The Best Email Newsletters for Designers

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The web/graphic design community includes a huge number of active blogs that post articles, tutorials, inspiration, and other types of content. Design blogs are a part of the daily routine for many designers, but there are also several quality email newsletters that cover topics related to design and development.

Best Email Newsletters for Designers

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine not only runs the most popular blog for web designers, they also have an email newsletter that is published every two weeks. Their newsletter issues include industry news, inspiration, and links to useful websites and apps.

Smashing Magazine

SitePoint Newsletters

SitePoint offers 4 different newsletters that you can subscribe to. The SitePoint Tribune is a weekly newsletter that covers building, managing, and marketing websites. SitePoint Tech Times is a weekly newsletter that covers all the technical aspects of web development. SitePoint Design View is a monthly newsletter that covers a variety of topics related to web design. SitePoint Community Crier is the newsletter of the SitePoint forums.


Design Shack

Subscribers of the Design Shack newsletter receive a weekly deal on products of interest to web and graphic designers. The deals are often 50% off or more.


Other Email Newsletters for Designers:

.net Magazine


How Magazine


Get Inspired Magazine Newsletter


Tripwire Magazine Newsletter

Tripwire Magazine Newsletter Newsletter





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