10 Best Font Websites: Best Places to Download Free and Premium Fonts

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Web and graphic designers can never have too many fonts. Fortunately, several reliable websites offer a wide selection of fonts and typefaces you can use to take your designs to the next level.

This article showcases ten sites that are, in my opinion, the best sources. Of course, many other sites also offer fonts, but the ones listed here are among the leaders in the industry. They’ll give you plenty of options for just about any font type you can imagine (and some types you’ve probably never imagined).

Why Pay for Fonts?

Many sites offer free font downloads. You’ll find the best free font options in this article, but there are a few caveats you need to be aware of when it comes to downloading free fonts.

First, many fonts are free only for personal use. Their usefulness is limited if you can’t use them for any type of business or your client projects. By paying for a premium font, you’ll get a license so you can use it confidently (although you should always check the license details).

Second, Many free fonts are limited. For example, the regular version may be free in one weight, but additional weights or an italic version may not be available for free. Premium fonts are also more likely to feature multilingual characters, stylistic alternates, and ligatures.

Third, the quality of free fonts varies widely. There are some high-quality fonts you can download and use for free, but there are also many low-quality free fonts. In general, premium fonts tend to be better quality than free fonts.

With these points in mind, I recommend not limiting yourself to only free fonts. A few of the sites featured in this article allow you to get a massive arsenal of premium fonts for very low prices.

The Best Font Websites

Here are my favorite websites for finding high-quality fonts and typefaces.

1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is my top recommendation because of its incredible value. Instead of purchasing fonts individually, Elements uses a subscription model. With a modest monthly or yearly payment, you’ll get unlimited access to download all the fonts you need (plus unlimited stock photos, video clips, sound effects, graphic templates, WordPress themes, and more).

Currently, Elements subscribers have access to more than 40,000 fonts, and that number keeps increasing. The site is easy to search, or you can browse fonts by category or style. With such a huge collection at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. You can build an impressive font library at a very modest cost.

The more creative resources you use, the better your Elements subscription’s value. If you use a lot of stock photos, fonts, or graphic resources, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to buying resources individually. You’ll also find that you love the ability to download a new resource without paying for it individually. You don’t have to limit yourself to the fonts you already own because you can download as many as you want!

We have an Envato Elements subscription for Vandelay Design, and we use the resources (like the stock photo in this article) all the time.

Highlights of Envato Elements:

  • Unlimited downloads of fonts, stock photos, and many other creative resources.
  • Thousands of new resources are added each week.
  • Use as many fonts as you want without buying them individually.
  • Web fonts are available as well.
  • The commercial license allows you to use the resources on client projects.
  • User-friendly site for finding what you want.
  • Includes access to courses and tutorials.
  • Unbeatable value.

2. Fonts.com


Fonts.com is an industry leader with a vast selection of professional fonts. Of course, you can find fonts of all types here, no matter what you’re looking for (serif, sans serif, script, display fonts, etc.).

The navigation menu makes browsing new fonts, best sellers, and deals easy. You can also search or browse by font type. The filters make it easy to narrow down the results based on your needs.

The downside of Fonts.com is that it can be expensive. That may be fine if you’re only looking for a single font. But looking at the prices will show just how good of a deal Envato Elements is with the offer of unlimited downloads.

3. Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace site where designers, artists, and other creatives can set up a shop and sell their products. They don’t allow just anyone to set up a shop, so the quality at Creative Market is excellent.

Because sellers can set their prices, you’ll find a wide variety of prices here. Some offer excellent value, and others are priced higher. But overall, the prices at Creative Market are very reasonable. They also offer a few different licenses, so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

In addition to fonts, you’ll find all kinds of graphic resources at Creative Market, including illustrations, templates, mockups, photos, and more.

Those who frequently buy at Creative Market can get a membership with a set number of monthly downloads. However, the price is much higher than the subscription cost at Envato Elements.

4. MyFonts


MyFonts is another industry leader that’s under the same ownership as Fonts.com. With over 100,000 fonts available, you can find just about any type of font you need.

The search function makes it easy to find the font families you need, or you can browse fonts by tag. Pricing varies by font, but overall, the prices are very reasonable.

MyFonts could be an excellent option if you’re looking for a single font.

5. Fontspring


In early 2022, Dribbble (who also owns Creative Market) bought Fontspring. So far, Creative Market and Fontspring continue to operate separately even though they’re owned by the same company.

