy to customize and add a bit of energy and excitement to your videos.

Shape Elements for DaVinci Resolve

Shape Elements

Enhance your videos with this hand-drawn shape elements pack. Use these DaVinci Resolve templates to add visual interest to sports, dance & music videos or spice up your cartoons and video games. Or, try using them for logo reveals, and text reveals.

Scribbles Watercolor Pack for DaVinci Resolve

Scribbles Watercolor Pack

This beautiful, feminine watercolor scribbles pack is loaded with colorful, hand-drawn elements that are perfect for adding splashy, attractive visual interest to YouTube videos and social media reels.

Colorful Lower Thirds

Colorful Lower Thirds Templates

This set of brightly colored, professional, modern lower-thirds templates is perfect for your professional design videos that call for a modern, stylish vibe with a bit of colorful fun.

Lower Thirds for DaVinci Resolve

Lower Thirds for DaVinci Resolve

Here’s a pack of 10 different animated Lower Thirds with plenty of options for customizing the time duration, text, font, and color. These elegant animated titles are perfect for professional videos, documentaries, and corporate training videos.

Colorful Title Pack for DaVinci Resolve

Colorful Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Creating colorful titles in DaVinci Resolve couldn’t be easier with this pack of 20 brightly-hued titles. All you have to do is change the text. Perfect for YouTube videos, social reels, and more.

Kinetic Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Kinetic Titles

This DaVinci Resolve template includes 12 kinetic titles to use in your video projects. All you do is change the text, color, and duration of the title to fit your needs.

Gradient Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Gradient Titles

Easily add these modern, colorful gradient titles to whatever video project you’re working on. This set of title templates comes with various titles with different animations. All you do is change the text and colors.

Typography Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Typography Titles

Fans of typography will love this set of title templates! Create modernistic, cutting-edge, and eye-catching titles based on typography using these templates. Perfect for YouTube and corporate video projects.

Modern Glitch Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Modern Glitch Titles

If you’re working on a tech-related project, music video, dance video, or just looking to add a futuristic vibe to your project, then check out these glitch titles. 

Modern Big Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Modern Big Titles

Use this versatile bundle to add big, bold, modern titles to any video project. These are perfect for everything from advertisements to YouTube videos to movie trailers. 

YouTube Subscribe Buttons

YouTube Subscribe Buttons

Those who use DaVinci Resolve to edit YouTube videos will love this pack. It’s a bundle of high-quality dynamic, animated, and unique YouTube subscribe buttons to use in your videos.

YouTube Lower Thirds

YouTube Lower Thirds

This big bundle of YouTube elements will seriously boost your YouTube game. It’s got a wide variety of Lower Thirds, from subscribe buttons to titles to callouts.

Liquid YouTube Buttons

Liquid YouTube Buttons

Add pizazz to your YouTube videos with this set of liquid YouTube buttons with subtle animation. You’ll find Subscribe, Like, Get Notifications, and more — all in a cool liquid bubble look.

YouTube End Screens for DaVinci Resolve

YouTube End Screens

YouTube content creators will love this pack of YouTube video end-screen templates for DaVinci Resolve. They’re easy to edit with DaVinci Resolve.

Subscribe Like Notification

Subscribe Like Notification

YouTubers, we’ve got one more set of great DaVinci Resolve 17 templates for you. This one has Subscribe, Like, and Notification buttons for use with your YouTube videos. Step-by-step tutorial included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DaVinci Resolve have templates?

Yes! The software comes with some templates and creative assets, but you can also download thousands of other templates created by third parties. You’ll find templates for video transitions, logo reveals, lower thirds, animated text, and more. It’s possible to drastically reduce the time you spend editing videos with the help of these templates.

Where can I find DaVinci Resolve video editing templates?

Envato Elements is our favorite source of unlimited DaVinci Resolve templates. They have a huge selection, and you can download as many as you want (with simple commercial licensing), plus millions of other creative assets.

How do I add a template to DaVinci Resolve?

They are pre-made DaVinci Resolve files, so you simply open them and add them to the Project Manager. From there, you can incorporate them into your work in just a few minutes.

Can I customize the DaVinci Resolve templates?

Yes. The specific details vary depending on the resources, but the templates are editable or customizable. They can be tweaked to meet the needs of your project.

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