Quirky (and Creative) Gifts that Every Designer will Love

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Gifts for Designers
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Designers often enjoy creative tools and little trinkets that can enhance their workflow. So if you wanted to buy something creative for a designer (or yourself), how would you know what to get?

Take a look at the following collection of gift ideas for designers and see if anything catches your eye. Some are digital while others rely on more traditional design mediums. Each person’s taste is slightly different so this collection aims to provide gift ideas for everyone.

Gifts for Designers


Wire management isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with. But when tangled wires drop behind your desk, that’s when problems occur.

Toysdone Cordies Desktop Cable Management for Power Cords and Charging Accessory Cables (Pink)

Save some grief by ordering one of the Cordies cord organizers. They come in various colors and can hold at least 5 cords in a tight grip from any location on a desk.

Satechi Desktop Organizer

satechi usb port

This self-branded iDesk Organizer is perfect for anyone with a cluttered office. While it seems geared towards Mac users this can actually work great with any computer setup.

Satechi builds a lot of accessories for computers and workstations. They’re well known for ingenuity and this product could make the perfect gift for someone who’s always on the computer and just needs a better way to organize.

Browser UI Sketch Pad

browser sketch pad

Wireframing is crucial to any successful UI design project. Many designers like the fluid nature of sketching on paper which makes wireframing by hand so pragmatic.

The Browser Sketch Pad by UI Stencils is perfect for any designer who builds for the web. It can save time with a pre-built template and measurable dots for grid-based design elements.

Alternatively, you might consider the iPhone sticky pad for mobile app designers.

Website UX Deck of Cards

ux cards deck

What could be more fun and creative than a deck of cards with a focus on user experience?

This UX card deck contains 53 unique cards that can be used to rearrange user experience components for a website or mobile app. A designer might use these cards to make an analog sitemap by rearranging specific UX elements. It can be the perfect gift for someone who builds interfaces and might be looking to try a different approach.

Moleskine Smart Notebook

smart notebook

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has changed the way designers produce content. Now it seems even product designers are getting into Adobe CC with items like the Moleskine Smart Notebook.

It functions like a digital Moleskine notebook where drawings can be turned into digital files. These can be stored locally or shared into Adobe’s Creative Cloud with a subscription.

Either way it’s a fantastic gift for the designer who likes sketching but prefers to stay digital. Of course, some designers prefer traditional mediums and would enjoy the classic Moleskine instead.

PHP Elephant Plush

elephpant plush php

Web design and development both go hand-in-hand to create valuable products. One of the most popular languages for backend development is PHP which powers platforms like WordPress.

The recognized mascot of this language is the PHP elephant which garners much adoration from the community. If you know anyone who loves plushies and PHP then this elephant should be a surefire addition to your shopping list.

 Whooz Custom Charger Stickers

whooz stickers custom

Designers like to get creative with their workspace and their tools. This creativity often comes out in the form of customization with sleeves and stickers.

The Whooz custom sticker set can be used to decorate all chargers from phones to laptops and even desktop power cables. Each pack contains 4 sheets of unique sticker designs that’ll make anyone’s cables stand out from the herd.

Deleteus Eraser

deletus eraser

Artistic designers and draftsmen who still use pencils will need a vital ancillary tool: the eraser. These come in all shapes and sizes but techies may prefer the Deletus eraser.

It’s shaped just like an old-school grey delete key. The size is plenty large enough and perfect for the designer with a passion for technology.

Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

A cordless music player in the shower has been nothing but a pipe dream until now. This wireless bluetooth speaker is also waterproof which makes it perfect for shower time. Just connect it to your laptop or desktop and stick it to the wall for endless tunes while you shower.

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic, 6hrs of playtime, Control Buttons and Dedicated Suction Cup (Blue)

If you or someone you know prefers baths instead, then consider picking up the iDuck speaker system which connects to any nearby MP3 player.

MacBook Air Compact Mirror

compact macbook mirror

For any fashion emergency it’s always good to have a mirror handy. Compacts are typically made to be feminine but this MacBook Air Compact is unisex and stylish for techies.

It measures about 3.5 inches(92mm) wide so it’s large enough to prove useful but small enough to store anywhere.

Coder Duvet Cover

duvet programming

A proud programmer would want to write code even in his/her sleep. While this isn’t technically possible(yet), this programmer’s duvet cover is the next best thing.

It comes fitted for twin, queen, and king-size beds. And the underside is made of a cotton polyester blend which is comfy enough to fall briskly into snoozeland.

Post-it Door Hangers

postit door hanger

Although not geared directly towards a designer, these post-it door hangers could be invaluable to anyone who struggles with task management.

They make the perfect reminders to do something or grab something before leaving the house. Or if you’re living with someone and need to leave them a note, these post-its are sure to grab their attention.

Mophie iPhone 6 Space Pack

morphie iphone6 case

iPhone users love their protective cases, and with so many options it can be tough to find the right one. Mophie has their own iPhone 6 space pack which acts as a protective case along with a battery and extra storage.

Since iPhones cannot get upgraded storage this case is one of the best accessories for a heavy iPhone user. The battery life can be essentially doubled and extra file storage comes in 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB.

Slate Mobile AirDesk

airdesk laptop

The Slate Mobile AirDesk is easy to carry and perfect for anyone who likes moving around. It has plenty of space for any size laptop and includes slots for touchscreen devices.

The AirDesk also sports a small whiteboard for taking down notes by hand. The board itself is incredibly light and is made to absorb heat from any laptop.

Big Big Cursor

big cursor pointer gift

For the fun techie in your life consider grabbing a Big Big Cursor for touchscreen devices. The cursor behaves like a tablet pen but styled with a more traditional flair.

You can order either a mouse pointer or hand cursor design. Both are about the same size and can even stick to the side of tablets for easy portability.


New trends pop up each year and new products are being released all the time. This list should get you started but if you love design or love someone who loves design, stay vigilant in searching for the perfect gift to give!