10 Effective Custom Facebook Landing Page Designs

Facebook allows advertisers to create a custom page where clicks from their promotional content will lead to. A landing page ensures that your customer finds a more focused and targeted message. The more focused the advertising, the better the chances of converting leads to sales.

When it comes to landing page designs, there are some stunning examples out there. Those that use the functionalities of a landing page combined with great graphics. We’ve selected 10 stunning one’s for you here:

(UPDATE: The Facebook landing pages shown below are no longer online.)

1. Starbucks – Blonde Roast

Starbucks - Blonde Roast

Starbucks’ Blonde Roast campaign offered coffee drinkers a free cup with their regular coffee. Each cup had an illustrated “Light Note” on it – a simple message to brighten your friend’s day. The campaign was so successful that even after Starbucks ran out of actual cups; it launched a Facebook application where people could send cards to their Facebook friends with the same messages and illustrations. The application is easy on the eyes and the mind. It’s simple and elegant with a big green button to get you started.

2. Coke – Welcome Page

Coke - Welcome Page

Trust Coke to do it right! Coca Cola’s welcome page starts off with a great tagline “Like Coke? There’s a button for that!”. A simple but effective copy that would lead fans to immediately hit the “Like” button on top. You can play songs, browse through the gallery and also visit Coke’s other social media pages. It follows the branding theme but doesn’t overdo the red. What’s more? The landing page changes according to the country you’ve specified.

3. Scholastic – The Face Literacy Initiative

Scholastic - The Face Literacy Initiative

Scholastic launched The Face Literacy Initiative to encourage parents and adults to buy books for their children to be read at home or school. Why should reading be limited to the classroom when a simple button can help you bring literacy home? The Facebook application tells you all you need to know in one click. The text is well managed with visuals with ample links to get involved so you won’t miss it.

4. Harry Potter – Gift Guide

Harry Potter - Gift Guide

Even though the movies and books have come to an end, the legacy of Harry Potter and its fans lives on. This gift guide is a sure way to excite the Potter heads who just can’t let go of it. The animated landing page app presents a book to the fans from which they can choose from a wide range of Harry Potter merchandise. The graphics are great and there is an instant call-to-action. What more could a Potter head want? Except, perhaps a wand of course!

5. Mercedes-Benz – Global Experience

Mercedes-Benz - Global Experience

Mercedes-Benz’s Global Experience page gives you a clear shot of how popular the company is. A map at the top is designed to impress – statistics (that keep growing every millisecond) and blinking dots that show you Mercedes-Benz fans around the world. Then that’s not all. Immediately below are visual links to Mercedes’ other social platforms along with some entertainment links as well. Once you get there, you’ll stay there!

6. Escape Studios – Tutorials

Escape Studios - Tutorials

Escape Studios is an online animation school which provides free as well as paid lessons for aspiring animation artists. Their ‘tutorials’ landing page on Facebook is more than just a landing page with a Like button. Instead of redirecting you to the website, they let you browse tutorials right there. Once you’ve chosen a tutorial you like, you can simply click “Read more…” and quench your thirst. The graphics are straightforward but not boring and overall the page is optimized for action.

7. Volkswagen – Think Blue

Volkswagen - Think Blue

It is no surprise that we have two car companies on the list. Volkswagen’s Think Blue championship has a thrilling landing page. The graphics tie in with the name of the contest and show the dreams of every participant at the top. A welcome message precedes a button that takes you directly into the championship itself. Below the fold is the description of Volkswagen’s commitment to a greener world. If you stumbled upon the page, you would definitely want to know if you will make it all the way to California!

8. Intel – Ultrabook

Intel - Ultrabook

Intel’s Ultrabook Convertible gets its own landing page for promotion – and uses it well. The first button on the top invites you to share it with your friends. A sleek image leads the eye into the fold below which shows an embedded YouTube ad (London version) of the Ultrabook Convertible. There are more links on the right to keep you engaged in watching more videos about the Ultrabook and find out for yourself if it suits your taste.

9. College Humor – Fired

College Humor - Fired

College Humor’s landing page for their presentation “Fired” featuring Jake and Amir is stunning and straightforward. The brand identity is sewn beautifully into the wacky graphics and a simple button takes you to the video. The best thing in this landing page is it really targets the Facebook audience with the tagline at the top right corner.

10. Facebook – Welcome Page

Facebook - Welcome Page

Who would understand Facebook better than the Facebook owners themselves? The landing page that welcomes you to Facebook is not only visually smart, but presents numerous opportunities for interaction with the fans. A ticket at the top gives you the latest updates about what’s going viral and what’s not so popular. The right hand column is dedicated solely for you to spread the word among your friends and below the fold, you can see what people are saying about their brand. Smooth landing? We think so!

In conclusion, a landing page serves its purpose well when it provides an immediate call-to-action for its fans. Graphics in a landing page can be very complicated or very simple – but they all serve one purpose which is to lead the eye around the page so that it entices the fan to explore it. These are some examples that you can refer to when creating your own custom landing page. Happy creating!

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