Ebook Review – Online Reputation Management from ViperChill

Online Reputation ManagementReputation management has become necessity for most businesses in today’s internet environment. With a growing number of sites publishing user-generated content and the incredible ease involved with the average person setting up a new blog, anyone can post a harmful message online that will leave an impact on your business.

Recently there have been a growing number of individuals and companies that are specializing in providing reputation management services to clients to help them monitor and protect their good name. A few weeks ago Glen Allsopp of ViperChill released a 75 page eBook called Online Reputation Management: All You’ll Ever Need to Monitor and Manage Your Online Reputation.

I’ve been familiar with Glen’s work through his blog where he covers search engine optimization, social media marketing, and of course reputation management. Glen has been working with some very large companies providing reputation management services, and this book is his way of sharing his knowledge with the rest of us.

Glen provided me with a copy of his book (thanks Glen!) and I’d like to share details of the book with you, because I know reputation management is only going to become even more of a necessity for those of us that do business online.

As I mentioned earlier, the eBook is 75 pages long and currently it’s selling for $19, although it will soon be increasing to $39 (you can purchase it through ViperChill.com). It’s broken down into 3 main sections: Monitoring, Repairing, and Managing. What I really like about Glen’s book is that it’s filled with real-world examples (and plenty of screen shots) that make his points very clear. It’s evident that Glen put a lot of thought into how this book could be laid out in order to be the most practical for the reader, and by breaking it down into these 3 sections I think the content is much easier to digest and comprehend.

I have to admit that before reading this book I’d only paid a small amount of attention to the topic of reputation management. I think for most of us it’s easy to overlook the need for reputation management until a problem arises and damage control sets in. The reality is, we all know that at any time someone could unfairly damage our reputation that we have spent a great deal of time and effort building.

I thought the best way to give you some information about the book and how it may be able to help you would be to do a short interview with Glen. So rather than getting too many of my words about the book and the subject at hand, let’s see what Glen has to say.

Many of our readers are individuals that work online or they are a part of a small business. It’s easy to see why huge, global companies need to invest time and effort into reputation management, but can you share some of your thoughts on reputation management and how it impacts the entrepreneur or small business owner?

Funnily enough that is a very common thought so I’m glad you’ve asked that question. Small bloggers can benefit greatly from knowing who is talking about them, some of the most beneficial in my opinion are:

– Know who is insulting them (if anyone) regarding the information they are putting out there

– Find out what content people are enjoying judging by who is actually linking too it

– Be in a good position to deal with any negativity that may arise as the brand grows.

Sadly, the bigger you get the more people will talk negatively about you, often from the jealousy of the success you are building. In terms of startups, it’s also important that they know what people think about their offering. It is very common for people to blog about them rather than go to the website itself and send them a message via the contact form.

What do you see in the future of the reputation management industry?

It is definitely growing. There’s been a bit of a bubble of blog posts around this topic recently, I’m proud that I started moving towards that niche a few months before this mini bubble happened as it is not something I “jumped on the band wagon”. Trends like this happen a lot, at the moment tons of people are writing about twitter, a few weeks before that there was a flood of information regarding facebook and so on.

Business owners are starting to understand why reputation management is becoming increasingly important. Largely due to the fact that big name brands have came under fire for not understanding the two-way conversation the web has become. I see the future for online reputation management as being a service that more and more online marketing companies begin to offer to their clients. After that, it will be about staying on top of the game in both seo, social media and communications.

One of the things I really appreciate about your book is that it’s very well laid out in a step-by-step fashion. There are plenty of books that you can read, feel like you understand the content, but you still have no idea how to go about putting that knowledge into practice in the real world. I think your book is a good starting point for a business owner that wants to be able to handle the tasks of reputation management himself/herself. With that being said, how much time would you say should be devoted to reputation management each week for the average small business?

For the average small business it isn’t something that takes up a huge amount of time, depending on the amount of discussions around the brand. As long as companies have managed to build up a nice ‘web profile’ of who they are and what they offer then after that, it is just monitoring what is said around the brand which can be a quick scan of a feed reader or other service for a few minutes every morning.

After reading through Online Reputation Management: All You’ll Ever Need to Monitor and Manage Your Online Reputation, I can honestly say that it is a very well-written and informative book that you will definitely learn from. As I mentioned earlier, Glen’s approach with the book is very practical and he uses tons of real-world examples to clarify his points. If you run an business or work full-time online, I suggest you pick up a copy of the book for yourself. If you have already purchased the book I would love to read your feedback in the comments.

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