How to Find a WordPress Theme That Has Value for Money

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When selecting a WordPress theme, price should not be a primary consideration. The price variation between most premium themes is not terribly large. And a few dollars either way isn’t going to influence the value of your choice.

Effectiveness and efficiency are what count. Here’s what to look for with respect to a theme’s efficiency:

  • Popularity. When a theme is as popular as this theme is, it means that other web designers, like yourself, have fully bought into it. 40,000 web designers have used the product. And have even played a role in shaping its evolution, 40,000 web designers can’t be wrong, right?
  • An abundance of pre-built websites.  A theme that offers more than 210+ fully-customizable pre-built websites that have UX principles already built into them, offer much more than a project’s starting point.

This is especially true with these pre-built websites designed to address a whole range of business domains.


Even a tailor shop has its own pre-built website.

No coding skills are required. Unless you are an experienced web developer, or you simply love to code, a rare trait among web designers, you’ll more than appreciate a WP theme that requires no coding or coding skills whatsoever. Time not spent on design is time wasted.

How to Identify a WordPress Theme That Has Value for Money

If you have before worked with WordPress themes, you’ve no doubt discovered that some can be cumbersome to work with. And others often fall short of providing all the features you would like to have available. Before deciding to buy a theme, you need to make a thorough analysis of its strengths and capabilities.

For the experienced web designer, it’s all about value for money.


It’s also all about value for money if you’re relatively new to web design, or to the use of WordPress themes. So, here’s how to identify a WP theme that has all the right characteristics to give you value for money.

Hint: this WP theme does.

A large selection of pre-built websites. The lack of a need for coding. And high popularity among the international web design community have been touched on. Here are a few other important things worth looking into:

  • Responsive and Retina Ready.  These features have more or less become standard. But you want to check to make sure a theme features them before you make a buy.
  • Parallax effects and video backgrounds – these are hot right now. And for good reason. Both offer great ways to engage users. Don’t be without them.
  • Good customization options. Features like column support, wide/boxed layout options, a layouts Configurator and short code generator, aren’t just good customization options. They’re great customization options, so don’t settle for less.
  • Great design.  This is a “you’ll know it when you see it” type of feature. But it should become clear that great design is an integral part of a theme after a few trial runs.

Five Examples of Beautifully-Designed Pre-built Websites

When you have more than 210 pre-built websites to choose from, one can seem more awesome than the next, making your choice difficult. Since so many business themes and niches are represented, it’s easier to just drill down to one or two that are best suited to your project.

Be Barber


  • This pre-built website offers up a perfect example of combing a vintage look with a minimalist vibe.  And a luxurious array of colors thrown in.
  • Simplicity is a powerful design feature. And you see it all through this website, with a generous amount of whitespace used to add emphasis to the content.
  • The parallax effect, even when subtly applied adds depth, substance, and a feeling of consistency.

Be GoodFood


– This pre-built website, dedicated to diet-related business, features a beautiful design using cards.

– Fresh vegetables combine with subtle colors to deliver a fresh look. The colors themselves add fluidity to the background.



  • In this pre-built website you can see the use of flat design principles. And attractive, nicely structured, graphical elements.
  • The colors are strong and lively, yet they give a relaxing effect.
  • This is a good illustration of how to produce a corporate look that is at the same time a friendly look.

Be Music


  • “Listen to the music” is what this pre-built website is saying. It’s dedicated to a music studio.
  • The connection to a younger audience is clear through the images, colors, and card design.
  • A modern parallax effect, coupled with the dynamic use of graphics elements. It makes the UX exceptionally engaging.

Be Car


  • A minimalist structure, the excellent use of white space, and a smart choice of colors. All combined create a look of pure luxury.
  • This pre-built website provides a good example of how subtle hover effects can be used to captivate and engage a user.
  • Icons and graphics are easy to locate. Yet are not allowed to interfere with or take away from either the hero image or the website’s UVP.

The Theme with All These Features – Be Theme

These pre-built websites examples are only a small part of the 210+ Be Theme is offering. And you can install them with one click. Add Be’s features in the mix, and these are proof enough that Be has tremendous value of money. And it is precisely the theme you should invest in if you want to boost your productivity.

Your clients will also be impressed when you show them a customized pre-built website early in the design process, instead of a rough sketch. Or a mockup with limited dynamic or interactive capabilities.


            Pre-built websites can be used in place of mockups, and are far more effective.

These 210+ pre-built websites cover so many different categories. You would find yourself challenged to think of a project where not one of them would make a good fit.

Whether your choice relates to automobiles, sports, nutrition, a blog, or one of the others, they all have many things in common.

Every pre-built website features a one click install. None of them require coding skills. All are completely customizable using Be’s innovative builder. And valuable UI and UX principles have been embedded into their designs.

History is on your side when you choose Be Theme. Be is a ThemeForest top 5 seller. And once you start using it, you’ll find yourself in the company of more than 40,000 past and present satisfied web design users. All them professionals, like you.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Be Theme.

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