Design Bump: A New Niche Social Media Site for Design-Related Content

Design Bump

A few days ago I was contacted about a new site that targets the web design community. Design Bump is a niche social media site that was launched recently and is already building a bit of an audience.

Being built on Pligg, (My apologies. The site is actually built on Drupal) the popular open-source option for social media sites, Design Bump functions in a way that will be very familiar to many of you. The site has similar content and a similar audience to Design Float.

This blog has really benefited from niche sites for designers, like Design Float, so I hope Design Bump takes off as well. It will be interesting to see how both of these sites are able to attract and maintain users since they have essentially the same audience. Personally, I already visit Design Float on a daily basis and adding Design Bump to my daily stops shouldn’t be an issue.

Design Float was able to built part of its audience as a result of being featured in a number of CSS galleries, so we’ll see if Design Bump can do the same. I think Design Float has also grown as a result of offering bloggers the button to put on their posts that allows visitors to “float” the post. That helped to spread the word about the site and it continually encourages users to vote and stay active. At this point Design Bump does not have any buttons or widgets to use.

If you’re looking for a place to promote your own content, I can say that I have received some traffic from Design Bump to my posts that have been submitted. Of course, as a new site it won’t send floods of visitors to your blog, but I did see over 30 visitors the first day after I submitted a few posts.

If you haven’t visited Design Bump, I would encourage you to check it out and consider creating an account.

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