Food Logo Designs for Identity Inspiration

Modern identity design is a detailed subject with many moving parts. The techniques and styles vary whether you’re designing a bar logo or in this case a food logo.

I’ve collected 25 stunning examples of food logo designs for creative inspiration. These logos include restaurants and specialty shops with vector icons and characters to improve brand recognition. Whether you’re designing for a client or scouting ideas for your own project, this gallery is sure to offer a great starting point.

Paleo Leap

paleo leap logo

Field of Plenty

field of plenty logo

The Flame Broiler

flame broiler logo

The Grateful Taco

grateful taco

Smokin’ Jack

smokin jack logo

Chicken Hut

chicken hut logo

The Bowl

the bowl logo

Brass Restaurant

brass restaurant logo

Bona Fide Sandwich Co.

bona fide sandwich logo

Gourmet Festival

gourmet festival logo

The Blackbird

blackbird logo

Little India

little india logo

Noodle Tramp

noddle tramp logo

Chicago’s Plate

chicago plate logo


cutty knife logo

The Crepe Escape

crepe escape logo design

Red Gravy

red gravy logo

Shoreline Coffee

shoreline coffee shop logo

The Salty Lime

salty lime logo

Big Bite Hot Dogs

big bite hot dogs logo

Chip Shop

chip shop logo

Lova Pita

love pita logo

Heads Or Tails

heads or tails logo lobster

Simply Hot

simply hot logo design

Barbecue and the Blues

barbecue and the blues logo

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