Must-Follow Illustrators and Designers on Instagram

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Designers to Follow on Instagram
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Instagram uploads millions of photos every single day. Many of these are personal but others are posted to showcase work in various creative fields. Web designers and digital artist especially like to share their work on Instagram, the largest photo sharing social network.

I’ve collected some of the best and most active designers on Instagram worth following to boost your creativity. These are designers and illustrators that not only produce great work, but also have a unique voice and passion for what they do.

Designers to Follow on Instagram


Under the username spovv you’ll find some of the best illustration work ever. Check out examples on Dribbble and of course Instagram which hosts hundreds of digital illustrations.

Spovv has a free-form artistic style that really stands out against all others. There’s truly something unique about this style and it stands out a zany, light-hearted, yet precise in articulation.

spovv illustration

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe primarily creates typography but touches on graphic design as well. He does incredible project work and teaching that focuses on digital design and typography.

His Instagram account is loaded with hand-drawn typographic layouts from logos to random doodles. But even his doodling is impressive and makes you want to bust out a fountain pen to try improving your own skills.

sean mccabe instagram

Rogie King

Rogie King is a UI designer and illustrator with incredible talent in both fields. He posts a lot of work on Dribbble and on his Instagram account.

Rogie has worked in digital design for years and only recently started posting his illustration work online. It naturally caught the attention of many designers and he’s now much more well-known for his illustrations. He’s quite a character and well worth a follow on IG.

rogie king instagram

Scott Diggs Underwood

Scott Diggs is an animator and storyboard artist who made a name for himself on the Cartoon Network sensation Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Scott “Diggs” Underwood posts a lot of illustration work to his Instagram with interpretations borrowed from cartoons and TV shows.

Find more work on his Tumblr page and on his personal portfolio.

scott diggs underwood instagram


Although not exactly a single entity, TwoHabits is a Russian design studio with a beautiful Instagram account. They post new projects and spec work made by the team including mobile apps, custom widgets, product designs, basically anything digital.

Their account updates daily with new posts and it’s one of the best places to find quality inspiration for UI design work.

two habits design instagram

Matt Carlson

Matt Carlson is an illustrator and graphic designer currently working at Grain & Mortar. His illustration work is mostly vector-based but uses realistic tendencies to exaggerate the designs.

He posts lots of illustrations and design projects on his Instagram. You’ll find everything from logos, banners, icons, custom mascots, and a whole lot more.

matt carlson

Amadeus Malmén

One of the coolest designers on Instagram is Amadeus Malmén. He’s an art director posting a lot of typographic work for logos and identity design projects.

Follow along with his account if you’re looking for typographic inspiration. Everything he posts is beautiful and it’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with pencil and paper.

amadeus malmen artwork

Sam Van Fossen

Sam Van Fossen is an illustrator with a great sense of humor. He posts a lot of illustration work with varying styles and materials.

Check out his Instagram to see more work and to decide if he’s worth a follow. Creatives who love illustration projects will surely appreciate his style.

real sam vol fossen illustration

Natalie Smith

One of my favorite illustrators in the whole world is Natalie Smith. Her work transcends many boundaries and is featured in a number of books, posters, and print+digital projects.

Her Instagram account boasts everything from finished pieces to doodles and works in progress. She also posts a lot of stuff on Dribbble where she publishes awesome portfolio pieces.

natalie smith illustration

Ramil Derogongun

Ramil Derogongun is a designer from the Philippine capital of Manila. He designs interfaces for all screens from native mobile apps to responsive website layouts.

Check out his consistently-updated Instagram to find quality work among all disciplines of screen design. I truly enjoy his balance of digital aesthetics with real user experience concepts.

Zach Urich

Strictly focusing on icons, Zach Urich pushes the boundaries of illustration work in a digital world. Zach posts a lot of fanciful icon designs for real and imagined projects.

His Instagram page is a great place to find the latest stuff he’s been working on. Most of his style revolves around flat design, but there’s also a certain sense of realism with the adoption of light & shade techniques.

zach urich icon designer

Tyler Carter

Visual development artist Tyler Carter has his hands busy at Blue Sky Studios. His work consists primarily of digital paintings for creative projects in the film & TV business.

Follow along with new updates on Instagram if you want to see more.

tyler carter illustration work

Bobby Weissenberg

Bobby Weissenberg is a young budding artist with an active Instagram account. He often posts every day featuring his illustration work either finished or in a sketchbook.

He doesn’t do much design work, but he does seem to know about digital art & painting. Great inspiration for anyone just getting into the realm of digital art.

weissenberg sketchbook

Timothy Hewitt

The multidisciplinary designer Timothy Hewitt produces work for interfaces, graphic pieces, logos, data visuals, and pretty much anything. His Instagram is full of new work for UI designers and graphic designers alike.

He also follows the daily UI challenge and posts his newest work right to his website.

timothy hewitt designer

Josh Cleland

On the crazier side of illustration is Josh Cleland with an unmatched style of artwork. Josh posts some incredible features on his Instagram page mostly of characters either human or animal.

It’s always fun to find illustrators like Josh that have nailed down their artistic style. Looking at his posts you’ll see that his voice really shines through every illustration.

josh cleland artist

Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft is an extremely talented illustrator/animator previously working at Disney. His personal Instagram account is full of finished production pieces, personal artwork, and even sketches to show his process.

He’s also an accomplished teacher running his own lectures and podcasts on the Taught By A Pro website.

tom bancroft animator illustrator

Bertrand Sanabria

Bertrand Sanabria is currently a student studying 2D and 3D art. Although still in school, his work is superb and likely to keep improving over time.

Follow along with new posts on his Instagram to find cool illustrations, digital paintings, and sketchbook line drawings.

Cale Atkinson

Cale Atkinson is a renowned illustration/animator working on projects from television, video games, and children’s books. He has a very unique style of painting which he shares freely on Instagram.

Cale is an unbelievable artist with such a variety of work. He doesn’t update Instagram too often but he shares his work everywhere including Twitter and his personal site.

cale atkinson illustration work instagram

Take a look over all these talented people and see if any of them could make an excellent addition to your feed. As an Instagram lover myself, I really hope this list offers creative inspiration to professional and aspiring designers/illustrators.

And if I’ve missed anyone that definitely should be in this list please feel free to name drop in the comments section.

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