Executing a Consistent Blog Monetization Strategy

What is your strategy for monetizing your blog? More importantly, how are you going about accomplishing this? Money can be made with blogs either directly or indirectly. Some common methods of making money directly include:

  1. Selling products
  2. AdSense/PPC ads
  3. Selling links
  4. Affiliate products
  5. Paid posts/reviews
  6. Donations

These methods involve either a blog visitor or an advertiser making a payment. While there are different ways to make money with any of these methods, they all drastically contrast the efforts aimed at making money indirectly through your blog, which involves:

  1. Positioning yourself as an expert or authority in your field of work
  2. Financial benefits like increased numbers of clients or the ability to charge high rates for service

Although your business can make money with either method it is important to clearly determine which approach you will take. Much of your blog design and activities are determined by this decision.

For example, if your objective is to make money directly:

  1. Products sold/advertised should fit with the content of your website
  2. Ads should be placed in prominent places to make it easy for visitors to buy
  3. Content should lead the visitor towards an action (buying a product, clicking on a link, etc.)

And if your objective is to use your blog to become an authority:

  1. Content should be of very high quality
  2. Content should rule the page, not advertisements which can be distracting

Take a step back and look at your blog objectively. If you intend to be pursuing one of these monetization strategies, is your blog design and content facilitating the accomplishment of your goals?

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