30 Inspiring Facebook News Feed Redesign Concepts Worth Sharing

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The Facebook news feed has needed an updated look for awhile now. It’s understandable, though, that Facebook hasn’t redesigned the site. Users have learned the layout, buttons, and links. A redesign, especially a major one, could meet with lots of protests and complaints. I wouldn’t want to deal with all of that.

On the other hand, a redesign would probably provide Facebook with a huge publicity boost that would be worth the angry tweets. And, let’s face it, anyone who felt strongly enough to boycott Facebook would be back once they got to the unbearable stage of withdrawals.

But, there is no rumor in sight to indicate Facebook will make a change any time soon. Still, it’s fun to play “what if,” which is what we can do with the following Facebook redesign concepts. The following concepts are really impressive, even those that are a bit incomplete. Yet, even the ones that leave out some key elements that would need to be included give us a good glimpse of just how fun a new design could be. Some of these redesigns are even off the iOS and Android apps, which are also a bit outdated.

So, take a look at these Facebook redesign concepts below. Then be sure to click on your favorite designs since most of the designers provide nice close-ups and more detailed explanations of their redesigns, and if you feel inclined, share your favorite with your Facebook friends. Have fun exploring!

Facebook Evolution by Vinfotech

This redesign reminds me a bit of MySpace in its design style. And the flat style along with a focus on photos gives it a more modern look and feel. While the news feed is nicely done, my favorite are the changes to the profile page.

The photo slider is a very nice touch, especially with the thumbnails at the top of the slider. If the thumbnails are clickable, it would be a lot easier to jump around from image to image.

Facebook Redesign Concept by Monish

The white cards on a blue background seem to make the content much easier to digest in this Facebook redesign concept, and the circular profile images give it a more saavy look.

While the “update status” bar is a bit difficult to locate, the menu items in the header are much easier to find with the drop down expanded list view than in the current design.

Facebook iOS 7 Redesign by Unity

The transparent buttons are a nice, modern touch in this Facebook iOS 7 redesign concept, but one of the best changes is with the notifications and the cool “slide to reply” feature.

Facebook Redesign by Yassen Essmat

In his Facebook redesign, Essmat creates a sidebar menu that stands out from the rest of the page using ribbons for the main links. The profile page allows for customization of the background and darkens the appearance quite a bit.

Facebook Redesign Concept by Raphael Jiya

This is another redesign concept that darkens the appearance of Facebook by removing the white background. This design also includes a secondary header menu as well as a 3D look for columns and cards.

Facebook Redesign by Goksel Vancin

This redesign keeps a lot of the design the same as the current Facebook look. Vancin makes some changes though, to make it easier for children or the elderly to learn to navigate. For instance, the side menu is simplified with icons and the removal of links duplicate to those in the header menu.

Facebook iOS 7 Redesign Concept by Monish

This is another Facebook redesign concept by Monish, except for the iOS 7 app. The flat design makes the app easier to browse, it seems. Plus, the Like, Comment, and Share buttons are larger, which make for easier clicking on a small screen.

Facebook Profile Redesign by Arslan Ali

This Facebook redesign is of the profile page and changes it up quite a bit. Ali removes the Timeline photo and moves the profile pic and other information to the side bar, keeping the center column focused on timeline content only.

Facebook Redesign Light by Aurelian SALOMON

While Aurelian admits that this is a simplified redesign concept, there is much to praise about this look. Both the header and side menus are much cleaner, and while the lack of color in the header makes it less noticeable, the larger search bar makes it easier to locate than in the current design. Plus, the idea of mood emoticons attached to profile thumbnails is really an excellent idea.

Facebook UI Redesign by Timothee Guignard

This redesign cleans up the home page of Facebook, eliminating the fourth column. The items in the left and right columns are limited and kept well-organized in neat boxes.

Like the Vinfotech redesign above, Guignard’s redesign also includes a photo slider with previews. Again, I assume that each thumbnail is clickable for quickly jumping around without needing to exit the slider.

Facebook App Redesign by Craig Johnson

While initially this redesign seems a bit cluttered (it definitely leaves less room for viewing the news feed), the side menu is an interesting way to make the Like and Comment buttons bigger and more accessible. The slide out menu provides further options for each post, including a Hide button.

The drop down menu makes links, such as Profile and Friends, easy to access. Plus, the large size of the menu options are easy to click, no matter the screen size.

Facebook Website Redesign by Alexander Abusaa

This Facebook redesign concept makes the profile and home pages more consistent. For instance, the timeline photo from the profile page remains in the header of the home page.