More than 700 font foundries contribute to the fonts and typefaces available at Fontspring. You’ll find a large selection of high-quality premium fonts and some freebies. They also have an excellent font identifier.

You can search or browse by category or classification to find what you’re looking for. You can also browse lists curated by Fontspring, which can be a great way to find amazing fonts.

6. FontShop


FontShop is the third site on this list that falls under the Monotype umbrella, along with Fonts.com and MyFonts. Like the others, you’ll find an excellent selection of professional fonts here.

You can easily browse a list of bestsellers, find new fonts, check sale items, or even find free fonts from the navigation menu.

FontShop is excellent if you’re buying a single font. However, if you need a lot of fonts, you’re probably better off with an unlimited subscription to Envato Elements.

7. Design Cuts

Design Cuts Fonts

Design Cuts is similar to Creative Market but on a smaller scale. Creators can open a shop and sell their fonts and other products at Design Cuts.

You won’t find as many different fonts at Design Cuts as at most other sites featured in this article, but the quality is excellent. The pricing is generally very good, and they’ve done an outstanding job of building a loyal customer base (as evidenced by the 4.8 average rating on TrustPilot).

8. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica Fonts

Creative Fabrica is a cross between Envato Elements and Creative Market. You can buy OpenType and TrueType fonts and other design resources individually or get an all-access membership for unlimited downloads.

The prices at Creative Fabrica are excellent. However, the quality is hit or miss. There are some excellent fonts and resources available, but there are also a lot of lower-quality items. In my opinion, Envato Elements offers a much better value because of the higher-quality resources. But if you’re looking for unlimited downloads at a great price, check out Creative Fabrica.

One of the downsides is that the site’s usability isn’t the best. I find myself wading through the search results to find what I’m looking for.

9. Font Squirrel


Font Squirrel is my favorite resource for free fonts. The selection isn’t nearly as large as what you’ll find at some free font websites, but they focus specifically on free fonts for commercial use. If you download fonts from Font Squirrel, you don’t have to worry about accidentally using them for a client project or another commercial purpose.

You can view popular fonts, browse by tag or classification, or search. You can find excellent fonts that are free of charge and still match the quality of some premium fonts.

10. Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is another excellent resource for free fonts. The fonts you’ll find here are open-source and can be used commercially. You can download them or use them as a webfont.

Web designers love Google Fonts because of how easy it is to implement with a website. And whether you’re a professional graphic designer or a hobbyist, Google Fonts is an incredibly valuable and helpful resource for free fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font sites are safe?

If you’re looking for free fonts, we highly recommend FontSquirrel and Google Fonts. The fonts you find on those sites should be free for commercial use. However, always check the license details for yourself to be sure.

There are several sites of font libraries that are good sources of premium typefaces. We recommend Envato Elements, Creative Market, Fontspring, and MyFonts, among others. Again, checking the license details for yourself is always important rather than making assumptions.

What is the best free font site?

We believe Google Fonts and FontSquirrel are the best font sites for downloading fonts because they seem to be the most careful with license and copyright verification. The fonts you find at these sites should be licensed for commercial use, but always check the license details before using a font.

Are free fonts really free?

The details vary from one font to the next. You can find free fonts at Google Fonts and FontSquirrel for personal or commercial use. However, some of these free fonts are demo versions and you may need to purchase a license to get the full font family.

How can I download premium fonts for free?

Some high-quality fonts and typefaces are available for free download. Check sites like Google Fonts, FontSquirrel, and Fontspring to find them. However, many professional fonts require a license for use. If you find one of these premium fonts for free on a third-party website, you could still be held responsible for downloading and using it. We recommend paying for a license if you’re using a font for commercial purposes to avoid potential issues or download a free typeface from a reputable source like Google Fonts.

Why are fonts expensive?

The price of fonts varies greatly. Some can be licensed for just a few dollars, and others may cost hundreds. Professional designers dedicate a great deal of time to designing high-quality fonts, and the price may reflect that. If you’re looking for the best value and a huge variety of different font styles, we recommend Envato Elements. You can get unlimited downloads and commercial licensing for one low monthly or yearly price.

Final Thoughts

Fonts are essential resources for designers. Thanks to the sites on this list, type designers have endless possibilities. Envato Elements is my go-to resource for fonts and other creative assets because of its incredible value. But the other sites listed here are also excellent resources in their own right.

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