Absolute Best Free Photoshop Brushes for UI Designers

Web design requires a complex marriage of creativity and user experience concepts. Together these skillsets can make fashionable and usable interfaces for websites and mobile apps.

Photoshop brushes are a popular resource for designers who want to add detailed graphics into their layouts. But with so many great brushes available online it’s tough to know what to choose.

This post focuses on 25+ free photoshop brushes that can be used in various website layouts. All of them are completely free to download and work great in a number of circumstances.

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Basic Doodles


Simple pencil-style doodle brushes that look masterfully hand-drawn. This pack includes 15 brushes with stars, arrows, speech bubbles, and a lot more.

Talk Bubbles

talk bubbles

Here we have a similar hand-drawn style but focused on speech bubbles. This brush pack has a fun doodle design with loads of brush styles to choose from.

Watercolor Mask

watercolor brushes

This watercolor mask pack includes 20 high-resolution watercolor brushes. Each brush measures approximately 2500px with the ability to scale down as needed.

Paintey Brushes


Shapes and common patterns created with a painterly style. These Paintey brushes can be used in any interface to make it feel more natural yet spontaneous.

Industrial Sketch Brushes

industrial brushes

Hand-sketched brushes are very popular because they give off a more creative vibe. This industrial set may not be useful in every project, but it covers an assortment of interesting designs that can be surprisingly pragmatic.

Decorative Brushes

decorative ps

Swirly-curvy lines added to a PS brush give you this incredible pack. These look like watermarks or calligraphic signs that can spruce up any simplistic layout.

Cross Hatch

cross hatching

The artistic technique of hatching is used to show value and shadows. This cross-hatching brush for Photoshop can be used in a similar way to give the sense of hand-drawn elements on the page.

Spray Paint

spray paint brushes

High-resolution graffiti can be created digitally with the spray paint brush pack. This free pack recreates paint splatter on a hard surface with an urban feel.

Slippery Lines

slippery lines

This brush pack includes 8 unique brushes that recreate slippery, interconnected lines for any type of UI design.


brackets brushes

From logos to icons and background decorations, these brackets can be used almost anywhere. The brush pack includes 8 unique bracket styles from serif to hand-drawn.


fireworks brushes

Dazzling lights and brilliant colors are associated with these fireworks brushes. The pack is completely free and includes 12 unique styles of fireworks.

Crushed Paper

crushed paper

While this brush pack only contains a single brush, it comes in very high-quality with incredible detail. Paper texture has never looked so good!

Old Paper

old paper texture

Similarly we have this old paper brush pack which includes 4 old parchment-style brushes. They work great as background textures or to apply texture over a logo/graphic.

Poker Brushes

poker brushes

Diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs. These four well-known symbols associate directly with poker and other similar card games. Now you can use them in any design project with this free Photoshop brush pack.

Subtle Brushes

subtle brushes

A huge pack of 42 subtle grunge brushes that can look grainy, fuzzy, dirty, or anything similar. Combine them together to create some truly unique effects!



This digitally crafted brush pack is based off the Fullmetal Alchemist series with transmutation circle designs.

Doodle Arrows

doodle arrows brushes

A unique set of 69 doodle arrows released in Photoshop brush form. Arrows range from thick to thin, clean to messy, and many other related adjectives.

Random Shape Brushes

random shapes

This brush pack includes 10 unique shapes that can be applied together to create repeating patterns for backgrounds and border effects.

Splat Dotts

splat dotts

Grungy splatter dots color this pack of 35 Photoshop brushes. This pack can be used to create a painterly feel in any layout design.

Grungy Arrow Brushes

grungy arrows

These hand-drawn arrows were created using a graphics tablet and saved together in a 20-set Photoshop brush pack. Great choice for designers who want solid arrows that still feel hand-drawn.

Cloud Brushes

cloud brushes

Short, sweet, and to the point. These cloud brushes look almost cartoony in nature but the simplicity allows them to fit into any design.

Light Abstract Brushes

light abstract brushes

I really like abstract brushes when used properly to accentuate a design feature. This pack includes 7 unique brushes that can be colored and combined in any way you chose.

Curves & Lines

curves lines

These simple curvy brushes almost seem like vector shapes at a distance. The pack includes 10 distinct styles with some long, some bubbly, and lots of curly curls.

Finger Paint

finger paint brush

If you’ve ever done finger painting then you’ll know how realistic these brushes really are. This pack includes 7 different brushes that can be applied in any size or color you choose.



A grunge brush pack of 26 digital-style brushes that look like they’re straight out of The Matrix.

Coffee Happens

coffee happens

This aptly-named brush set includes 16 splatter brushes replicating the look of coffee stains. Each brush is 2500px high-resolution and runs the gamut of splatters to circular mug stains.

Mini Arrows

mini arrows brushes

This is perhaps the best arrow brush pack for someone who needs a low-key design. These 69 arrows come in many styles but all share a sense of relational symmetry and solidity.

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