Best Sites To Find Free Sketch Resources

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Sketch is quickly becoming the de facto choice for UI/UX design. It’s cheaper than Photoshop and built specifically for interface design work.

There are dozens of plugins for Sketch, and it has all the same features you’d expect with Photoshop. But Sketch can be tough to learn with no prior experience.

That’s why free resources are the best learning tools for new Sketch users, and in this guide, I’ll share my top picks for the best sites with free Sketch resources. These include design freebies, tutorials, and even some plugins you can try.

Sketch App Resources

sketch app resources

By far the most popular site you’ll find is Sketch App Resources. It’s been around for a few years and catalogs everything like tutorials, videos, guides, and design freebies.

If you’re beyond the newbie phase, you can even contribute to their community section or browse for Sketch design jobs on the job board.

This is one of the most comprehensive sites for Sketch, and everything’s completely free.

Sketch Repo

sketch repo

I like the simplicity of Sketch Repo because it’s super easy to browse. However, this site only curates free resources, so the only stuff you’ll find are free .sketch files.

But what you can find is seemingly limitless—including mobile app UIs, full website mockups, icon sets, and so much more.

You can search by keywords or browse categories like newest, popular, or related resource galleries. Overall it’s a great site for design freebies geared towards Sketch users.

Freebies Bug

freebies bug

On Freebiesbug, you’ll find plenty of Sketch resources and a whole lot more. There are entire sections for Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design resources, like typefaces.

I haven’t seen many other sites with such a huge library of freebies. The Sketch content is actually the smallest with only ~110 freebies in total. But they have over 1.5k PSDs so there really is plenty of room for growth.

And if you design something or find something cool, you can always submit it to the site to be included in the gallery.

Sketch App Rocks

sketch app rocks

SketchApp Rocks is one of the newer sites in this list. It comes with a big list of free learning resources, freebies, and plugins.

They also have a premium section which catalogs all the best premium Sketch resources online. But if you’re a designer, these are only useful for studying quality, not so much for buying.

I still think this is one of the better sites online and it’s full of quality Sketch stuff for any serious designer.

CSS Author

css author

I find a lot of cool stuff on CSS Author because it’s mostly a catch-all website. They share deals, news, and lots of free resources, including Sketch freebies.

Their freebies area isn’t a big section curated with new posts. Instead, it’s just one long gallery with a table of contents to help you browse the best picks around the web.

If you’re looking for an updated gallery, then this site may disappoint. However, it’s a nice starting place because the freebies are organized by type and link directly to the download spot.

 Free Design Resources (FDR)

free design resources

The Free Design Resources gallery is still fairly new compared to others in this list. It covers everything digital, from mobile to web and icons, but it also has print freebies like business cards and logos.

You can check out the Sketch freebies and find just about everything from photo mockups to website layouts and custom logo designs.

I have big hopes for the FDR gallery because I think it’ll grow quickly based on the existing contents. It seems like they curate carefully so you can definitely expect quality, and if you design something awesome, you can submit to the site for free exposure.

Sketch Hunt

sketch hunt

Still very new but growing quickly is a new site called Sketch Hunt. It’s basically all things Sketch, from plugins to free online tutorials and freebie graphics/mockups.

The learning section actually curates tutorials from all over the web including small blogs on Medium and huge blogs like Smashing Magazine.

Sketch Hunt is really a site made for Sketch users of all skill levels. It is still pretty small on resources compared to others but it’s growing, and I think it could become one of the best destinations for Sketch users.


sketch blast

One other new site is SketchBlast, which follows a similar approach to cover all things Sketch. It offers the best freebies and premium resources along with free video tuts and written pieces.

I don’t like the current layout because it feels a bit tight and hard to browse. However, this site is still in its infancy, so I think it has a long way to go.

Keep SketchBlast bookmarked for future reference because they do update with new tutorials and freebies every so often.

UI Space

ui space

I adore the quality and simplicity of UI Space. It is by far one of the best freebie sites on the web.

They have a category called All Sketch, which just lists all files made for Sketch—like icons, mockups, and everything else. Most freebies are curated from other sites online, so the download links all lead out with no custom freebies.

But the quality of this list along with the site’s ease of use makes it one of the best resources I’ve ever seen for Sketch users.

Final Thoughts on Free Sketch Resources

These are my top picks but I’m sure other sites will pop up over time. If the growth of freebie PSDs is any indicator of the future, then I’m certain Sketch freebies will become the new norm in ten years or less.

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