Facebook iOS 7 Redesign by Mathieu Barre

This redesign simplifies the Facebook app for iOS 7 very well. On the homepage, all of the menu items are moved to the top of the screen. In the profile page, Status and Photo buttons are at the bottom of the screen. The rearrangement of the screens makes for much more intuitive movement throughout the app.

Facebook II Redesign by Prakash D

Prakash creates a very unique Facebook redesign concept, but one that also keeps with the tone of the current design. Some interesting changes include: search results organized into categories, a “mood ring” that circles around the profile pic, flat design throughout, a 2-column news feed, a separate public and friends news feed, and more. Definitely check out the rest of the screen shots to see these and other cool design features.

Facebook Pixel Shift by Cristian Ruiz

This Facebook app for Android is nice and clean with both left and right slide out menus. The look is still similar to the current one but rearranges items for easier use.

Facebook’s Website Redesign by James

This redesign includes large Comment and Like buttons on the side of each post in stand out buttons, rather than below with a blended in design. It also divides the news feed into two columns with everything else kept in the far left column/menu. The header menu is removed as well.

Facebook Redesign for Windows Phone by Surya Srikanth

The image slider at the top of the page is a nice touch to this redesign of Facebook for Windows phones. The actions for posts are much more visible too, in a blue colored bar.

Facebook Redesign by jonaska

This Facebook redesign concept is incredibly stunning. Small but powerful changes make this design nice to look at, as well as easy to browse through.

Facebook Redesign Exercise by Brandon Termini

The look for this redesign is very minimal yet suave with an orange and grey color scheme and white background. And a dislike button allows for better customization of a news feed based on your preferences.

Facebook Timeline Concept by Alex Osorio

This Facebook timeline redesign removes the timeline header, and instead keeps information to the left side bar. Status and uploading of photos are the first box with other timeline post boxes arranged in two columns down the page.

Facebook for OS X by Arvid Brane

The organization of this redesign of Facebook for OS X is very impressive. Plus, the many buttons and boxes add a lot of interest to this design.

Facebook Redesign by Naim Chayata

Chayata created a more minimalist and fresh look for this Facebook redesign concept. Also, more filters are available for the newsfeed as well as a Don’t Like button.

This redesign eliminates boxes and other similar extras, simply using columns and lots of white space to clean up the design. A few simple icons remain to provide visuals for quickly identifying different types of information, such as events.

Facebook for iOS Design by Pietro Schirano

With the profile pic placed over the center of the timeline photo, it leaves room for the About preview information in the upper left corner. The tabs are nice and large, easy to click on, as is the status bar. The grey color scheme gives this design a more sophisticated look than the current iOS design.

Facebook Redesign by William Alexander

The dark blue left column/ menu helps to break up the page really well in this Facebook redesign concept. The entire news feed looks so clean and minimal, it makes Facebook look like a portfolio page rather than a social media page.

Facebook Timeline Concept by Vitalijs Silkens

This Facebook timeline redesign looks really slick with the new arrangement of the profile pic with the tabs. The timeline “line” that runs down the middle of the page and divides up posts is a nice look too but could make for slower browsing.

Facebook Redesign by David S. Einenkel

This design follows the current look of Facebook somewhat, but cleans up the layout a lot. Einenkel placed the chat bar underneath the news feed activity bar and removed the menu items from the far left column. The news feed itself is a very modern and appealing look, including the action buttons at the top of the feed.

Facebook Redesign of UI Details by Gregoire Vella

The dark grey background for the far left column helps set it apart from the rest of the news feed design in this Facebook concept. Other details, such as cute icons and snappy buttons and boxes add a lot to this modernized look.

Facebook Android App Mock-up by Lewis Llewellyn

This redesign for the Facebook Android app keeps the look simple and organized. It also uses the entire screen, making items much easier to see no matter the size of the device.

Facebook Redesign by Wellgraphic

In this redesign, users have the option of viewing the news feed in one or two columns. Users also have the option of viewing the chat or activity feed in the right column. New and larger icons for customizing an update make them much more noticeable.

The profile page is much more similar to the news feed, making it less confusing to navigate. This profile redesign also utilizes the space much more beautifully. Be sure to take a look at the details on Wellgraphic’s website to really get the big picture here.

Final Thoughts

Who knows? Maybe Facebook will come up with a new design for its website and apps soon that updates the look but doesn’t upset the majority too much. For now, though, those of us annoyed by the current Facebook look will simply have to dream.

Along these lines of dreaming, which of the redesign concepts above did you like the best? If none really appealed to you, feel free to share what you think are the most important changes that need to be made to Facebook’s design. Share in the comments below!

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