Free Web and Graphic Design Contract Templates

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If you do design or development work for clients, you should have a signed contract for each project. Unfortunately, many freelancers and independent designers skip this important step because they don’t think it’s necessary, or don’t know how or where to create an appropriate contract.

We’ve worked with an attorney to create several contract templates you can use for various types of projects. Whether you’re designing a website or a logo, performing ongoing maintenance, or outsourcing work to other freelancers/contractors, we’ve got agreement templates that can help.

Do I Really Need a Contract?

As a freelancer, you might think contracts are only necessary for big projects or long-term engagements. While it’s true that these types of agreements are particularly important, any client work—even a one-time project—should be governed by some contract to protect both you and your client.

For the freelancer, having a contract in place before beginning work on a project offers several key benefits:

  • Helps to establish clear expectations with the client regarding the scope of work, timeline, and deliverables.
  • Can be used as a reference point if there are disagreements about the project later on.
  • Provides protection if the client doesn’t pay or tries to change the scope of the project after work has already begun.
  • Establishes payment amounts and dates/milestones.

Unfortunately, if you skip the contract, it could come back to hurt you later. If something goes wrong, you’ll have no legal recourse with no contract in place.

Using the Web and Graphic Design Contract Templates

If you’ve never created a contract before, the process can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be—a contract is simply a document that outlines the expectations and requirements of both parties involved in a project.

To get started, take a look at our list of contract templates below. We’ve created agreements for different types of design work. Download the template that best suits your needs, then edit it to add your own specific details about the project.

Each template includes blanks that you’ll fill in with the project details. You’ll also find highlighted sections with explanations. The templates come in Microsoft Word format, so you can enter the details of your project and delete anything that’s not relevant.

These are sample design contracts. They are meant as a guide only and NOT legal advice. The agreements may not meet your specific needs. If you have specific questions, you should seek legal or appropriate counsel for your unique situation and need.

Website Design Contract Template

Use this website when you’re designing or developing a website for a client. It could be the initial creation of a new website or a redesign of an existing site.

Download the web design contract template

Graphic Design Contract Template

This is a general contract template for graphic design services. You’ll fill in the details of the specific service you’re providing.

Download the graphic design contract template

Logo Design Contract Template

Designing a logo for a client? This contract template is more specific than the general graphic design contract template above.

Download the logo design contract template

Contract Amendment Template

If you used one of the contract templates above and you need to make a change, you can use this contract amendment template.

Download the contract amendment template

Website Maintenance Agreement Template

Use this template to provide ongoing maintenance services for your clients.

Download the website maintenance agreement template

Outsourcing Agreement Template

You can use this template to outsource work by hiring freelancers or independent contractors.

Download the outsourcing agreement template

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

In certain situations, a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement may be necessary. This template can be used for mutual non-disclosure agreements between you and the client.

Download the non-disclosure agreement template

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