Beautiful Forest Wallpaper (Mobile and Desktop Backgrounds)

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Using a nature photo as your desktop or mobile wallpaper is a simple way to add some beauty to your day. There are many different types of images you can use (you may also be interested in our collection of mountain wallpaper images), but forest wallpaper is an excellent choice.

Here, you’ll find a collection of photos from various photographers that are perfect for use as wallpaper or backgrounds. We’ll start by showcasing horizontal images that can be used as desktop wallpaper. Then, we’ll look at vertical photos that can be used as wallpaper for your mobile phone.

Forest Wallpaper and Desktop Backgrounds

When you see a photo you want to use as your wallpaper, click on the image and you’ll be led to the source. You can download a high-resolution version to use as wallpaper or a desktop background.

Beam of Light on Forest Road

This photo perfectly captured a small section of sunlight peaking through the thick trees. The result is a beam of light from the sky to the below road.

Forest Wallpaper - Beam of Light on Forest Road

Bad Pyrmont, Deutschland

The trees in this image are mostly dark silhouettes, and the foreground is in deep shadow with some light coming from the side of the scene.

Forest Wallpaper - Bad Pyrmont

Trail Through the Forest

Trails, paths, and roads can provide leading lines that add intrigue to a photo. This path continues into the first and eventually turns out of sight.

Forest Wallpaper - Trail Through the Forest

Autumn Colors

The leaves in the photo feature a range of colors from green to orange to yellow.

Forest Wallpaper - Autumn Colors

Foggy Forest

This landscape photo works well as desktop wallpaper. You can easily place your desktop icons on the white background produced by the fog.

Forest Wallpaper - Foggy Forest

Midnight in the Forest

This photograph of a dark forest was captured at midnight. The light in the photo came from traffic on a nearby road.

Forest Wallpaper - Midnight


You’ll love the combination of autumn colors and beautiful sunlight in this image.

Forest Wallpaper - Sunbeam

Peak Autumn Colors

The leaves on the trees in this image are bright orange, and the ground is also covered by colorful leaves that have already fallen.

Forest Wallpaper - Peak Autumn Colors


The sun provides backlighting and creates beautiful silhouettes in this photo.

Forest Wallpaper - Silhouette

Tree Tops

This aerial photo showcases a thick forest. The narrow, straight tree trunks create a subtle pattern of vertical lines.

Forest Wallpaper - Tree Tops

Straight Down

Here’s another drone photo, but this one is taken looking straight down, providing a unique perspective.

Forest Wallpaper - Straight Down

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges is a tunnel of trees you may recognize from The Game of Thrones.

Forest Wallpaper - The Dark Hedges

Illuminated Woods

The low angle of the sun provides warm backlighting that flows through the trees.

Forest Wallpaper - Illuminated Woods

Trees and Mountains

This wallpaper image features a beautiful scene of a forest with low-lying fog and mountains in the distance.

Forest Wallpaper - Trees and Mountains

Backlit Forest

Forest scenes look drastically different depending on the sun and light. This one features backlighting.

Forest Wallpaper - Backlit Forest

Autumn Haze

Here you see autumn trees in heavy haze or fog with sunlight pouring in from the top.

Forest Wallpaper - Autumn Haze

Dirt Road

This photo of a straight dirt road leading through a forest features beautiful light shining through the trees from the right side of the image.

Forest Wallpaper - Dirt Road

Coniferous Forest

This photo shows trees surrounded by a light fog that adds interest.

Forest Wallpaper - Coniferous Forest

Pine Trees Covered by Fog

The tall trees in this photo are peaking out from the low-lying fog, resulting in a stunning photo.

Pine Trees Covered by Fog

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The amazing fall colors and spot of light are the standout features of this image.

Forest Wallpaper - Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hiking Trail

This photo shows a narrow trail leading through the forest. A tree in the foreground includes a red blaze for hikers.

Forest Wallpaper - Hiking Trail

Worm’s Eye View

The tall, straight tree trunks provide an intriguing composition looking straight up.

Forest Wallpaper - Worm's Eye View

Foggy Path

The path in this image disappears into thick fog.

Forest Wallpaper - Foggy Path

Winter Aerial

Here’s an aerial photo taken in winter that looks down on beautiful snow-covered trees.

Forest Wallpaper - Winter Aerial

Low Angle

This image shows a clear foreground with thick fog in the distance.

Forest Wallpaper - Low Angle


The tree trunk shadows create a composition of interesting lines.

Forest Wallpaper - Shadows


The setting sun provides warm golden light that fills the forest.

Forest Wallpaper - Sunset

Straight Trail

Here, the trail in the composition leads straight into the thick forest.

Forest Wallpaper - Straight Trail

Golden Fog

Warm fog fills this beautiful scene that includes some late fall foliage.

Forest Wallpaper - Golden Fog

Morsbach, Germany

The sun, low in the sky, bursts through a narrow opening in the trees.

Forest Wallpaper - Morsbach, Germany

Autumn Path

The path in this photo leads through a forest in stunning fall colors.

Forest Wallpaper - Autumn Path

Wood Bridge

This wallpaper features a small wooden bridge in a dense forest.

Forest Wallpaper - Wood Bridge

Aerial of Forest Road

This aerial photo shows a road that winds through a tick patch of trees.

Forest Wallpaper- Aerial Photo of Road

Forest Wallpaper for Smartphones

Here are some vertical images that work well as wallpaper for mobile phones. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, you’ll love seeing these images as your background.

Foggy Forest

Fog creates a beautiful scene with a mysterious look in this photo.

Forest Wallpaper - Foggy Forest

Dark Tunnel

This dark photo shows a path that works its way through a forest. The thick trees form a tunnel that surrounds the path.

Forest Wallpaper - Dark Tunnel

Fallen Tree

Here you see a hiking trail leading through a forest of big, tall trees. One of the trees has fallen and is angled over the trail.

Forest Wallpaper - Fallen Tree

Rays of Light

This close-up of a tree branch shows incredible rays of sunlight shining through the canopy.

Forest Wallpaper - Rays of Light

Golden Fog

This warm scene features trees poking through the fog.

Forest Wallpaper - Golden Fog

Pathway Between the Trees

Here’s another shot of a tree-lined road or path leading leading through a forest.

Forest Wallpaper - Pathway Through the Trees

Dark Forest

This dark scene has an eery and mysterious feel.

Forest Wallpaper - Dark

Goc, Serbia

This photo works well as mobile wallpaper with plenty of room for icons above the white foggy background.

Forest Wallpaper - Go?, Serbia

Moss on Trees

This close-up features interesting green moss on a tree trunk.

Forest Wallpaper - Moss on Trees

Looking Up

These leafless trees create leading lines and an interesting composition.

Forest Wallpaper - Looking Up

Road Through the Trees

This photo shows a road leading through a dense forest.

Forest Wallpaper - Road Through the Trees

Winding Road

Here’s an aerial photo looking down on the road. The road winds through the forest, creating an attractive image.

Forest Wallpaper - Winding Road

Download Forest Wallpapers

Decorating your desktop or mobile phone with forest wallpaper is an excellent way to add some beautiful nature to your day. Hopefully, you’ve found some options that appeal to you. Now, all you need to do is download the wallpaper and add it to your device.

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